Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The universe is an open occurrence in the continuation of conscious RESPONSIBILITY. The father (Jahwe) is not RESPONSIBLE for the entire life of his children. The administrator (the human) is RESPONSIBLE. Through irresponsible acting you (pl.) not only injure yourselves, but (also) the universe. It is essentially your consciousness that has assumed the RESPONSIBILITY for your children, not only in regard of evolution, but also from the omnipotency’s natural law. Owing to earlier experiences, in connection with present thinking and acting, association processes are set free that allow RESPONSIBLE thinking and working in the worlds. We cannot reach those RESPONSIBLE for the human’s being/existence. Dealing RESPONSIBLY with all beings/entities is mankind’s task. To what degree these (trans-)contacts will be extended, or worn away/effaced from your side, depends upon the human brain, on what we have no direct influence, because every being/entity has its own RESPONSIBILITY.  

The notion ‚responsibility’ is everything else but clear. It presupposes the free will, whose existence is denied by the determinists and affirmed by the indeterminists. Although ‚all beings/entities in the multidimensional have the right to free will’, the transpartners appear to represent a position in the middle: If everything is linked with everything, if everything is in reciprocal action with everything, the individual’s decisions, at the best, can be partly ‚free’. ‚Reply’ originally was ‚replication/rejoinder’, and it is not discernible towards whom there is the obligation of answering, if not towards the the judging – not deprecating ! – ‚higher’ self, of what those with near-death experiences report of. The controlling of emotions may be recommendable and useful, but the human in his present form of appearance is positively not always master of his decisions.    

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