Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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As a general principle, esprit creates everything in all WORLDS. General evolution patterns come about in all WORLDS through existing mind/spirit. Consciousness creates the WORLDS. What you (pl.) understand by soul exists in close union in many other structures and WORLDS at the same time. Time and constancy are illusionary in many WORLDS. Countless forms of information reign in the WORLDS. All mental/spiritual WORLDS are linked up by modulation. The problems in the WORLDS consist in the completely different logic, perceptive faculty, and dimensionality. Our WORLD is made up of free will, and many over here have great difficulties in getting on with it. In our WORLD, the  imagination is the key of the goings-on. The individual’s thought influences a WORLD consciousness continuously. Our WORLD, too, composes of innumerable structures, modes of seeing, and opinions. You should by no means assume that in our WORLDS there no more were disparities of views. Our way of looking at things is not definitive. All things in the WORLDS are worked for, even though, from your viewpoint, our existence appears to be easier. 

You live in a WORLD to whose bringing forth you have contributed a great part. Your WORLD is sad, it appears (to be) profane and subjective. Please, do not fall so much under the spell of the material WORLD, it is too short to find peace. Do not produce a WORLD of illimitable wealth and unending poverty. Your inner I exercises a certain pressure on everyone of you. This pressure wants into the WORLD in order to contribute to its formation. It is time to remember yourselves. Only in this form(way) you have the possibility to improve the outer circumstances of your WORLD.  

All occult practices explain themselves in the spiritual form of thoughts in all psychoanalytical processes of the WORLD of spirits. The world of mind/spirit implies all ever imaginable phenomena. These voices that you hear do not need any larynx, (these are) the voices of the transWORLD, from where, in the end, you come. With the new energies the alarming condition of your physical WORLD shall be changed. Through reincarnations we help in our way to contribute to the forming of your WORLD. Bring about your own WORLD in the positive (mode), then all will go well.  

For myself I would want the change into a multidimensional WORLD. That what you call God allowed me the fast transition into a WORLD that I still partly had in remembrance. It is the same beautiful WORLD of which the reanimated with you report (Anne Guigne). I am exactly in the place that I could imagine on your side. (It is) a WORLD of by you unimaginable grace and beauty (Franz Schneider). (I) am in a known WORLD of boundless multifariousness (Manfred Boden). 

World as the entirety of all things, of what is; the universe, the cosmos, but also the workaday world, the world of living, the environment. There is no need for us to follow the author of the encyclopaedia of philosophy [8] when he affirms ‚the outer world were the total of the from consciousness, resp. from the inner world of the soul, independent realties’, see under ‚Perception’. Of interest is the statement: ‚Our world (in the Beyond) is made up of free will’, what in a reverse conclusion suggests that in our place we have not necessarily to do with a world of free will, see under ‚Responsibility’.

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