Friedrich Malkhoff, Germany
kontakt (ett)

Lecture held at the Congress of São Paulo
on August 16/17, 1997

Build-up of and Summary View on
ITC Station at Schweich, Germany

Friedrich (Fritz) Malkhoff reports on his experience


Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,

It was in autumn 1987 when my engagement in instrumental transcommunication began. Up to the point where we have arrived now, it has been a long way, which I wish to outline to you today.

Schweich is a village situated at the river Moselle, about 12 km from Trier (Treves). Since it is very near to the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, we received the radio-broadcastings, and later the TV casts, of the RTL broadcasting and TV company very well. They were casting a series called "Unglaubliche Geschichten" (unbelievable stories). My wife and myself listened to, and later watched, these casts - at that time without great interest.

In autumn 1987, Rainer Holbe broadcasted on voices on tapes. Well, when the cast had ended, I decided to make tests by myself. I wanted to find out if these voices on tapes actually exist. After having acquired all neccessary equipment, I started very faint-heartedly making recordings. To my surprise, very soon, I noticed the first voices on my tape.

Fritz Malkhoff (left)   -  Adolf Homes  (right)

In spring 1988, I met Adolf Homes who, via an advertisement in a newspaper, had been searching persons interested in the tape voice phenomenon (EVP). We got on very well together and noticed that from that moment on the voices on our tapes became clearer and louder. We began recording every day during up to two hours. Under the technical aspect, too, we complemented each other, the handling of technical equipment, for instance, being more in my line than in Adolf's. Jointly, we began taking part in congresses and attended at conferences. On one such occasion, a meeting held in Darmstad, Germany, we learnt about the work done by Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach (CETL), and the results they had obtained.

From that moment on, same as CETL, we, too endeavoured to build up contact to the "Zeitstrom" (time-stream) group. Having copied the GA 1 - equipment, with which contacts had come through in Luxembourg already, we succeeded in February 1989. Though in Rivenich
(hometown of A. Homes - rodiehr) it was not the "Zeitstrom" group that contacted us, but a group that identified by the name "Centrale". The deceased mother of Adolf and my father are part of this group.

We both were overwhelmed with joy about this new bridging! Initially, our friends from beyond contacted us only through our radio loudspeaker, later, starting on April 24, 1989 also via Commodore C 64 computer.

After I had read the CETL INFOnews (brochure 02/89, page 17) of a visit that Hildegard Schaefer and Jochem Fornoff (both experimenters) had made to the Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxemburg, I had the idea that we, too, should try it with the computer. In said paper I had read Hildegard Schaefer and Jochem Fornoff had entered a message into the computer proposing to "those beyond" to answer. Again and again, this report had come back to my mind. So I had started installing our C 64 computer in Rivenich to try getting in contact with the Centrale group.

First, Adolf had refused my suggestion to install this computer, then I convinced him by bringing forward that there would be just two possibilities: either it will work, or it will not. The computer installed, we wrote a short letter comprising a question. Two days later, there was an answer in our computer
(the computer was switched on all the time - rodiehr).  This is how the computer contacts came about in Rivenich. We thus succeeded in building up a contact bridge to the "beyond", similar to what the couple Harsch-Fischbach in Luxemburg and Mr. Haerting in Darmstadt had succeeded in.

We then thought that building up a station in Schweich (my hometown)  would run as positively as in Rivenich (Adolf's hometown). But we had deluded ourselves in that. The answer to the question entered in the computer in Rivenich as to what else I could do in this respect in Schweich, was simply that I  did not have any more influence. My interpretation of this was that I could not prepare much more in Scheich, but that now our friends would try to get through there too. On July 5th, 1989, group Centrale informed us:

"Werner von Braun is endeavouring to contact in Schweich too; disturbances unknow to you hinder it."

Not much later we received the trans-message that they had already established contact with Schweich, and I would know. As a reply to an inquiry with our friends, we received the following message:

"Fritz, have patience; making a stone cry is easier for us than having a dialogue with Schweich at this moment. We cannot repeat continuously. Also your ten commandments were written down once only."

We continued recording in Scheich, because I knew one day contacts would be coming there, too. And I was right.

