Presentations with luminator
by Mark Macy

Coast to Coast 2004 

In May and June 2004 I hosted Luminator workshops in Lincoln NE, Manhattan NY, Montreal QC, Reno NV, and San Francisco CA, with interesting results. I gave the same workshop at all locations, at which I:

As always, we got three types of pictures in the course of each workshop, which I have come to interpret in the following way:

Over the years I’ve learned that ITC involves “dispassing points,” or points at which various dimensions intersect. Various worlds within quantum dimensions, astral dimensions, and ethereal dimensions intersect directly with our physical world. Beings in those various worlds can move among various worlds in those dimensions at these dispassing points, allowing our spirit friends in the paradise worlds of the astral realm to move into denser quantum dimensions closer to the Earth in vibration, and to work with our equipment, or to show up on film in the presence of the Luminator. As a result of these “dispassing points,” I’ve found that various types of entities appear in these Polaroid pictures, and I classify them as follows:


Lincoln, May 11. Bookseller / radio talk show host Scott Colbourne drew about 50 people to his business, The Way Home bookstore. After my presentation I took multiple pictures of all participants, and we got many anomalies. I estimate that more than 80 percent of the pictures had lighting phenomena and distorted facial images, but fewer than 10 percent had clear spirit faces. Fay, a friend of Scott’s who helps him out at the bookstore, seemed especially receptive to spiritual intervention. We got two good spirit faces with Fay in two different photos. 

New York, May 14. Sylvia Chappell at the ARE Center (Association for Research and Enlightenment) in midtown Manhattan arranged a series of small (3-8 participants) Luminator sessions throughout the day, followed by a larger presentation that evening. ARE is the Edgar Cayce organization with headquarters in Virginia Beach VA and regional centers (like the Manhattan center) scattered around the States. During the small sessions I discussed the role of ethereal beings in the work and led an exercise in resonance, trying to intensify each participant’s connection with his/her spirit guides and departed loved ones. Photo results at the small sessions and evening workshop in New York were the best of the trip. I estimate that more than 60 percent of the pictures were anomalous, and we ended up with several dozen spirit faces on film, several of them quite striking.

Friend Debbie of Philadelphia received a picture with two faces, one of which closely resembled her husband John who had died tragically of a heart attack a few months earlier. Debbie recognizes John very clearly. John has been visiting relatives with tremendous enthusiasm during lucid dreams since his transition, and Debbie says he was always a go-getter who made things happen. Debbie has a strong feeling that if anyone can build ITC bridges from the other side, it’s John. We have a feeling he’s joined the ITC spirit group and is busy doing that. The other face in the picture MIGHT be Edgar Cayce, though there is not enough of that face showing to be sure. (You’ll see those two faces in the same area of the photo, divided diagonally from each other. You might have to look closely the first time.)

Meme introduced herself to me, and shared some exciting computer anomalies she and her husband JC have been experiencing in recent months. They include text appearing spontaneously on screen which includes the names “Timestream” and “Juno” - - names of known ITC spirit groups who have been making contact in Europe and elsewhere since the late 1980s. Considering the two fantastic faces we captured in a picture of Meme, I have a strong feeling she’s been selected by the ITC spirit groups as a major receiver of ITC contacts in the coming months and years. She seems to have the psychospiritual qualities that lend themselves well to ITC. Those qualities include a pure, focused intention that can penetrate the “veil” like a lance. 

Montreal, May 18. My good friends John and Marilyn Rossner host the IIIHS (International Institute for Integral Human Studies) conference in Montreal, where great and curious minds from around the world congregate every spring to explore the frontiers of modern scientific and spiritual research. This year I had the opportunity to meet Dr Rupert Sheldrake, whose research projects are among the most important in the world today in terms of understanding the powerful forces shaping our world from sources beyond the sight of conventional science.

He studies fields of consciousness which connect living beings instantly beyond time and space. (For one example of his famous research, do a Google or web search on “gray parrot telepathy,” and read some of the related articles. You’ll be amazed!). My presentation was well received by a capacity crowd in the meeting room of the Delta Centre Ville hotel, but the pictures we received afterwards were not as good as elsewhere. I saw only one or two good spirit faces out of more than 400 pictures taken. The large majority of pictures were clear, sans anomalie, zut alors! At the end of this trip report I discuss possible reasons for variable picture quality at different locations at different times under different conditions. 

Reno, June 5. Several years ago, noted EVP researcher Sarah Estep, founder of AAEVP (American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena) passed the baton to Tom and Lisa Butler, who organized a successful spirit communication conference this year. As soon as I got settled into the Nevadan hotel in Reno, I started the Luminator running in my room. After a search through the hotel, the best lighting I found for luminator pictures was outside my room in the hall, where fluorescent light fixtures were set into the ceiling.

The lighting in the ballroom was unsuitable for the pictures, so after my presentation, I had groups of ten people proceed quietly to my room, where I took pictures of each person standing in the hall. I estimate more than 60 percent of the pictures had light anomalies, but we got only a few spirit faces on film that night. Fortunately, three RWG members besides myself attended the conference, and the four of us had some private meetings in the two days before my presentation. At those private meetings we received some very good spirit faces on film. Two of the women had lost their sons as young men, and both of the fellows showed up in the pictures. Very gratifying for us all! 

