Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The primordial creation, in connection with all soul consciousness, produced every form in the diverse structures and time concepts. TIME came about in the intermediate phase of mind/spirit – matter. The occurrences taking place for the cosmos are dimensions of experience that are not subject to any TIME. TIME and constancy are illusionary in many worlds. Fluctuations happen simultaneously, and all systems are interlaced with one another. Other beings/entities in the universe dispose of astounding developments, because the flow of information through space-time corridors is open (open fields). TIME is the soil of fecundity/fruitfulness. We all may/are allowed to aspire after the aim of finding other systems, where we live and are also SIMULTANEOUSLY. 

Non-time is the key to TIME. Every TIME notion consists in continuous information. Space and TIME are illusions. The illusion of your (sing.+pl.) TIME is a being in the grip of further illusions. The entire being/existence composes of information. All are at disposal at any TIME. Everything calls itself into existence/life out of a mental/spiritual momentary situation, although the notion TIME is of different origin. Each of your, as well as of our thoughts has its own electromagnetic reality that does not get lost outside the time structure. The most important things are not seen with your eyes, they are in the light of the timeless-mental/spiritual. In all time frames, every for the All-that-is positive thought brings forth other and new structures that are necessary for all of us. Every thought and every action influence all your innumerable lives, for TIME is truly TIMEless. For us the moment of your TIME does not exist. For us your life means (a/the) probability of an omnipotent reality without TIME conception. Life and death in your TIME conception are a tiny something in the infinity of mind/spirit. Your system of reality is one of countless (ones), but all pass off at the same TIME. What you understand by soul, exists in close union in many other structures and worlds at the same TIME. – TIME adaptation with foreign structures. The (communication) problems consist in the TIME construction. For being able to enter your TIME structure, from our side a receiver is needed, as well as a for you unimaginable change of the speed of different frequencies. Direct contacts form themselves out of the powers of all life in TIME as well as in non-space-TIME. An understandable dialogue is not possible, because we exist in not any TIME.  

I am on a non-space-TIME level. TIME conception troublesome. Also because of the different TIME notion, existing solely in the now, our logic and possibility/faculty of apprehension are different from yours. Your space-TIME idea is adapted to your consciousness system. It veils the things, they become improbable. You live (with)in the span of an illusion that we call TIME. Through an expanded phase of spiritual development, that is not bound to any TIME span, you are able to break through time corridors in order to leave the material level. Space and TIME have to be skipped over. With these contacts we move backwards in your TIME. For contacting us, you might spiritually be moving into the future. psyche, consciousness, and soul, in connection with the Great Spirit, bring stress-free bridges about, in TIME like in non-TIME. Through Rivenich, and other anti-technical channels, we open TIME corridors through which our information arrives.  

All that lives, lives simultaneously, consequently in this second. Abraham and Christ therefore live among you, and today. Nothing gets lost, and all your personalities of earlier times reside within you also now. For the majority over here on our side, it is not possible to organize/classify you in your TIME. Over here, like on your side, concentrated mediumistic learning processes play a part. A positive mental/spiritual cooperation from our side, as well as from your side, rendered it possible to further develop the synchronization (that is) necessary for these contacts. Here, again, a directed psychical openness is required from both sides. The (already ongoing) intervention of the ages favours the contacts to you. 

As regards the immortal soul, we tell you that it ‚resides’ (is) in the entire universe and can be everywhere at the same TIME. In the so-called Akasha energies nothing gets lost, for their TIME continues eternally. – Since three months in earth TIME I have been with the TC central. Von Braun and others have solved the problem of earth TIME to a great extent (Mother). We live in not any TIME. TIME does not exist (Boden). I am in a TIME loop of two dimensions (Jan). I can fit myself in in every epoch of your history of TIME (Majo). Unfortunately there is not any possibility for us to interfere in the occurrences of your TIME. Our attributes allow us to be in different places at the same TIME. You know that I contact several persons on your planet simultaneously (Raudive). The being/entity that you called Anne Guigne, and (that) left your reality already on Jan. 14th, 1922, shows itself in the TIME of your moment, with image and text, in station Rivenich. – The being/entity that on your side was named Franz Schneider, will make contact in different places at the same TIME. This message was passed through to several stations at the same TIME. This will prove that the contacts arrive in several places at the same TIME. – Busch would like to establish contact (at) your TIME July 22nd, 89. Where is still unclear because of TIME difference. – (Here was) Albert Einstein your appearance in TIME August 15th, 94. 

Nature does not know of any ultimate purpose. It has (its) own laws. Your TIME demands urgently to seek harmony with it (nature). Unfortunately there is no much TIME left (for it). Since you are ahead of your TIME, you now have advantages. Please, accustom yourself(ves) to an absolutely TIMEless, dream-like state. Love the moment of your TIME, for it is no illusion, since your TIME will catch up all TIMES. The time of the humans will slow down. Other systems will follow. Only love is able to bridge space and any TIME. Through the experiences collected by two beings/entities, all existing consciousness levels can be passed over, where all continuity of TIME extinguishes.  

In a certain way Heim’s theory offers itself as a model for an arrangement between timelessness and time; see under „Development – Evolution“. Remarkably the transtext ‚Time came about in the intermediate phase of mind/spirit – matter’ corresponds with Heim’s work according to which ‚the time as such .... represents an intermediate phase of the formation of matter’. – Harald 2 [18] explains ‚that the psychic frequency of time possesses (has) a reflection as physical time in the light itself’, in other words, our linear (clock) time is a special case of the psychic time. According to [8] ‚the determination of the notion of time depends upon the respective philosophical concept’. So, who hinders us to reflect upon the transbeings’/-entities’ concepts, and to possibly accept it when they ‚speak’ of non-time, timelessness and simultaneity? With Kant, time has an organizing function – like little Anna expressed it with Fynn: ‚(Mister) God made the time so that not everything happens all at a time, but one thing after the other.’ [Scherz, Bern 1978]. Our time is a ‚clinging together (a chain) of illusions’, a play and an adventure of consciousness. – In the jargon of transmission engineering, communication requires the synchronization of occurrences in different systems and of the dynamical ideas of the partners. Taking a close look, this is also valid for the earthly communication, although it is rarely represented like that: In communication by speech it comes to a complex, retarded (dephased) ‚synchronization’ of the received signals with the respective own thought patterns, and it is not sure to what degree the communication in the unconscious background is conditioned on isochronous telepathy.

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