On July 20, 1990, Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach, Adolf, and myself decided to cooperate. On July 28, 1990, a contact came through in Luxemburg in which they for the first time said:

"We, the group Zeitstrom, jointly with the group Centrale"

Consequently the Zeitstrom and Centrale groups had joined in "the other world". Up to then, Konstantin Raudive had been able to contact exclusively for the Zeitsrom group. The change came on November 3, 1990.

We had visitors, a couple with whom we wanted to go to Rivenich for trying a contact. By 16:45 h, Adolf phoned me and told that he had just had contact with Konstantin Raudive by telephone.

A few minutes later, we heard our telephone ringing. Since in that moment we were busy doing something else, the call was registered on our answering machine.

Later, back from Rivenich, Maggy Harsch-Fischbach called on us; she asked about what had happened that day. I told her that Adolf Homes had got his first telephone contact from Konstantin Raudive. Then, by phone; Maggy transmitted a contact from Konstantin Raudive which in Luxemburg had come through on the TV set
(via loudspeakers).

Here is the wording:

K.Raudive _ MP3-file - 37 KB - 18 sec

"Hier Konstantin Raudive. Heute Nachmittag, am 03. November 1990 Ihrer Zeitrechnung, wurden zwei erfolgreiche Telefon-Kontakte nach Rivenich und Schweich durchgefuehrt. Weitere Anweisungen folgen. Hier war Konstantin Raudive." 


"Here Konstantin Raudive. This afternoon, November 3rd, 1990, in your time, two telephone contacts have succesfully been made to Rivenich and Schweich. Further instructions will follow. This was Konstantin Raudive."

I told Maggy that no phonecall had been received in Schweich. She recommended to listen to the answering machine. And, in fact, there was the following message on the tape:

"This is Konstantin Raudive speaking. We are glad having come through in Schweich. We just have contacted Adolf Homes, too."

Konstantin Raudive

It had thus become possible for Konstantin Raudive to establish contact in three different places within a rather short time. So, establishing telephone contact to Schweich had been achieved for the first time.

click to enlarge
Raudive and his wife - 52 KB
K. Raudive and his wife

On April 24, 1991, we received the message:

"This is Konstantin Raudive speaking. Good day (*) Friedrich Malkhoff. Dear Friedrich Malkhoff, I wish to inform you that you will be getting a contact in the very near future: Friedrich Malkhoff, we greet you (*) and thank you for your cooperation. Please remit greetings (*) from Zeitstrom and Centrale to all those well disposed to us."

(*) Please excuse clumsy, unpolished English the sake of accuracy of translation.

On September 23, 1991, a next contact came through. To my surprise, Konstantin Raudive asked me whether I could hear him. I said "yes", quite puzzled, and asked him if I could speak. Thus the first two-way voice contact of several minutes duration came about.

Coming home on February 23, 1994, I found two contacts on the answering machine. Four calles had been made, but spoken words could be heard in two of them only.

Wording of the first call:

"This is the first try for a transtemporal simultaneity adaption between the Scheich and Luxemburg stations ..."

In Luxemburg, this contact ended with the words:

"This contact was sent to the stations Schweich and Luxemburg at the same time. Further stations are under configuration, be patient. This was Konstantin Raudive."

These two were the first cross contacts between the Luxemburg station, via computer, and the Schweich station, via answering machine. 

One day later, on February 24, 1994, Konstantin Raudive advised that a first contact to Brazil had successfully been made. The same contact arrived in Rivenich at the same time. 

 click to enlarge 
Telephone - 30 KB


K. Raudive - MP3-file - 21 KB - 10 sec

"Es ist uns gelungen, den ersten Direktkontakt zur suedlichen Hemisphaere Brasilien durchzustellen. Dies geschah nicht zuletzt durch Ihr Mitwirken, Friedrich Malkhoff ...


"We have succeeded in putting the first direct contact through to the southern hemisphere, Brazil. Last but not least, this took place with your contribution, Friedrich Malkhoff.  ... "

On March 2, 1994, there was a two-way voice contact with Konstantin Raudive of approximately 7 minutes time, in the course of which we, a.o., received the information that a new group, the KLEEBLATTGRUPPE (shamrock group), would soon contact Schweich. It happened first on April 12, 1994.

