Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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 - All-that-is

Information is the REALITY. The consciousness of all psychic life, no matter in what form it exists, results in a certain cosmic REALITY. From this I can convey just a little bit, since your (pl.) ideations lack this notion. Everything is real and unreal. Only the respective system decides on the discernment. Every single soul knows in its depth that its conscious existence depends upon a far greater reality dimension. The epoch, that is in its initial state, admits solely the universal REALITY: The by all sides wanted experiment of creative super-self-finding of the REALITIES has begun. The human will waken from his dream and descry other for him more useful REALITIES. Have patience at all times, for the work/having effect has begun. 

The by the primordial God created human REALITY has been manipulated long before your time through the side gods’ goal in themselves. The REALITY drew away from the primordial truth of the primordial God. Many humans ignore the (multidimensional) REALITY. Your physical being/life organizes/manages itself in a PROBABILITY dimension of realizing and maturing, so as to find the dimension of REALITY. A spiritual withdrawal from your REALITY, however, enables/allows you to comprehend more. Space and time have to be skipped over: dynamics of reciprocal effects. Many of you are already now in a position to leave the earthly body in order to ‚stay’ in other REALITIES. Of course, our plan (the furtherance of the metamorphosis), and thus a possible assistance, are hardly possible without a from full heart open mind on your side. Do (sing.) not worry too much, because an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, in the end, have no importance, and no effect.  

The REALITY of the information is constituted/conditioned in such way that all that lives could transmit our messages to you (sing.+pl.). All information from our world means REALITY for us. Since you always conceive it from the viewpoint of your REALITY, delusion comes to pass. The by us to you delivered projections do not correspond to our REALITY. You (pl.) will not be able to grasp the REALITY of all systems. 

Your substance includes the goal in itself, our’s seeks the mental/spiritual realization (dharma). Every (single) of your (sing.+pl.) and our thoughts has its own electromagnetic REALITY, that does not get lost outside the structure of time. We here do not know of a difference between thoughts and realization. Our thoughts change continuously according to the respective level, or the by us produced REALITY. Through this, we are creators of our REALITY, and are not subject to any afflictions/troubles/anguish, nor to illnesses according to your sense. Your REALITY is brought forth by you emotionally. Due to innumerable dimensions in form of thoughts, that you can realize also materially, you have the possibility of producing many things, what we cannot bring about in that way. The being/entity will learn that its self-created REALITY corresponds by no means to its entire REALITY.   

Here is Majo, the shaman that I am, and whom you (sing.) saw in your REALITY on October 7th, 1994 in Kirchstrasse 7, Sehlem. By this we wanted to show you: There is no difference between your and our REALITY. In the end, my REALITY is also yours. Your consciousness depends on a by far bigger/greater REALITY dimension. Think (pl.) of the natural laws and have respect/reverence for these so that they will not destroy you. Do not believe in the miracle that nature were able to regenerate itself, but take due cognizance of your REALITY. 

There are spectra of your REALITY, light spectra, and such (spectra) that create your (sing.+pl.) REALITY in order to develop your consciousness. The human logic does by no means correspond to REALITY. Only the realization of PROBABILITIES enables the psyche to advance to other reality systems. The psychic aspiring to the REALITY of all being/existence is the aim.  

In scholastic, reality is connected with activity and effect, simplified it means: ‚real is that what acts/has effect’. The basis is (mono-)causality with which an isolated/sporadic occurrence is declared to be the effect of one single cause. Reality is connected with truth and experience. The Jahwe texts contain the remarkable sentence: ‚Since that time (after the human had separated from the (Great) Spirit) he only makes out effects that he tries to decipher in his time’. This decoding implies two possibilities: Man can ask for the sense of the changes observed, or he can (in a primitive way) search in vain for causes that escape his backwards oriented view into in-finity. It is indeed correct that our logic is wrong with the ‚higher’ view.

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