Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The Beyond – This World

(This is) a message from the BEYOND-group Centrale of the mental/spiritual world, where you (pl.+sing.), too, partly stay. Who lives more beyond, you or we ? In the moment of this contact I am between this WORLD and the BEYOND. 

Your concept THIS WORLD and THE BEYOND is to be compared with a room that separates two lovers by a, for the moment, separating wall. The physical death will unite the two. In the systems that you call THIS WORLD and THE BEYOND, exist an immense number of other systems and probabilities. Also in THE BEYOND of your reality not everything is comprehensible. You will (there) find what you created mentally. 

An astral body consists of (an) emotional mental/spiritual composition. My astral body, as you call it, also composes of a kind of cells, that however consist of energy. We also have certain/specific physical properties in-built. These qualities enable us to be in different places at the same time. The astral body’s eyes do not know any physical limits. In order to reach a standpoint, we only need the wish to be there. An example would be your form of thought. 

The notions ‚this world’ and ‚the Beyond’ are a dubious ‚success’ of our stereotyped thinking. Both ‚spheres/domains’ are inseparably interlaced with one another. The by critical mourners unceasingly put tormenting question: ‚How can I be sure that my son or my daughter actually make contact from the Beyond?’ is senseless under the holistic view. In the earthly space of experience we appear as bodily-spatially separated individuals and do not perceive that, as parts of the whole, and wholes composed of parts, are unseparated in both, the information space and the mental/spiritual world. There are no true limits, but only varying intensities of conscious perception. The manner of speaking of those in the Beyond is not free of irony: ‚Who lives more beyond, you or we ?’ It is also not free of poesy when it compares the separation with that of two lovers. 

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