Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Cognizance / Realization

The most moderate COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION in respect of the multidimensional may/can have greater effects than the biggest physical brain. Man doubts many things, he doubts the direct contacts via magnetic tape, he will also not reCOGNIZE/REALIZEthis automatic writing. We find each other through matching vibrations and COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION. We reCOGNIZE/REALIZE your (pl.) vibrations of readiness. At your (sing.) crossing you will reCOGNIZE me by your side.  

We all must learn to reCOGNIZE not only ourselves, but also (the) others. You (pl.) are in a position to always reCOGNIZE yourselves with sufficient clearness. You must learn to control the consciousness, so that you acquire comprehension, and reCOGNIZE your true self. Due to their (limited) COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION, only few of you are able to also see further Is within their I. If you oppose to reCOGNIZE a part of yourself, we will contact you less (often). The feeling of the eternal existence/life resides in the certainty, and the REALIZATION of the Great Spirit that on Terra has several names. By your emotional feeling you have the possibility to reCOGNIZE/REALIZE the processes of creation. Through COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION and the understanding of the other, hatred has to be transformed into love. Serious REALIZATION of negative acting already means a certain non-existence.  

The universal planning foresees that you become more capable of COGNIZING - REALIZING, and wiser in everyone of your lives. This; however; does not always come true. What we cannot learn, or reCOGNIZE/REALIZE in this structure, is assimilated in other domains of the quanta. REALIZE the truth of your moment as intensely as possible, because you are precious, and stand for more than some of you believe. Many humans dispose of more COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION, but they are not sitting in the right positions for being able to change your reality. Men are often victims of a lack of reason and COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION. The core of Jesus reflects, in a for you perfect way, in the intense longing for peace, reCOGNIZING, and veracity.Through the ability for COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION of/in positive meditation you always get at our help. With his belief, man cannot move a lot. Only the reCOGNIZING/REALIZING of probabilities enables the psyche to forge ahead to other reality systems. First (however), you should reCOGNIZE yourselves, before you try to penetrate into to you unknown forms.  

Everything is real and unreal. Only the specific system decides on the COGNIZING/REALIZING. Your deepest COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION remains limited. COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION in the love for all things is the key to omnipotence. COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION is the way into the light, the march to the creator. In your system one can learn more, in our’s (one can) reCOGNIZE/REALIZE more. Both systems (are) important. Learning for COGNIZING/REALIZING. The sense and the purpose of the immeasurble existence/life lies in reCOGNIZING/REALIZING that the next comrade-in-arms is a brother, but at the same time also a creator. Many among you know the fundamental thruths, but a few only have the courage to concern themselves seriously with these in order to achieve COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION. The specific situation of the mind/spirit also harbours COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION. Fictions in connection with the clear mind/spirit of COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION produce your reality. Your physical existence/life arranges itself in a probability dimension of reCOGNIZING/REALIZING and maturing. In reCOGNIZING/REALIZING the smallest, we grasp the biggest, for all is equal. Through telepathic transposing of information every being/entity in the hyperspace-multiverse has the possibility to store, and to reflect all COGNIZANCES/REALIZATIONS. At the bottom of COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION, you are as unphysical as we are. Do not loose yourselves in trifles, but reCOGNIZE/REALIZE the immense extent of the coherence. (You) become conscious of earlier epochs, the present, and future epochs in all forms, to the degree as you strive for the ability of COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION. Diversiform vibrations cannot find the tree of knowledge. The last perception is COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION, and the love of being close to God. Please, practice a deep feeling for your fellow-men, and for nature. In this special quality you all reCOGNIZE the way to the light, to God. Your science will always only be capable of reCOGNIZING/REALIZING these things insufficiently. Prejudice is the source of all obtuseness. This information bases upon the COGNIZANCE/REALIZATION of all shamans. 

Several of the transbeings/-entities contributions to the topic of ‚(re)cognizing’ and ‚cognizance - realization’ appear to be modifications of the passed on, very old sentence ‚Recognize thyself’. Already in May 1989, the word ‚’gnosis’ appeared in a computer text received in Rivenich without discernible context. It took many years till I came to get myself, with the aid of literature, a certain overview on the multifarious views of the gnostics, who were persecuted and oppressed by the early Christendom as heretics, because they had the conviction that God and the metaphysical world cannot be grasped in belief, but in cognizance. 

In his book „Auf den Spuren urchristlicher Ketzer – Christliche Gnosis und heutiges Bewusstsein“ (on the traces of early Christian heretics – Christian gnosis and today’s consciousness) [17], Gerhard Wehr calls the gnosis ‚a mental/spiritual view that in its core encloses the realization that, in the end, man’s home is not in the world. His ‚citizenship’ is in the mental/spiritual light-world of Heaven’. He furthermore states: ‚A modern decoding (of the gnosis) according to this time’s consciousness must be accompanied by an interpretation that accomplishes the bridging to the world of soul and spirit, is to say, a bridging to that dimension of reality with which man is, on and on for ever, in connection, whether he is conscious of it, or – for what prejudices ever – he wishes to deny, or repress this psychic-spiritual sphere (the ‚depth of existence/life’, the ‚higher worlds’, the ‚collective unconscious’).’ 

There have been speculations about to what degree gnostic undercurrents have stood godfather at the cradle of modern (natural) science. In any case, the 2000 years lasting rupture between (Christian) religion and ‚materialistic’ science has not been healed as yet. It also finds expression in the Homes communications that, in a vari-coloured sequence, contain thoughts of the New Testament, of gnosis, and modern times, the mix of which corresponds to the characterization as ‚parts of eclectic’ given by transgroup 2109’s. Unintentionally, Wehr furnishes an apposite description of transcommunication like it represents itself in the Homes contacts. In retrospect it seems to be no coincidence that therein the Ebionites are mentioned, to whom Wehr also refers in connection with the gnostics. Conformably is valid the sentence: ‚Your home is there, where this contact comes from’.

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