Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Transcommunication (TC), Instrumental TC -> ITC

Communication and TC consist in the exchange of information. The cosmic mind/spirit creates the TRANScommunicative activity dimensions. Multidimensional TC is a possibility for the real perception of the immortal soul in God. The TC as (it is) understood by you (pl.) with men deceased on your side, from our view, is to be understood with the communication with men living among you, at which the finding of (the) truth remains difficult. Sense and purpose of ITC is to denote to the being that all is connected with all. For this being recognized from your point of view, TC needs an open and honest/upright way of thinking. The ITC is a tiny, but an extremely important information carrier inside and outside of the most dissimilar world systems.

However, by many kinds of beings/entities it is used for representing personal concerns. Thereby no positive information (to what) the being/entity has a right, comes forth. Since the comportment of the pseudo-gods has been known to us since millions of years, it has been taken into account by us with ITC as well. On the cosmic basis and in consideration of the multiversum, the FDL attempts to correctly organize ITC according to the respective system. We wish to inform all of you that also in your future we will not progress in ITC with you, if the discord and disagreement between the influential persons and groups should not change. Up to now our indications in this respect unfortunately have not been taken seriously enough by you. We all are happy about the with you existing - although presently few - ITC bridges.

(But) because of the disunion no further ITC bridges can come about. We would however urgently recommend to cooperate in peaceful harmony with the on your side already existing in the paranormal (domain) experienced groups, because through one-sided information always merely a partial facet is thrown light upon. For assuming a for ITC sufficient informative task, on both sides paranormal experience, as well as the realization of innumerable facets in the different worlds and structures is needed, as well as a cooperation that the multiversum deserves. TC between two life forms becomes possible because sufficient consciousness wishes it seriously, and thus produces it.

As long as TC is not practised by all of you with absolute unselfishness and to the Creator’s honour, no further bridges with direct TC contacts are possible. Thus, in this respect, the few existing ITC bridges remain to be stopgap bridges. ITC is to be regarded as an extended experiment and with you began not earlier than with the finding of being/entity Friedrich Juergenson. From our viewpoint and knowledge connection channels to other structures can only be established via your appliances if the receiver lends himself to it. Should this not be the case we will stop the ITC bridge again. The intensity of community TC depends on the intensity of feeling of all of us. Please, first establish, all of you, a reasonable uniform basis in your TC to us so that more bridges can come to pass.

A (TC) channel without apparatus comes off through expanded telepathic brain activity structures, as well as through longing for it, and aim. Through systems for getting in touch with your apparatus, in connection with intuition centers of your body as well as your psyche, a corridor or channel come forth. This refers to TC via apparatus. At this also the psychic condition of the experimenters is of importance. In all cases a very strong motivation is required.- Absolutely everything contains astral elements/parts; that is why ITC in its proper sense appears unimportant to us because there are many delusions.

The TRANSprocess functions mainly on the basis of the state of mind/spirit as well as the general leanings of the receiver, with which also earlier existence(s) has(ve) a paramount effect. Positive attributes of other lives influence the breakthroughs of TC.

For you favourable is when a person comes to (join) ITC who receives our information on the mediumistic way. With you an ITC bridge exists when the messages ensue via all (the) respective electrical devices. ITC bridges are not contrived by telephoning. The with several people prevailing view that our messages can be received only via their telephone lines is incorrect. The Raudive voice addresses (also) further men (persons) on your side. Without control no paranormality. Our signs (in the corn) formed by ultrasound are a further form of TC, they were developed by the great consciousness.

The TC via instrumental means conveys the inner perception to us. We do not perceive your physical things because we are mental/spiritual. Therefore TC also takes place solely via the mind/spirit. Since TC takes place solely via our mind/spirit and your’s, we are also only in a position to reach you via your mind/spirit. By this I am in a position to practise TC with you (sing.) that you can then record on a magnetic tape. Owing to the telepathic connection to us, Seth 3 informs that the building-up of the technically supported TC with you is in a demanding phase. For the first time since years ago, (now also) a first TRANSnetworking (between Rivenich and Luxemburg) has come about.

Properly speaking, (I) thought only rarely of you. Only through your calls I became all attention. Since then I am endeavouring TC. Since three months (in) earth time I have been with the TC central station. I had to enter a different reality. My TC to the earth relates solely to you. I am no medium (Mother).

A mental/spiritual alliance on your (pl.) side probably is the most propitious prerequisite for TC. We indeed receive single activities on your side, but the mental/spiritual energy of a single (person) is not strong enough in its volume for being able to build a bridge to him/her. Without a higher support TC is hardly possible. ITC is a tiny, but an extremely important information carrier within and outside of the most dissimilar world systems. Where the experiment of TC is successful, gratitude and humility should be shown. The unselfish form of TC continues to be part of the cosmic information.

Of the – with good reason – by the transpartners frequently repeated indications on the necessity of a uniform mode of thinking and acting of the experimenters, here merely a fraction of them is represented. It appears that ‚harmony’ represents a by nature needed condition for the coming about and continuation of the technically supported transcontacts, which for their realization require a uniform field of emotion and affection. If this statement proves right, ITC will have no positive future. Men are individualizing more and more, and their ability for tolerance is decreasing continually. – Two sentences shall be emphasized: ‚Sense and purpose of ITC is to denote to the being that all is connected with all.’ And: ‚The TC via instrumental means conveys the inner perception to us.’

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