Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Intellectual Understanding – Comprehension 

Abstractions that determine the universe do not found/base on mankind’s MENTAL POWERS. We ask you what you see when thinking of the notion INTELLECT. The human INTELLECT is overtasked. The mind/spirit that is able to play with the intellect, disposes of intuitive possibilities. All your doing and acting acts upon your (pl.) human INTELLECT. The human’s INTELLECT and consciousness, in respect of his flexible development, are merely able to concentrate on basic aims. The INTELLECT disposes of the physical outlast/survival. Many things are contingent on the respective INTELLECT of the consciousness. This refers to the wanting to learn. Through the, from the primordial creator received, still available residual INTELLECT, many (of you) are insusceptible to manipulation. Please, use your INTELLECT in connection with logics, and you will comprehend. Solely your (sing.+pl.) INTELLECT is able to separate positive and negative. – You could well use your INTELLECT a little more. Always use the sound human INTELLECT (common sense). Information via your instruments is for you a way that corresponds to your INTELLECT. Your INTELLECT needs names. You wonder at the giving of names, but only this way we can make ourselves understandable for you.  

Dear friends of trans-information/communication. The development worthy of evolution, despite of your (pl.) understandable insecurity, continues to be the aim of all beings/entities. Have UNDERSTANDING for the sick and weak ones, guard/preserve the to you entrusted nature. Comfort the child crying in your streets. Your (sing.) conception of God is comprehensible on the basis of your basic rational/intellectual assumption of the system. Many conceptions here have a completely different, sometimes even not any, meaning/significance. Also due to this, misUNDERSTANDINGs came to pass in the course of the last time. Only through your thoughts and feeling information can come about. Already at this point misUNDERSTANDINGS can occur. There are always disparities of views, they are normal and fully understandable for all of us.  

Intellect as perceptive faculty, discursive-logical capability of thinking and (schemingly) calculating knowingness, in contrast with (superordinate) reason, is given a more analytical imprint, and rather rests upon the pondering over sensual experiences. – Also as the aim of transcommunication, communication/communicative arrangement appears as a comprehending empathy. Bringing it to the point, one could assign previous thinking to reason, that reflects on possible consequences of the actions, and pondering-over to intellect.  

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