Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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All intellectual/mental is an open rhythm of THOUGHTS within the changing of all being/existence. THOUGHTS are words. Every THOUGHT is to be equated with an existing life, because, due to rigid prejudices of intelligence, many lives base upon a/one THOUGHT. Every THOUGHT positive for the All-that-is creates in all time frames other structures, and new ones that are necessary for all of us. The individual’s THOUGHT continuously contributes to imprint a world consciousness, and influences your (sing.+pl.) system enormously. Every THOUGHT and every action influence all your (pl.) innumerable lives, since time truly is timeless. Because of countless dimensions in form of THOUGHTS, that you can realize also materially, you have the possibility of creating a lot, what we cannot bring about in this manner. With us, all the THOUGHTS of your world are stored for eternity in form of light patterns. Your THOUGHTS, that are all stored in the karmic domain, are illusion as long as they are not transformed into reality. The myth does not constitute a danger, but the play with THOUGHTS memorizes and forms the real goings-on of the future. The multifariousness of our THOUGHTS is boundless. Jahwe knows every form of THOUGHTS in all forms (of appearance).  

A with you unconscious personality structure that yet has a conscious will at its back, as well as a on your planet pervious genetic-/geobiological filter, enable/allow mental meetings of different worlds, also with instruments. Positive THOUGHT structures of many beings/entities can build THOUGHT bridges and coordination points. In the moment of a coordination point you can hear us, while we perceive your THOUGHTS as light patterns. Often you also receive THOUGHTS of earthbound mental beings/entities. Actually, we do not speak. Properly speaking, transmitted THOUGHT impulses are sent to you. The physical brain is not able to comprehend these things, although every THOUGHT consolidates cosmically, and also every by you caused/effected action passes on innumerable times anywhere else at the same moment. Do not believe in hallucinations, for every THOUGHT is reality. Therefore we here do not know a difference between THOUGHTS and realization. To arrive at a standpoint, we just need the wish to be there. An example would be your form of THOUGHTS. Our THOUGHTS change continuously according to the respective level, or (the) by us created reality.  

You know of the power of your THOUGHTS. I believe that already one being’s/entity’s good THOUGHT causes, according to the snow-ball system of cumulative returns, immeasurable effects. Your THOUGHTS form the contact with us. Our mental radiation force is capable of perceiving every of your THOUGHTS. Only by your THOUGHTS and feeling(s) information can come off.  

My THOUGHTS go in all directions. I take your (sing.) THOUGHT patterns like no other existence. I hope that by these you learn why the one (person) receives these contacts, and the other one not. Since I know your THOUGHTS about, how you (pl.) call it, parallel realities, I inform (you) that all my THOUGHTS, that you are able to hear in this moment, lie dormant in the psyche of every individual of you. My THOUGHTS, too, are merely a repetition and by no means (new). New for you is the method of transmission of our THOUGHT structures via an appliance. My THOUGHTS are sent in various speech patterns. Contacts between Adolf Homes and his mother are always feasible through THOUGHT vibration. 

Our thoughts belong to those appearances that we experience directly within our intellectual/mental interior, without being in a position to satisfactorily explain their coming about. In a multidimensional manner they are explained in the text once as a reality, another time as an illusion that possesses a kind of cosmic life of its own, plus creative power. Whether ‚thoughts are (always) words’ is worth of discussion. Should, in fact, all thoughts be stored in timeless ‚light patterns’, our ‚own’ thoughts actually were not new, but results of our accesses to parts of the all-embracing information network. The competent selector is not clearly discernible, if everything has effect, or contributes to such effect on everything and one another, there is no true ’one’s own work’, except of a certain open(minded)ness, and a by resemblence conditioned resonance of structures.

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