Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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What you (sing.+pl.) UNDERSTAND by God is a fraction of the whole. Solely the UNDERSTANDING, the mercy as well as the love to all things make free. We UNDERSTAND your curiosity. Here is a lot that I would like to tell you (sing.), but (that) our system does not allow. Also you would not UNDERSTAND it. Your (pl.) reality is not yet able to UNDERSTAND everything, wait yet. Do not ask why everything is so, you do not UNDERSTAND it. All creates itself. You (sing.) will not be able to UNDERSTAND it. 

All by us made communications via instruments have been thoroughly thought-out and filtered before they reach you. They are (have been) construed in a way that you (pl.), at least with help by others, can UNDERSTAND them. I can speak with you (sing.) only in the language that you UNDERSTAND. There are limits for us like for you. The confines of these limits are on both sides. In your (pl.) circle the curious ones will feel lost, because they will not, and cannot, UNDERSTAND the coherences/connections. A continuously increasing intelligence of UNDERSTANDING and love returns to your planet. A being/entity that deprecates an other one could be mistaken, a being/entity that UNDERSTANDS and forgives, never goes wrong. Learn from the great masters that patience, UNDERSTANDING and love represent the keys to salvation. My friend, a small dog, whose language we here UNDERSTAND, calls your (sing.) name.  

According to the momentary state the consciousness dimensions of the individual are UNDERSTOOD positively or negatively. Your (pl.) present(ly) alarming situation is due to the fact that you have in no wise UNDERSTOOD  your normal tasks and (not) the continuous reconditionings/revivals in the multi-dimensional sense. Many sources do not agree to the course of the river/flow. We hope you (sing.) have UNDERSTOOD this information, and you (pl.) should well follow us (join our thinking/think together with us).The work of all of us should by no means be UNDERSTOOD as a sect’s cult. Eschatology has been UNDERSTOOD by you absolutely incorrectly. The bridged vision (of a symbol in corn) of March 5th, 1996 in Rivenich has been correctly UNDERSTOOD.  

A sad aspect of understanding is the respective historic-socioculturally conveyed pre-understanding that excludes everything ‚inappropriate/incongruous’ and new. This determines, together with the (positively valued) pre-judice, like an active filter the perception and guards us from being flooded by information. At the same time, pre-judices may/can have negative effects when they suppress the openness for new experiences. These reflections do not only apply for the individuals’ lives, they also have corroborated the justified criticism on the comportment of scientists who, through their prejudices, hinder and prevent the revolutions demanded by the anomalies. 

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