Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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REASON includes ethics and moral. All has the right to be/exist, and only the being’s/entity’s reason is able to distinguish. Only the individual in love and REASON is in a position to adapt to the mental/spiritual cosmic expectations. The for you (pl.) usually invisible do not want to instruct/advise you, because the REASON (resulting ) from the realization of the things eliminates, in the end, all critical measures. Please, build a unity in the sense of the universal REASON. Form/fashion, all of you, your present life in REASON to(wards) the core of information. Through a REASONABLE, peaceful attitude towards all things you (sing.), and the close friends around you, (will) obtain a deep insight into the reality that to you (pl.) generally remains unknown. Of course, this all applies also to many other men. A separation between us and you is not possible, because the love and REASON of superordinate structures will join/unite us all, in time and in non-time. Do not forget that we all will see us again with the eyes of light.  

Reason - distinct form intellect/mental powers – „refers to the universal coherence of all reality, it is the faculty of the (integrating) grasping of overlapping coherences of order and sense, of the substantiation by final principles and the establishing of overlapping aims and purposes“. Under this aspect the communications received by Homes may, despite of many ambiguities and contradictions/inconsistencies, be qualified as ‚reasonable’.

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