Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The universe matches a VIBRATION field. These VIBRATIONs do not exist in form of lines, but are made up of innumerable probabilities and possibilities of the living consciousness. Negative or positive, they form the entire universe. Since our VIBRATIONS are composed of esprit, cosmic natural laws or, if you (sing.+pl.) so wish, of natural elements, they are not measurable for you.

Parts of your consciusness consist of fluctuations that pass simultaneously and interweave all systems with one another. The slower ones of the fluctuation VIBRATIONS, that represent themselves without any transition, represent your (pl.) form of consciousness. By the molecules adopting a different form, all physical may/can be transformed into an other form of VIBRATION. We find one another through identical VIBRATION and realization. Through a common identity of VIBRATION we all become co-creators.

Coordination points are nothing else but the result of a VIBRATION that equals our’s. From your side a higher psychic VIBRATION is called for. Through multidimensional effects you achieve a higher VIBRATION. The basic information is always correct, only the respective VIBRATION differences deform (and hinder) it. If/when a too great difference of VIBRATION (of two systems) exists, there is the possibility that the genuine information changes, or even is falsified. From many experimenters we receive positive VIBRATIONS. We recognize VIBRATIONS of preparedness. Weak VIBRATIONs of some of the present company (in case of a group experiment) were consolidated by more mediumistic ones.

Some experimenters are not (in a state of) identical VIBRATION with their apparatus. Only a few of you find via the devices the for us correct VIBRATION frequency that can link the different structures with one another. In the association with your (sing.) appliances our contacts become possible. Two-way contacts cease with the death of the experimenter, because the required VIBRATION is no more available. The time of arrival (of a transmessage) lies in the psyche of the beings/entities in their form of VIBRATION.

In the chapter on physics has already been cited a definition given by the transbeings/-entities for the esoteric-spiritistic term ‚vibration’, that in its inconsiderate use is absolutely senseless/meaningless. I repeatedly pointed out that the ‚supporters of esotericism’ should not wonder that their pseudo-scientific terms call up refusal with the establishment. It is wearisome enough to give fairly clear definitions of the magnitudes (Größen) current in physics and technique (of which not much is left after a deeper insight). The transferring of these terms to the transspheres is a grave error. (By the way, it is not possible to prove the existence of God by means of physics!) – The uncommon term ‚fluctuation vibrations’ (‚fluctuation’ = ‚variation’) may/can be applied to the changes of the consciousness structures. With this view, it would even be possible to attribute a sense to the ‚higher frequencies’, if the changes in the complexer systems perform faster than in our brains that are slowed down by matter. All this has nothing to do with the simple physical frequencies. In the last paragraph of the text the interrelation between experimenter and appliance is characterized unmistakably.

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