Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Universe – Multiverse 

Abstractions that destine the UNIVERSE do not found on mankind’s intellectual powers. Generally, the UNIVERSE consists in giving and taking. Love bears the UNIVERSE. It consists of the form of existence of the Great Spirit, of consciousness, intelligence, as well as of self-consciousness/-confidence. The UNIVERSE is like a vibration field. These vibrations, be they negative or positive, form the whole UNIVERSE. Organisms reign in the UNIVERSES, they determine what is taking place. Jahwe’s deputy is in the tiniest plant, in every animal, mineral, human and UNIVERSE, for I created it for the sake of love and (of) confederation/union. 

On principle, the UNIVERSE is made up of a reciprocal action of subtle- and of coarse matter, so that there is always a unity. The human becomes more and more aware of these events. All UNIVERSES are made up of change//transformation. The UNIVERSE is no accomplished process in itself. Unfortunately the UNIVERSE is incomputable. Many of your (natural) scientists see no creator in their research, although they realize that the building/construction plan of the UNIVERSE cannot be a coincidence. But in the UNIVERSAL measure the psyche is capable of learning. All that happens to you (pl.) and to us makes sense in the worlds, because we are all multidimensional parts of that what constitutes all UNIVERSES. 

Through transformation the UNIVERSES shall remember the Godliness and its origin. The mental/spiritual UNIVERSE penetrates all matter and brings spirituality among the humans. The epoch, that is in its initial phase, permits solely the UNIVERSAL reality. Through a child’s smile a UNIVERSE comes in. Love produces in chaos the new UNIVERSE.  

The entire coordination, as relates to the sense of your present being/existence, is in a for the UNIVERSE alarming state, because, in the end, what you have aimed for in your life can be pursued after your physical death. By this I want to say that a murderer will not become a saint after the physical death. The personality of the consciousness will not dissolve in the UNIVERSE, because we (will) receive what we brought forth. So, in case you destroy yourselves physically, you will be existing again in an other form, and in other places of the subtle-matter UNIVERSE in any imaginable kind and way. All information is always part of the soul as well as of the UNIVERSE. Make your peace with yourselves and with the to you known UNIVERSE. Open the psychical limitations, and your eyes will be able to see more. 

‚Universe’ (‚turned into one, combined to a unity’) means the whole as an embodiment/essence of all parts. Those in the Beyond expand this notion by using the plural ‚universes’ and the (vague) conception ‚subtle-matter’ for defining a section (of the whole), that, by our senses and measurement devices, is just as little accessible to us as the mental/spiritual domains of the ‚inner world(s)’.  

The MULTIVERSE comprises innumerable, highly complex forms of being/existence, as well as  fundamental forms of consciousness. By telepathic transposing of information every being/entity in the hyperspace-MULTIVERSE disposes of the possibility of memorizing and reflecting all comprehensions/realizations. Only the entire knowledge of the human (of humanity) makes sense in the MULTIVERSE. 

For assuming a for ITC sufficient, informative task, on both sides paranormal experience and the realization of innumerable facets in the different worlds and structures are needed, as well as a cooperation that the MULTIVERSE deserves. Our task shall be to prepare you all for a MULTIVERSE where not any possibility is excluded. On the cosmic basis, and in consideration of the MULTIVERSE, the FDL attempts to correctly organize ITC according to the respective system.   

In contrast with the universe, the (hyperspace-)MULTIVERSE ‚accomodates’ ‚innumerable highly complex forms of being/existence, as well as consciousness fundamentals. It appears to be suggestive to not wear the notions ‚hyperspace’ and ‚dimension’ down. Men have extreme problems in getting loose of the conception of a three-dimensional space, or to transmit this into multidimensional spaces. The to us known universe can be comprehended as a material cut through a more embracing mental/spiritual multiverse, that, in the figurative sense, may also be interpreted as an information ‚space’ – another helpless attempt to illustrate abstract conceptions.

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