Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The SYSTEM proper of all being/existence consists in the continual change of all consciousnesses. There are thousands of billions (am. quadrillions) of SYSTEMS, (and) we exist in all (of them). In the SYSTEMS that you (pl.) call „this world" and „the Beyond" exist an immense number of other SYSTEMS and probabililties. Sooner or later you will be confronted with them. The respective mental/spiritual general structure of the admitted order brings the SYSTEM forth. All the existing SYSTEMS function to the degree as mind/spirit and consciousness allow it and (as they) structure and form them creatively. Under the aspect of law your SYSTEM is by no means perfect. It was taken over (by ‚negative’ beings/entities) and is not ended by your will. It was brought about by you, though in the broadest sense and on other planets, and it produces the system circulatory of the transitory. Everything is real and unreal. Only the respective SYSTEM decides on the discernment/realization. From an ultra-viewpoint coarse-matter SYSTEMS are subject to transformation, and thus, in the end, to senselessness. You will not be able to grasp the reality of all SYSTEMS. Mental/spiritual teachers come and go in order to expound/interprete the dimensions of the respective SYSTEMS to you. (Your science) simply approaches the characteristic of other structures and (this) only to such extent as it shows in your SYSTEM and can be understood.

Of course, your SYSTEM always is understood through two opposite poles, since the human reality created by the primordial God before long in your time has been manipulated through the side Gods’ goal in themselves. In your SYSTEM the manipulation by side Gods is admitted and only through alertness in cognition/realization everything is separable. Malformations have been happening since several millions of years in your SYSTEM, because the correct information is not recognized.

All SYSTEMS base upon progress. In your SYSTEM one can learn more, in our’s (one can) realize more. Both SYSTEMS (are) important, learning in order to realize. Fluctuations pass simultaneously and all SYSTEMS are interwoven with one another. The daily constraint of your SYSTEM overshadows these talents for your spiritual abilities. The human SYSTEM no longer corresponds to the ideas of the Great Spirit, therefore with you everything is at the mercy of destruction. The mental/spiritual basic SYSTEM of humanity will change, so that the Great Spirit’s intelligence will become just. An in no way easy future expects man, because the SYSTEM is wrong and self-centered.

On principle, all communication SYSTEMS are directed via mind/spirit. The couplings (bridgings) (over) far (psychic) ‚distances’ to your SYSTEM are necessary. Through SYSTEMS for getting in touch with your apparatus, in connection with intuition centers of your body as well as your psyche, a channel or corridor comes about. In your sense, I exist in a super-reality SYSTEM. I see (the occurrences of two epochs) in the double SYSTEM (Gilaidos). ABX is from a different probability SYSTEM.

We all are allowed to aspire after the aim of finding other SYSTEMS wherein we also stay and live at the same time. In this respect there is no fix plan, for the omnipotence is not obvious. Later some of you will be needed in other SYSTEMS for teaching. On principle you however always have free choice in your decisions, and no power can force you to (do/be) anything. Please open yourselves to the new forms of the probability of a genuine SYSTEM that I now am learning to know.

Systems can be understood as a combination of parts to an orderly arranged whole. Their degree of complexity depends on the number of parts and their linkage/networking. – The sentence ‚The system proper of all being/existence consists in the continual change of all consciousnesses’ is a key that opens us the access to the us presented forms of the extremely complex All-that-is. If this representation is incomplete and imperfect, may be applicable to it the ‚law of incompatibility’ that the already mentioned Lotfi Zadeh [20] established in 1964: ‚When the complexity of a system increases, precise statements loose sense, and meaningful statements (loose) precision’, or: ‚When the complexity of a system grows, our capability of making precise and nevertheless significant (meaningful) statements on this system, reduces correspondingly till a limit is reached, and from that onward precision and significance (or relevance) become characteristics that exclude one another to a great extent’.

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