Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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In the immortality of God and the human lie spiritual veracities. All psychic composes of open fields, therefore there is neither TRUTH nor unTRUTH. Every dimension knows other conceptions and TRUTHS. The TRUTH of the godly light is neither one, nor two. It simply is as it is. The Christianity called into life is a distorted form of the fundamental TRUTHS, because it connects the good with the bad, without the one the other one cannot be. Many among you (pl.) know the fundamental TRUTHS, but few only have the courage to concern themselves seriously with them in order to achieve realization. You all are manipulatively controlled by the play of feelings, of curiosity, and of thirst for action, and TRUTHS are no more recognizable. Every thought is mind/spirit. The mind/spirit in the individual is TRUTH. If it does not make itself genuine/TRUE in the one being/entity, then in the (an) other one.  

The realizations of sage entities again and again suggest the conjecture that no ultimate, absolute TRUTH exists. In the moment of your being humans you are not, or only defectively, in a position to decode the objective TRUTHS. TRUTH will again and again hurry away from you, because the multitude of the facets is too immense for you. The opinion of a being/entity often represents also his/its TRUTH. Be prudent with those men who tell you the TRUTH. Solely the primordial information holds it. The line of probability that you understand as TRUTH is thinner than a spider’s thread. Concentrate yourselves more on the probability, and you will come nearer to TRUTH. 

We, too, and many others are yet far away from the TRUTH. Up to the mind/spirit of TRUTH all is subject to change/transformation. Concentrate always on the genuine light. In love, humility towards veracity, we approach the greatness and the inconceivability of God. The TRUTH of altruism will absorb all (information) rubbish. Only after your metamorphosis you will be nearer to the light and the TRUTH. Realize the TRUTH of your moment as intensely as possible, for you are of a higher import than many of you believe.  

Truth is regarded as a central philosophical conception. A series of theories on truth (since Pilatus) come to diverse definitions, up to the statement that truth were in consensus: ‚A statement is true if it is generally accepted (within the framework of a discourse free of mastery) by, if possible, all competent speakers (an ideal community of communication) [8]’. In contrast with the rigid Aristotelian logic, the ‚fuzzy logic’ permits various degrees of truth. The transbeings/-entities speak of (objective) fundamental truths, whose facets however are so diverse that one may/can doubt the existence of an absolute truth. Suspicion is recommended: ‚Be prudent with those men who tell you the TRUTH.’   

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