On March 18, 1994, the next two-way voice contact occured. When I wanted to switch the recorder on, the unit did not function correctly. Only in my third trial I succeeded in recording the conversation. The call broke off, but it was continued after approx. 1 minute's time. Konstantin Raudive called again and said there were problems either through interferences, or the recording unit. I personally hold this statement important because very frequently it is put forward that the calls come from persons living here an earthly life, but not from our friends in the other world. Well, how could a normal caller have known that my recorder did not work properly?

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Telephone-recorder - 48 KB


K. Raudive - MP3-file - 23 KB - 11 sec

"Noch einmal aufgebaut werden muessen, irgendwelche Interferenzen oder Schwierigkeiten mit Ihrem Aufnahmegeraet zu bestehen, dies Ihnen nur zur Information." 


"Have to be build up again, to stand any interferences or problems with your recorder; this only for your information."

In Germany and in Northern America there were persons putting forward that it could not be that the callers are deceased, since the deceased do not breathe any more, but the callers do breathe. A few days after having learnt of these statements, on April 12, 1994, we heard of Konstantin Raudive.
Here is short excerpt from this contact:

K. Raudive - MP3-file - 62 KB - 31 sec

Guten Morgen, lieber Konstantin Raudive.
"Ich hoffe, dass Sie mich hoeren koennen, Friedrich Malkhoff, und dass Sie mich auch atmen hoeren koennen." 
Ja, ich hoere beides.
"Es scheint, dass das Atmen bei Ihnen eine der wichtigsten Beschaeftigungen auf Terra im Moment scheint in diesen Transkontakten." 
Ja, bei mir persoenlich nicht, lieber Konstantin Raudive.  
"Ich weiss, dass Sie damit kein Problem haben und wollte Sie informieren, dass eine neue Bruecke aufgebaut wurde, welche die Stationen Schweich und Luxemburg noch enger verbinden wird." 


Good morning, dear Konstantin Raudive.
"I hope that you can hear me, Friedrich Malkhoff, and that you can hear me breathe."
Yes, I hear both.
"It seems that breathing is one of the most important occupations with you on Terra in this moment appears in these transcontacts."
Yes; with me personally not, dear Konstantin Raudive.
"I know you have no problem in this respect and wanted to inform you that a new bridge has been built which will make the link between Schweich and Luxemburg stations still closer."

In 1996, we in Germany had phone calles with Konstantin Raudive's voice that were not true. For this reason our friends of the Zeitstrom group were asked to agree on a code word for the telephone calls of Konstantin Raudive. Via the PC in Luxemburg, Swejen Salter has passed us a code word which is still valid today. We have become aware of the importance ot that code when in a different place contacts arrived in which, seemingly, Konstantin Raudive spoke. We wondered whether these messages actually came from our friend Konstantin Raudive. As was confirmed by a contact we had on our answering machine, it had not been him.

Please listen to the following wording:

K. Raudive - MP3-file - 42 KB - 21 sec

"Hier ist Konstantin Raudive. Codewort .... Sie sehen, Freund Malkhoff, wie wichtig dieses Erkennungswort war. Man kann nicht vorsichtig genug sein. Hier Konstantin Raudive." 


"Here is Konstantin Raudive. Codeword .....  You see, friend Malkhoff, how important this codeword was. One can't be too cautious. Here Konstantin Raudive."

On August 21st, 1996, we got a good contact from Konstantin Raudive that had the following content and please listen yourselves:

K. Raudive - MP3-file - 59 KB - 29 sec

"Das Projekt "SOTHIS" wird also, wie bereits an anderen Stellen mitgeteilt, weitergefuehrt. Erst nachher werden wir auch die Kontakte zu den anderen Stellen in Nord- und Suedamerika weiter festigen koennen, da wir im Moment noch stark beschaeftigt sind, die Kontakte in Europa zu festigen und auszubauen." 


"So, the "Sothis" project will be continued, as already advised in different places. Only afterwards we will be able to also consolidate the contacts to the different places in North- and South- America, since presently we are still very occupied in consolidating and extending the contacts in Europe."

