Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The center (from which the religions have drawn away) resides in cosmic SPIRITUAL principles that found on an eternal being/existence. The human has lost his essence due to negative SPIRITUAL ignorance. The mental/spiritual universe penetrates all matter and brings SPIRITUALITY among the humans. The present SPIRITUAL wave serves God’s primordial evolution and is beneficial for supplanting the ages old side gods.

The majority of the humans have the disposition for spiritual abilities. The every-day constraint from your (pl.) system overshadows these talents. Many of you intelligent ones are developed SPIRITUALLY. An insight into the face of one of your fellow-men shows you how far you have got with your SPIRITUAL experience. Your (sing.+pl.) faculty of cognition is increasing. With this you have the possibility to cosmically develop SPIRITUALLY. (We beg of) you (pl.) to be mentally, psychologically and SPIRITUALLY as flexible as possible.

All occult practices explain themselves in the SPIRITUAL form of thoughts in all psychoanalytical processes in/of the spirit-world. The SPIRITUAL purity of the hearts may/can open the doors to all dimensions. Through an expanded phase of SPIRITUAL development that is not bound to a time-span, you are in a position to break through time corridors in order to leave the material level. In SPIRITUAL-mediumistic states humans may/can make contact with practically all non-material forms of being/existence. For contacting us you should SPIRITUALLY move into the future.

Spirituality – derived from ‚spirit’ – means the opinion that beyond the individual consciousness exists a pure (cosmic) consciousness, as well as a mental/spiritual world beyond the material one. The crossing of the border is interpreted as a liberation of the human and his self-fulfilment (pls. see preceding chapter). Flexibility is regarded to be an important prerequisite for spiritual development.

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