Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Transnames  - For Interpretation pls. see identically entitled Article

ABX - Juno, transpartner in Darmstadt (Peter Haerting)

Leuschner, Bruno, former socialist


Extraterrestrians, unknown

Majo, Buriatic Shaman, unknown

Bender, Hans, former parapsychologist in Freiburg, FRG

Mueller, Doc George, former NASA physicist


Bodelschwingh, founder of Bodelschwinghsche Anstalten in Bethel, FRG (home for handicapped)

Mutter mother of Adolf Homes


Boden, Manfred, former Experimenter

Nachbarin lady neighbour of Adolf Homes

Braun, Wernher von, former builder of rockets

Pleiadians, identical with FDL

Busch, Wilhelm, former poet


Raudive, Konstantin, former VOT experimenter

Claudius, former emperor of Rome, spoke via medium Franz Schneider

Salter, Swejen, female transpartner in Luxemburg

Dreyfus, Alfred, French free-thinker


Schneider, Franz, former trance medium (Claudius)

Einstein, Albert, theoretical physicist

Schreiber, Klaus, former experimenter

Extragalaktian, unknown

Seth, transpartner of Jane Roberts

Extraterrestrian, unknown

Seth 3, not identical with Seth

Gilaidos, Konstantina, allegedly lost her life during the earthquake on the Ionic Isles in 1953

Telemach, unknown


Guigne, Anne, French girl, deceased in 1922


Thomas Becket, former archbishop of Canterbury

Harald 2, transentity at Harald Wessbecher

Transgruppe 2109

Hoess, Rudolf, former commander of the Auschwitz concentration camp

Transgruppe Centrale (Mutter = mother of Adolf Homes)

Jahwe, Hebraic-Israelite God

Transgruppe FDL (Federation of the Light)

Jan, guardian spirit of Adolf Homes

Transgruppe Schamanen (see Majo)

Jung, C. G., former psychologist, transpartner of Mirabelle Coudris

Transgruppe Zeitstrom, transgroup timestream in Luxemburg

Juergenson, Friedrich, former VOT experimenter

Unbekanntes Wesen von HDE  unknown being/entity of HDE

Kommandant  commander of a spaceship, unknown

Yogananda, Paramahamsa, Indian-Christian master

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