Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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All life symbolizes the mind/spirit with which it identifies and concerns itself. We are not in a position to make ourselves sufficiently understood by you (pl.), since your science cannot grasp the whole circle of all forms. Flourishs and SYMBOLS do not have any meaning for us.

To the signs of the metamorphose belong many SYMBOLS that come from other dimensions. Our SYMBOLS shall stimulate your curiosity and activate your consciousness. The in the earthly cornfields through ultrasonics moulded signs are, among others, a case of (such) SYMBOLS. The formation of SYMBOLS on the films at the English group of experimenters in Scole is effected by farther leading/continuative phosphorescence.

Symbols are signs that represent something else, they frequently stand for (religious) substances of belief or meaning that cannot be seized vividly or by notions. In the text life passes for a/the symbol of mind/spirit. – The statements on the symbols in the corn and the signs having appeared in Scole on closed films were answers to questions put by the experimenters. The indication to ‚farther leading’ phosphorescence (storage of light energy that in the course of a relatively long time is emitted again) is too vague to allow a clear, unequivocal interpretation. Here, like on other occasions, the stodginess of ITC must have been unpleasantly noticed. The contacts cannot be obtained by force, many answers are evasive, or are missing, and a continous dialogue is almost impossible.

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