Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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RELIGIONS come in everywhere for the purpose of reality symbolism. Religious conceptions are, in the main, superrelativistic mass projections for fear of the evanescent. In other systems these (great) errors do not occur because there is no physique. The human psyche is no more conscious of the magnitude of the existing and unthinkable wisdoms inherent in the primeval God’s information. However, all the RELIGIONS that have come forth with you (pl.), advert to it. All your RELIGIONS are mere facets of an enormous mirror. Every soul is beyond all your RELIGIONS. It is absolutely known to us that some among you pursue great thoughts regarding the by the humans produced RELIGIONS.

The individual is born with the yearning for seeking and exploring the inner I. Out of this research, RELIGIONS may spring up, because without a RELIGION, the human feels helpless and left alone. Decisive are the positive missions of the RELIGIONS, and (but) not in which God the one or the other believes. Your RELIGIONS are adapted to your physical and psychical fundamental conditions. Here, 2000 years count for nothing. Higher beings/entities build partly the fundamentals of all your RELIGIONS. The being/entity brings its RELIGION about. It arises mainly for fear of the uncertainty, and from ignorance. The RELIGIONS partly have been produced by you, and they can promote the development as long as they are positive. Without positive fruits every RELIGION is pointless. The specific RELIGION of mankind blazes a trail by itself.

Your notion of RELIGION has drawn away from the centre. Many of you have many RELIGIONS. Different RELIGIONS exist everywhere. I tend to compare all your RELIGIONS with consciousness adventures. Many RELIGIONS speak of peace, and mean war. Your quarrel with one another in different RELIGIONS. It is as if many dogs were quarreling about one bone (!). What a mistake. With you existing religious groupings practise the goal in itself, and it is of no use for them as they are not seeking the confirmation by their inner I. As long as the being/entity only looks out for his/her advantage in the existential, emotional, or religious, the universe’s ardent desire for accomplishment will also remain fragmentary. Despite of all inconsistencies, the RELIGIONS should end in a positive objective. The core of Jesus reflects, in a for you perfect manner, in the intense longing for peace, cognition, and veracity. This is the sense, and the purpose, of his appearance.

Things that you produce mentally/spiritually are always essential parts of the life after death, and beyond that, whether they appear as real, or not. This also refers to your RELIGIONS. Should the mind, that includes the soul, die, this would be a contradiction in itself, and all cosmic information would be dead. At this we have not to do with any RELIGION, or a belief in sects. All your RELIGIONS will have to change. A lot will happen the next twenty years. Become sympathetic beings, and never loose yourselves in existing dogmas that have drifted into a dead-end.

Indeed, the organized religions do not enjoy great esteem in the eyes of the transbeings/-entities, but they are not bluntly rejected. The acts of their representatives are to be judged by the fruits, dogmas hinder the (spiritual) development. These statements, and related ones, should not be regarded as a (new) religion, or as a sectarian belief. The sentence: ‚Higher beings/entities partly build the fundamentals of all your RELIGIONS’ is not easy to interpret. Except for the term ‚higher beings/entities’ being rejected elsewhere, it shall perhaps be pointed out that conceptions like God and Gods are part of the religions‘ fundamentals. One could as well suppose, however, that the ‚higher beings/entities’ ‚form’, or ‚create/produce’ the fundamentals.

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