Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The primordial creation, in connection with all consciousness of the soul, brought forth every form in the different STRUCTURES and time conceptions. Mental/spiritual primordial STRUCTURES posses (their) own energies. The whole existence of all beings/entities produces the respective conformity with natural law in the STRUCTURES. Every for the All-that-is positive thought produces in all time frames other/different and new STRUCTUREs that are necessary for all of us. Everything involves open field STRUCTUREs that unavoidably change in all directions. Your STRUCTUREs, like our’s, prove to be extremely low energy forms that, in turn, are hardly perceived by even finer forms. Every physical can be transformed into an other form of vibration through the molecules adopting a new STRUCTURE. The whole (lot of) psychological STRUCTUREs in all their multifariousness are not explainable by us via single messages.

What you understand by soul exists in close union in many other STRUCTUREs and worlds simultaneously. The soul is of godly STRUCTURE, it feels sadness and gladness like you do. It is not possible for you to grasp, or to experience all (the) existing STRUCTUREs and earlier/past experiences of the soul at a time.

Identification of 2109 composes of innumerable time- and spaceless mind/spirit STRUCTUREs of the psychical incipiency of nature. We have great difficulties in adapting ourselves/us to your mental/spiritual STRUCTURE. The STRUCTUREs are too different. Every STRUCTURE of being/existence brings new information. If you so wish, you are in a position to experience/live further STRUCTUREs of being/existence at a time. In the simultaneous experiencing of further STRUCTUREs of being/existence we see a not inconsiderable danger for your (sing.) brain. (Often) strong pseudoSTRUCTUREs are at work. Many on your side are searching ones and, only by sometimes tiny circumstances of information, are in a position to find a for them and their STRUCTURE of being/existence acceptable way. In your STRUCTURE passes off a process of being born and dying. Death is part of this process. Since on our side we have a completely different consciousness STRUCTURE, your problems (after the transition) may/can even increase. All epidemic diseases and illnesses are based on /general development patterns in all STRUCTUREs. In your time STRUCTURE we miss a common open mental attitude.

Mind/spirit in all realities knows STRUCTUREs of presence and of absence. Mind/spirit and the realities in the Beyond possess their distinct/special masking STRUCTUREs. The contacts to other realities are built up by states of dream and trance, but first of all through (the) psychical STRUCTUREs of both sides. Psychical STRUCTURE adaptation of different realities. A STRUCTURE of psychic association links the contact person in all worlds. A with you (pl.) unconscious personality STRUCTURE, backed however by a conscious will, as well as a on your planet permeable geobiological/gene filter enable mental meetings of diverse worlds, also instrumentally. Contact bridges consist of STRUCTUREs resembling pyramids. The coordination points are built up absolutely willfully by two life STRUCTUREs differing to the last drop. Positive thought STRUCTUREs of many beings/entities can build coordination points. A (transcommunicative) channel without appliance(s) comes off from widened telepathic brain STRUCTUREs as well as by longing for and aim. New for you is the method of transmission of our thought STRUCUTREs via an apparatus. Only few of you find via the devices the for us correct frequency of vibration that can connect the varied STRUCTUREs.

What we cannot learn or discern in this STRUCTURE is taken up in other domains of the quanta. In our STRUCTUREs many humans would feel lost. I feel a considerably greater psychological STRUCTURE, and also my form of perception is richer than your’s. The love as well as the reason of superordinate STRUCTUREs will unite us all in time and in not-time.

Even on our level ‚structure’ (‚building/construction’, ‚cohesion/coherence’, ordered/organized ‚constitution/make-up’) is an ambiguous notion used in psychology as well as in mathematics and logic. While originally rather static structures (f.i., buildings) were meant, living structures are characterized by their dynamic. Burkhard Heim speaks of scleromorphous (stable) and rheomorphous (flowing) structures. It seems that rather complex systems generally distinguish themselves by a higher adaptability and flexibility, whereby their behaviour becomes less predictable, and that our, through the material body conditioned inhibitions do not exist, or are at least much reduced in the spheres in the Beyond. The messages received in Rivenich confront us with a(n incomplete) theory on the structure of the All-that-is.

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