Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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All universes consist in TRANSFORMATION. There is nothing that could evade from the primordial creative TRANSFORMATION. All life fulfills itself through TRANSFORMATION. TRANSFORMATION is necessary, because it favours the being/existence. The TRANSFORMATION of the beings/entities is not completed yet. In the time of change/TRANSFORMATION many chaotic conditions are rampant. From an ultra-view, coarse-matter systems are subject to TRANSFORMATION and by this, in the end, to senselessness. Through a physical form reduces/evanesces the ability for the changing of the form of configuration as we know it. My TRANSFORMATION to a physical human composes of a series of psychologic-mental/spiritual forms, like the words that you can read and hear from me. The greater dimension floods out of the innermost of the heart and changes/transforms everything that gets in contact with the true love.  

In the domain of time there is no constancy, no statics. Even the ranges of mountains grow and crumble down. The separate sentence: ‚From an ultra-view, coarse-matter systems are subject to transformation and by this, in the end, to senselessness’ calls its sensefulness in question. No wonder that, one day, Buddha had enough of the endless circular course of coming into being and evanescing, symbolized by the Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and tried to escape from it. Faced with the question what is the purpose of the coming forth of a great wealth of forms that are destroyed forthwith, only a word of Lao-Tse can give some consolation and remind of unpretentiousness: ‚The sense one can devise is not the eternal sense’.  

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