Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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All TECHNICAL things on both sides are nothing else than auxiliary means for information. Your (sing.) research in voices on tape is just a derived form on the basis of your (pl.) TECHNIQUE, which however is typically human. Only some few of you have understood why your equipment does not bring the wished results despite of all TECHNICAL efforts. The (presently by you) applied technical method appears to be not the right one. You should look into the ITC problem not too much solely from the TECHNICAL side, because, if so, you would then weave yourself/-selves into a wrong thought pattern. This to me appears to be the case presently. (At Peter Haerting in Darmstadt) the points were your readiness for receiving, and your TECHNICAL possibilities. Ultraviolet produces favourable volume vibrations. They may/can be useful also in radio contacts. Von Braun says the nearness of a sender with radio- and TV contacts may/can be favourable. Through Rivenich and other antiTECHNICAL channels we open time corridors through which our information gets through. We, too, practise TC with appliances, that, however, are continually improved. We, a group of physicists, and others, on our side work with equipment that we call Mark 4 (Doc Mueller). Senders and receivers that partly are staying in intermediate worlds, enable the transformation (of the information). If our TECHNICIANS, (those) on our level, would all help us, we would make faster progress. Our television TECHNICIANS still have problems in Rivenich. Help (by us) for the construction of TC appliances unfortunately is not possible, because you live in a world of different matter, and here are things that do not exist with you.

In for you far away galaxies exist beings/entities that are considerably more ahead in their TECHNIQUE than you are. They, too, destroyed their basis of life through ego-obsession and intolerance. It is time to bring order about, otherwise your TECHNIQUE will become your misfortune. Do not take your TECHNIQUE too serious so that it will not master you.

One cannot fail to notice the by the transpartners expressed secondary position of technique in the realization of the contacts. The basis continues to be the superordinate psychic structural adaptation of the communication partners and the reciprocal effects between operator and appliance. The latter might possibly be made easier by complex electronical systems, such as, e.g., are developed by Dean Radin [12]. – ‚Senders and receivers in the intermediate worlds’ call us the stepwise transmission to mind (see „Physique").

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