Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The primordial Godís mind/spirit creates SOULS and worlds in psychic as well as physical structures and forms. Every being/entity in the universe consists in its entirety of SOUL. The benignity and love of the allmighty lets the light of eternal association/union shine in the SOULS. The being of the SOUL, as well as Godís alimightiness are beyond all possibilities of expression. Without the event (of) Jesus the knowledge about the significancy/import of the SOUL would be a different one than that today known to you (sing.+pl.). Your conception SOUL is considerably reduced through your three-dimensional consciousness. Your (sing.) conception SOUL is fragmentary, because you lack the ideation. It is not possible for you to grasp, or to live all existing structures and past experiences of the SOUL all at once. The SOUL is an exceedingly beautiful phenomenon whose core is hard to seize on.

Every SOUL surmounts all your (pl.) religions. The SOULís mind/spirit is open. The SOUL is of godly structure, it feels mourning/sadness and pleasure/joy like you do. It does not rise, it rather exists in the center and orientates itself in every direction. The SOULís clearness disposes of all knowledge. The SOULís sympathy is the diamondís hardness.

The SOULS are no personal property, just as little can they be saved or lost a life. Every individual SOUL also knows deeply that its conscious existence is dependant upon a by far greater reality dimension. As regards the immortal SOUL, we tell you that it is/lives in the whole universe and can be everywhere simultaneously. I would describe these goings-on with the notion telepathy. Your SOUL is an indestructible being/entity, and you yourselves produce the dramas.

Seen from our point of view, the identification between (of) body and SOUL is not possible, since the body always evanesces, (but) the SOUL does not. Your SOUL has nothing to do with your heartbeat. Since it (the soul) lives much more intensely that your physical body, it also is capable of considerably more. Solely the immortal SOUL in the whole being/existence of the super-universe is in a position to produce genuine immortal realities. I am speaking to you of the entire identity of the SOUL, that is only partly within your body. The SOUL, or what you understand by it, basically performs the same process as your physical body does. Human psyche and partial consciousness bring inner psychic/spiritual changes forth. Definite are the changes of your consciousness and your SOUL, and consequently of the All-that-is. An example would be a physical finger print that outlasts thousands of years, although the human concerned has been dead since long. A diseased SOUL needs a for you unimaginably long time to recover.

What you understand by SOUL exists in close simultaneous association with many other structures and worlds. Your (sing.) SOUL has a multidimensional viewpoint. It composes of many milliards (am. billions) of tiniest psychic particles that stay in the multidimensional sphere. Every single tiniest particle of your body and of your SOUL has its own consciousness, since parts of your SOUL are always also on all levels in the universe. The SOUL is by no means the consciousness. Properly speaking, your brain has nothing to do with your SOUL. Your consciousness rather is linked with your brain. In turn, the SOUL rather with your consciousness. Therefore, your (pl.) consciousness is merely a small part of your SOUL. Your SOUL expresses itself in your being/existence in words, letters, and actions. It is the source, the actions (are) flowing water. When the water becomes mothery (it) returns to the source. The feather may become heavier than the SOUL.

Due to your discernment only few of you are in a position to see in their I further Is. This means for this person that he is staying in dimensions where he has understood the invulnerability of the SOUL. There are men who are closer to their SOUL than others. For all of you will come a time when a great psychological phenomenon will speak to you, namely the voice of your SOUL, the identification of your true I. Because it is your SOUL that on general disposes of all knowledge. For us all the essential is to break away from prejudices, because they encumber the SOULís further development.

Since the 19th century is has been difficult to find a coherent conception of āsoulí. Presently there may exist about 80 attempts of definition. In our material, soul, mind/spirit, consciousness, self and psyche are closely related, and one is inclined to agree when it is said that āthe being of the soul is beyond all possibilities of expressioní. The soul, composed of tiniest particles, is said to be superordinate to the consciousness. The statement: āThe feather can be heavier than the soulí refers to the old Egyptian idea that, after death, the soul would, on a balance, be outweighed against a feather (the ātruthí).

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