Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The God of reality can be described neither with our words, nor with yours (pl.). We are not in a position to make us in word symbols sufficiently understandable for you. Thoughts are words. Many words in your vocabulary have become strange here on our side, and they have not any meaning. The words we convey to you are adapted to your psyche. Of course, you can compare our words with a further game of experiment, like the Gods always loved to do in order to breathe, through deeper sensual perceptions, any truths into you. We always depend on the medium’s psyche, from that comes the (by me used) vocabulary. (Thus) my messages correspond to your vocabulary. Thomas is in a position of being able to choose other words via M’s psyche, than via the psyche of Adolf Homes.   

Words are symbols – in acoustical and optical forms they are regarded as constituents of the languages, wherein, according to more or less exact rules, they are composed to sentences that are appropriate to formulate thoughts (of a sender) and to incite such (in the receiver). The attempts to precisely define words in the sense of the bi-valent logic have come to naught. Zadeh [20] suggested to adapt the logic to the blurredness of human thinking. His ‚fuzzy logic’ allows for poorly defined truth values (base on scientifically objective quantities and on ideal qualities), fuzzy linkages, fuzzy rules for drawing conclusions, and the existence of probabilities. Not only in Homes’ communications neologisms (newly created words) occur frequently, occasionally also antiquated vocables or formulations are used.

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