Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Reincarnation - Incarnation

To the souls an unlimited multifariousness of experiences and possibilities is open, REINCARNATION is one of a great many. Through REINCARNATION the individual has, again and again, the chance for a basic education of his/her soul. Because of the REINCARNATION processes the individual is continually given the opportunity to direct his/her consciousness into positive channels. Should the REINCARNATION (the time between two incarnations) last too long, the individual will (would) have lost orientation, and thus also the interest in REINCARNATION. There are whole groups who decide to incarnate at the same time, it depends on the personal cycle. You (pl.) have it already. Be assured that you (sing.+pl.) will be kept on the level of REINCARNATIONS till you will have come to universal knowledge. An advantage of less numerous incarnations is valid for the one who, anywhen, opts for a spiritually flexible, positive attitude. Many of us are not prepared to REINCARNATE because the birth of the physical may/can be more shocking than death. A REINCARNATION involves many manipulations that are beyond the range of your comprehension. ABX is from a different probability system that has no REINCARNATIONAL form of existence.

It is not possible for you (pl.) to grasp, or to experience all existing structures and all earlier experiences of the soul at a time. (Only) at the end of his metamorphosis the human will remember his INCARNATIONS. The tiniest (psychic) particles change continuously because of REINCARNATIONS, and your (sing.) present existence/life. It is true, REINCARNATED mind/spirit would make its appearance in case of human cloning, but the psychic damages would be serious. The positive, that lives in you (pl.), stems from earlier (past) experiences. The direction for later (future) lives is set this very second. The emotional notion ‚bad’ may/can become so strong in you that you will pass through many INCARNATIONS in vain. Without love the soul will always stunt, and many REINCARNATIONS may/can be necessary for making up leeway. Also on our side there is great affliction. It was brought about through irresponsible acting, and it bears on many REINCARNATIONS. Your attitude of power/violence towards the children, who voluntarily chose the way of INCARNATION, and are part of the All-that-is, is incomprehensible to us.

After the (passing and the) experiencing of the state of quietude, the being/entity will remember earlier REINCARNATIONS, and all facets of the soul will become perceptible. I also belong to those who, through many INCARNATIONS in the most varied time realities and epochs, found to my real self. (I) participated in many INCARNATIONS (and) do not need the for me impending cycle. I seek the experience because my REINCARNATION cycle has ended. By REINCARNATIONS we assist in our way to contribute in forming your world. Many of you have come back in order to remind/remind of the others.

At one time, a friend terminated my physical life. Today he is again, in psychic and physical form, among you. On my voyage into my innermost I, also the experiences (made by) the Ebionites, among whom I lived, are merely a fraction of the truth. As an Ebionite I lived inside blank walls under the sun and ate breadcrusts from the first Christians, and (from) jugglers. Crusts better than sugar coating. The crying of hungry sparrows, and the loud prayer, brought my creator nearer to me, and I had not died while asleep. I chose all my lives with my God (Thomas). Aaron, Mose, Aurora, and others belonged to the Marrans in1467. For fear of decapitation they turned to a conceived/brought forth brutal God, say 2109. The mind/spirit Adolf (Homes) is Mose. You (sing.) are a shaman. Am Burjat like you (pl.). Greet Aaron (Dr. Delavre), Aurora (Dr. E. Senkowski). They are shamans, too. Beginning of your realizations 1283 in Samarkand. After his empire, my friend Temudschin has become a human twelve times, and is more stupid/foolish than ever. Again he reigns on a large island of the Antilles (Majo). – Alfred Dreyfus, physical 1869, REINCARNATION of the receiver Adolf Homes.

It may be by accident, or by intention, that ‚incarnation’ and ‚reincarnation’ are employed with identical meaning. Looking on the whole of the text, we find a conspicuous contradiction: ‚... you will be kept on the level of REINCARNATION ...’, in the bivalent logical system is incompatible with the voluntariness, and the possibility of refusing incarnation. – The remark on the cloning of men appeared as an answer to a question put by Dr. D. Kaempgen. – Without having been asked , indications were given on past incarnations of those persons who participated in the phenomena that appeared in Rivenich. The Ebionites (‚the poor’) were Palestinian Jew-Christians of the first centuries of the Christian era, the Judaic Marrans of Spain, by the end of the 15th century, eluded their pursuit during the inquisition by (partly pro forma) adopting the Christian belief through baptism. It seems that Columbus was financed, among others, by this Jewish group in order to search a new country for those willing to emigrate.

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