Other highlights in Reno included:

San Francisco, June 6. The morning after my Reno presentation, I loaded up the car and drove over the Sierra Nevada mountains to San Francisco, where I picked up my wife Regina at the airport for a short vacation in one of our favorite spots - - Northern California. Work before pleasure, however. That night I gave a workshop in Palo Alto that was organized by Edie Fischer for FMBR (Foundation for Mind-Being Research) and held at the offices of ITP (Institute for Transpersonal Psychology).

Extra chairs had to be set up for the larger than expected crowd. A number of skeptics were present from the surrounding high-tech, scientific community, so I was hoping to get especially good spirit pictures that evening as compelling evidence . . . but to no avail. Like Montreal, conditions didn’t seem to be quite right, and we got quite a lot of general anomalies, but few, if any, clear faces of nonphysical beings. (I’m never certain of the results because the subjects get to keep their pictures. I try to move around the room to observe as many pictures as I can, but I don’t ever see all the results.)  

A wonderful bonus of this trip was meeting Rolf and Helga Ehrhardt in San Francisco so the four of us could enjoy the beauty of the Bay area together for a couple of days and discuss the state of World ITC today. (As you probably know, Rolf, is my friend and ITC partner, also the webmaster of Last year the four of us met in Heidelberg.  

Factors that seem to affect picture quality.  Between now and the next Luminator workshop I hope to determine more completely the conditions that enable spirit faces in the Polaroid photos.  

I’ll begin experimenting with lighting. I’ve already found (thanks largely to inventor Patrick Richards) that fluorescent lights improve the results. Full-spectrum lighting diminishes results. Direct sunlight eliminates the results completely, so that all we get is clear pictures. Halogen lights diminish the results. What seems to work best is a mixture of standard fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs.

Still to be tested: infrared and ultraviolet light mixed in with the visible light spectrum, and also colored lights. Several people have told me that red light enhances spirit anomalies on film, so I’ll certainly be testing that. Once I’ve found the optimum lighting situation I plan to construct a portable (easy to assemble and disassemble) darkroom to bring along to Luminator workshops. 

Also affecting the picture quality are the psychospiritual qualities and moods of the subjects. Happy, at-peace individuals who have loved ones on the other side, and feel their loving presence on occasion, seem to have the best luck seeing those loved ones in the pictures. A person still enmeshed in grief after the loss of a loved one will most likely not receive pictures of that loved one, who is busy on the other side trying to get settled into a happy life. (When a person in spirit (a happy astral spirit) visits a person on Earth who is not happy, the lowered vibrations can be unpleasant to the spirit visitor.

If a newcomer to the spirit world (a person who recently died) visits a sad person on Earth, that person in spirit can get lost for awhile in a lower-vibration spirit world that is not very pleasant. Often a spirit guide will act as a buffer between the two loved ones (the grieving survivor and departed loved one) for protection, and that spirit guide might show up in the picture. Also, a person in grief might find in pictures of people in spirit who resonate with that grief - - that is, people in spirit who are in a state of depression or desolation. Grief is an important emotion that needs to be fully processed by survivors, and prayer during that grieving period is more advisable than lower-vibration forms of spirit communication such as ITC and EVP. (That’s my opinion, and I suspect that many other researchers disagree.)

Spiritual skepticism seems to inhibit spirit faces. Early in my experiments I had assumed that the Luminator would capture spirit faces with anyone, but the more I experiment in recent years, the more I find that skeptical individuals or “well-grounded” individuals - - people who pay no attention whatsoever to the other side while being fully enmeshed in the physical world - - rarely get spirit faces on film. The preceding explanation of psychospiritual influences on the pictures barely scratches the surface of this very complex subject, but it gives an idea . . . . 

The social environment also has an effect on the pictures. Some conference rooms are a thin wall away from a noisy hotel tavern, where many unpredictable spiritual influences are often present. Quantum spirits move in and out of our lives on Earth constantly, and that dark spiritual traffic is especially heavy in places where alcohol is being consumed liberally, because of the free flow of emotions in those places. When I take pictures near taverns, I often find troubled spirit faces in the pictures.

It is the thoughts and feelings of people involved in an ITC experiment (and also the thoughts and feelings of others nearby, both now and in the past) that attract spiritual influences into the experiment, and social environments can be a large determining factor, depending on the kinds of thoughts and attitudes there. Meditation rooms, taverns, kindergartens, offices, and battlefields vary immensely, and so they all attract very different kinds of spiritual influences.

For ITC in general and for Luminator pictures in particular, it is best to find situations that attract people from the paradise worlds of the astral planes, who can visit us, work with our spirit groups, and become dense enough in vibration to show up in the pictures or to communicate through radios, telephones, computers, and other media. It’s also important to work with ethereal beings who can add a degree of support and protection to the project. These steps maximize the chances of contacts from positive, happy, and loving folks on the other side. 

At the ARE event in May 2004, there was a wonderful harmony or resonance established in many of the small groups, and to some degree in the large evening gathering. I believe that the resonance we shared helped to open a bridge to the paradise worlds, so that our loved ones and spirit guides could more easily be with us in that room. Also, the results that evening were greatly enhanced by the field of consciousness that had already been established between 1) Cayce and his current friends on the other side, and 2) his admirers in New York who sustain and support the ARE office there. That field has impinged on that office for a number of years, making it a “sacred site” of sorts.


The five sets of pictures below show some of the best spirit faces we received during my recent trip. In those pictures we see Fay in Lincoln, Debbie and Meme in New York City, and two RWG members in Reno. 


Fay (Please click on pics to enlarge)




Fay2 Closeup











(click on pic to enlarge)

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RWG member "Connie"




Connie-2 Closeup

RWG member “V”





MM July 03, 2004

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