Repeatedly, our friend Konstantin Raudive has pointed out - please listen:

K. Raudive - MP3-file - 27 KB - 13 sec

Unser Freund Konstantin Raudive hat mehrmals bei Kontakten darauf hingewiesen, dass die Transkommunikation kein Hobby fuer Menschen ist, die nicht mit der Realitaet des Lebens fertig werden.


(The case is as this. I repeat it once more. --the editor)
"The transcommunication is no hobby for persons unable to manage the realities of live."

In addition to Konstantin Raudive, further entities have come through via the phone at the Schweich station.

On June 24, 1994, a nature spirit called on me. At the beginning, I was very sceptical because the voice sounds so differently. In this contact, the nature spirit underlined six times that the contacts were troubled everywhere. Upon my request to give his name, he simply said: "i don't have any name, I am a nature spirit". In Luxemburg, one week earlier nature spirit "Harxeli" had callen. Here is a brief excerpt from this contact:

Nature Spirit - MP3-file - 30 KB - 15 sec

Ist das die Kleeblattgruppe?  
"Ich  heisse nicht Kleeblattgruppe. Ich kenne Sie." 
Wie ist Ihr Name bitte?
"Ich habe keinen Namen, ich bin ein Natur-Geist."


Is there Kleeblattgruppe (Shamrock group)?
My name is not Kleeblattgruppe, I know you.
What is your name please?
I don't have any name,  I am a nature spirit.
A nature spirit?
ah (yeh)

Since November 21st, 1995, we are also getting contacts from the MEZA- KLEEBLATT- GRUPPE (MEZA- Shamrock- Group), these via the MEZA-Kleeblatt bridge. So far, we do not have talk-back contact with this group, but I think this, too, will become true in a near future.  The speaker of this group is Hermann Graf Keyersling (1880 - 1946), a philosopher, native of Estland, who in 1920 founded, and then directed the "Schule der Weisheit" (school of wisdom) in Darmstadt, Germany.

click to enlarge
Keyserling, old - 88 KB
Keyserling, old

In the first contact received from MEZA-Kleeblatt group, they transmitted the following:

Keyserling - MP3-file - 40 KB - 20 sec

"Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitzuteilen, dass die Bruecke zu Ihnen jetzt geschaltet ist. Wir werden uns ab jetzt regelmaessig melden. Diese Bruecke zu Ihnen nennt sich die MEZA- Kleeblatt- Bruecke."   


"We are pleased to inform you that the bridging to you is connected now. From now on, we will contact you regularly. This bridge to you is called "MEZA-Kleeblatt" - bridge."

At the beginning of 1997 our friends built up a new contact field which was named as a termination of a contact received on February 27, 1997. At the beginning of this contact, our friend Keyserling spoke about the doubt. Here is an excerpt:

Keyserling - MP3-file - 96 KB - 48 sec

"Haben Sie keine Angst vor dem Zweifel, denn nicht die Liebe allein bringt die Welt weiter, sondern auch der Zweifel. Er ist der Preis der Freiheit. Wer den Zweifel gegen sich hat, fuer den ist das Leben eine einzige Verwirrung. Fuer den, der ihn auf seiner Seite hat, ist das Leben ein Abenteuer. Hier war die MEZA- Kleeblatt- Gruppe, Keyserling sprach ueber das neue Kontaktfeld."


"Don't fear the doubt, since it is not love alone that makes the world advance, but the doubt too. It is the price of freedom. For the person having the doubt opposing him-/herself, life is nothing but confusion. For the one having it on his/her side, life is an adventure. This was Meza- Kleeblatt- Group, Keyserling spoke via the new contact field."

On December 1, 1995, we were overjoyed at having in Schweich a cross contact with "ISHKUMAR", one of the seven higher entities of the Rainbow People. This contact was on the answering machine. I was speaking on the phone, when a second call came in. This is possible because we have ISDN connection. I therefore terminated my conversation and wanted to catch the second call via our handy (cordless telephone - rodiehr). But ISHKUMAR had already spoken on the answering machine. When I branched into this speaking, unfortunately, the contact was interrupted.

