Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Transformation - Translation

Through transformation the universes shall remember the Godlyness and its origin. This will happen. All physical can be transformed into an other form of vibration through the molecules adopting a new structure. This all appears improbable to you (pl.) because it is abstract. Our endeavours base on the intent of transforming you out of your normal limitation into the for you originally foreseen world. – We all continue to work on the by both sides wished translation bridges. With you the translation begins, among others, in the consciousness pulse, never in your devices. The contact attempts from both sides continue to be important, for the components of the respective systems will favourably influence the translation.

Transformation (‚remodelling, change of form’) is used in the same sense as metamorphosis. The specifically mentioned change of molecuel structures has been transmitted in a mediumistic way also in some other place(s). – The notion ‚translation’ turned up in Rivenich only relatively late. In contrast to the mathematic-physical ‚shifting (in space)’, here the English meaning of the semantic ‚translation, transference’ is meant.

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