Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The ENTIRE SELF is founded on a lawfulness of the All-that-exists. The SELF of the overall consciousness does not know any separation. Everyone of you (pl.) composes of a multidimensional SELF. Nobody else than you yourselves are (the) masters of your being/existence. You are not subject to any other observation than that by your SELF.

The by all sides wished experiment of creative super SELF FINDING of the realities has begun. Your respect for the greatness of the primordial God, who comprizes everything/has everything within Him, as well as for your own SELVES, is asked for. Consciousness is subject to the task of recognizing all possibilities of one’s own SELF, the cosmic I. The conception ‚recognize yourSELF’ represents the inception of the secrets. Highly complicated for many of you.

Nothing and nobody are in a position to argue you out of your aim. Except of yourSELVES there is nothing that could compel you to comprehend something. Solely the information that you represent also yourSELVES is in a position to help. Your actions are always directed by your imaginations and your inner SELF. Time has come to remember your (sing.+pl.) SELF/SELVES. You (pl.) must learn to control consciousness so that you come to your lights and discern your true SELF. Only in this form you have the possibility to improve exterior conditions/circumstances of your world. Before you try to get in to you unknown forms, you should first realize your own SELF. Only through your SELFHELP we are in a position to support you. Recognize your SELVES, for you are valuable/precious.

A lot of human energies get lost. You get into superrelativistic hallucinations to glamourize your SELF/SELVES. Have confidence in your SELF/SELVES, so that one wins confidence in you. Become one with your SELVES and with the cosmos, and the creator’s help is with you. The human will learn that he is for ever united with himself, with those he loves, with the whole universe, as well as with his creator. Boundless love for his fellow men and his own SELF leads to inner peace, to happiness, and to good health. The Christmas event has the mission to bring produce in the human an inner discernment on his own ENTIRE SELF.

‚SELF’ is closely linked with ‚self-assertion’, with the knowledge about one’s self, resp. the I. We are familiar with this notion through inner reflection, the Homes texts speak of a self of the overall consciousness and attribute to this a kind of personality. Prerequisite for the help to selfhelp are recognition of one’s self and the realization of autonomy. The sentence ‚Consciousness is subject to the task of recognizing all possibilities of one’s own SELF, the cosmic I’ can be put to the conception that God created the world in order to learn to know himself.

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