  ISHKUMAR - MP3-file - 65 KB - 33 sec

"Hier spricht ISHKUM einer der Bewohner des Planeten Terra: Freunde der instrumentellen Transkommunikation ihr habt einen neuen Weg beschritten, und die von euch angestrebte Einheit wird euch helfen, zum Licht und zur ... "  

click to enlarge
Answering machine -  14 KB
Answering machine  

Ishkum speaking, one of the inhabitants of planet Terra, friends of instrumental communication, you have set your feet on a new path, and the unity you aspire to will help you to .... to the light and to ...

To my great regret, the contact broke down here when I tried to take over. As we found out later, the contact received  from this high entitiy had at the same time arrived via Station Luxemburg and, for the first time, with our friend Ludwig Schoenheid in Erkelenz, Germany. A clear example of a cross contact.

Here follows the full contact as it has been registered at Luxemburg:

Ishkumar speaking, one of the Seven.
Inhabitants of planet Terra. Friends of instrumental transcommunication. You have set your feet on a new path, and the unity you aspire to will help to find the light and the truth. Though beware of false friendship and pride of place. Also beware of those praying love and doing differently in practise. This will be the only way to have the piecework become one whole.
This was Ishkumar, one of the Seven.

At 18:58 h on June 10, 1996, I heard the telephone ringing. When answering, I heard background voices which I was unable to understand. Towards my wife I made the remark that presumably it was Japanese. Initially I thought somebody was making a joke, but, following some inner voice, I succeeded in registering some 12 seconds. We did not quite know what to do with this call. We listened to the registration several times then and found that the Asian part unfortunately had not been registered. But we are perfectly sure that we had heard the word "Towarischtsch", the Russian word for fellow confrère. 

Having mentioned this strange call in a fax to Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach, I received from Luxemburg the following computer contact of June 7, 1996:

"When reorganizing the telephone contacts, we have had some trouble which, however, has nothing to do with you but with the MEZA-Kleeblatt group. You will probably be hearing of it as soon as it will have been terminated. Has no influence on you two (neither on INIT*), as already mentioned. The Asian and the Slavonian group had used the channel of Keyserling's people, and so a contact spoken in Chinese or Polish has arrived (or will arrive), probably with Fritz. As I said, I have got enough to do, so am unable to control everything. In any case I don't like it either.
Regards to both of you.
Swej /7-06-96  22:34"

* INIT is the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication

MEZA 1 comes to Schweich in 1992

click to enlarge
MEZA 1 - 71 KB

The MEZA 1 is a cylindrical container housing seven radios arranged stepwise, and each connected to a loudspeaker fixed to the outer wall. The exact dimensions of the cylinder had been transmitted by Swejen Salter on November 15, 1988. Cylinder height: 0,77 m and diameter: 0,49 m (excerpt from CETL INFOnews 01/92)

MEZA 1 has been built by several groups in order to enable contacts with groups beyond. Since 1991 the equipment had been in the private research center "Centre de Recherches" of CETL in Luxemburg. There we were also shown how a contact field can be generated through coherent thinking of the experimenters so as to enable receipt of contacts via computer, telephone and MEZA. By the end of 1992, the research center was closed for cost reasons.

On September 11, 1992, in Rivenich a contact of Konstantin Raudive arrived, who informed us as follows:

K. Raudive - MP3-file - 47 KB - 23 sec

"Hier spricht Konstantin Raudive. Da das Projekt MEZA in eine neue Phase eingetreten ist, wird von uns gewuenscht, dass die MEZA-Apparatur von Friedrich Malkhoff nach Schweich gebracht werden soll. Dort werden wir versuchen, eine eigenstaendige Station anzuformen. Hier war Konstantin Raudive." 


"This is Konstantin Raudive speaking. The MEZA project having entered a new phase, it is our wish that the MEZA equipment be brought to Schweich by Friedrich Malkhoff. There we will try to mould an autonomous station. This was Konstantin Raudive."

On September 14, 1992, the Technician, among others, transmitted the following news to Luxemburg:

Technician - MP3-file - 27 KB - 13 sec

"Ausserdem ist es vielleicht wichtig zu wissen, dass Fritz Malkhoff darauf wartet, dass die MEZA-Anlage abgeholt werden kann. Diese soll in Schweich aufgebaut werden ..." 


"Furthermore, it may be important to know that Fritz Malkhoff is waiting for the possiblity to fetch the MEZA. This shall be mounted in Schweich ..."

Since that time, my wife and myself have, again and again, been experimenting with MEZA, so far, however, did not get any contact via this system. Meanwhile we know that all the electric equipment in our room, say computer, telephone, answering machine, TV set, video recorder, and, of course, the MEZA are part of the system. As you could hear, we get contacts via telephone and answering machine. I feel sure that soon contacts will also be getting through via a different equipment at the Schweich station. Since, regarding our station, the MEZA KLEEBLATT Group is still in the build-up phase. I am convinced MEZA will function in a near future.

In the years of 1993 and 94, we had several situations when the telephone rang and, having picked up the receiver, we heard a strange knocking and sobbing. Though we thought somebody was making a joke with us, we registered two of these calls. Then, when some short time later some good friends had come to see us, we began talking also of these calls. Our friends asked me whether they might hear these registrations so as to get their own impression of them. Hearing the knocking and sobbing in the room, our friend Rosel began to cry. She told us that she herself and other mothers who had lost children were always getting such telephone calls in the spring season. In the meantime I have heard such registrations of calls received by the parents of the children, and they are practically identical with those we have received.

From the parents I learnt in the course of recordings with their cassette recorders they were told that these children had joined to a children's group. The parents presume that the callers cannot speak.

On November 2, 1994, we again got a call with this knocking and, this time, clearly hearable sobbing. Here is the short dialogue:

Children's Group - MP3-file - 94 KB - 48 sec

Hallo, die Kindergruppe, hier ist Friedrich Malkhoff. Kindergruppe, koennt ihr nicht sprechen?         
Da kam ein sehr gequaeltes "NEIN". 
Das war doch schon ein Wort. Wer spricht mit mir, bitte melde dich mit Namen. 
"Bitte helf!" 
Wem kann ich helfen? Seid ihr die Kindergruppe?
Wie koennen wir euch helfen?


Hello, the children's group, this is Friedrich Malkhoff, children's group, are you unable to speak??
Then followed an agonized NO. That was one word already. Who is speaking with  me? Please speak by giving your name.

Please help!
Whom can I help? Are you the children's group?
How can we help you?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
these were just some brief excerpts from contacts having reached at the Schweich station via telephone and answering machine. Our friends are working on the transmission of contacts via computer, too.

Materialization at Schweich Station

On February 17, 1996, Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach had come to see us. By 12:20 h Maggy Harsch-Fischbach, my wife Erika, and my son Markus heard somthing falling down in a corner of our living room. Having searched for a short moment, we found a small, folded piece of paper in an open exercise-book. In this paper with slightly scorched  edges we found a pendant, about 7 mm wide and about 16 mm long. The pendant shows a 100-dollar-note, front- and rear-side. On the paper we read: for Markus from Hermann.

click to enlarge
Paper with writing on it - 30 KB
Paper with writing on it

This was a materialization by Hermann Graf Keyserling, speaker of the MEZA- KLEEBLATT- Group.

front side 

rear side

My family and myself, we are always very happy when receiving contacts and getting an opportunity for spreading the knowledge about ITC more and more. For all of us, the most important thing should be to build-up and to maintain a good and strong contact field, and I would sincerely ask for your assistance in this respect so that singular contacts via a contact bridge will be able to produce in an early future in your beautiful country, too.

According to my experience, one needs very much patience and endurance. We, too, have seen rather long pauses, so far the longest lastet ten months. One can't force anything with these contacts. It should be an all and sundry between all experimenters. Then it will become possible to activate also the seven stations which on October 23, 1995, Konstantin Raudive announced to be created.

It would be very fine if our being-together at this Congress would be instrumental by inducing you to try the chance of building-up a contact bridge to our friends beyond.

I thank you for your patience and attention.

translated 25.9.1997 hn

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