The research of George W. Meek,
Founder, Metascience Foundation

by Mark Macy

George Meek

George W. Meek was a retired industrialist who had revolutionized the air-conditioning industry and had made a small fortune on a series of patents. With a commanding presence at six-foot-three, he possessed a powerful intentionality that was apparent whether watching him march straight to the podium for a speech or whether observing him quickly chunk down a complex research project into tasks that he could delegate to his staff. Like all men of good character, George had learned to still that little inner voice that advocates bad choices from day to day, until the voice had become weak and ineffective. He had learned to make the right choices again and again until they had become habit. Over the years his intentionality had shaped a comfortable and pleasant lifestyle for his family. It had also spurred the creation of the Metascience Foundation, Meek’s highly regarded, nonprofit enterprise to analyze the human spirit from a scientific angle.

As he had planned for many years, George retired on his sixtieth birthday to fulfill a life-long dream. He began traveling the world with his wife Jeannette to explore the deepest and richest spiritual truths hidden along the backroads of the Twentieth Century world.

George and Jeannette Meek

Something inside him was driving him to get to the bottom of life’s mysteries. He organized and funded research teams of medical doctors and scientists to travel to the forests of Southeast Asia, to crowded hospitals in China, and elsewhere in the world to observe such phenomena as energy healing and the use of acupuncture as a sole painkiller during major surgery.


Filipino healer Josefina Sisson

This is one of the pictures George brought back from his many trips to observe spiritual healing and other phenomena around the world. Here, George captured on film a red-orange blast of healing energy released from the fingers of healer Josefina Sisson, who was living among the rice fields in the Philippines. The patient had come from the outback of Australia to be healed by Ms Sisson. George's five-man team of specialists observed the healing, and although they didn't see any such blast of healing light during the session, it was captured in the emulsion of the photographic film in George's camera.

George was intrigued by the life energies that bristled and surged below the surface of our physical world, beyond the range of our five physical senses… and for the most part beyond the range of our scientific and technical instruments.

Psychic energy fields at a Christmas party

George knew that these invisible energies played a major part in our lives and in our world, but most people didn't even know they existed. Even science didn't acknowledge their existence, and that made George uncomfortable. He committed himself to proving the existence of life energies—of spiritual reality—to a skeptical world. Over the years he collected many pictures such as the one at the left, taken at a Christmas party in Connecticut attended by many mediumistic people so that the air was charged by psychic energy fields.

The Meeks moved to Franklin, North Carolina, from Fort Myers, Florida, in the 1980s. George purchased a large tract of land on the side of a forested hill and developed it into a small housing subdivision. He dreamed that the research of his Metascience Foundation would burgeon in the coming years, and the cozy neighborhood would become a thriving community inhabited by his staff of scientists, spiritual adepts, engineers and researchers, all collaborating to uncover the mysteries of the human spirit.

George and Jeannette continued their world travels together, and whenever they returned home from those trips, George would spend a lot of time in his lab doing experiments, for example capturing on film spiritual energies emanating from his physical body, or observing how his emotions could affect the growth of plants. The results of his plant experiments were especially fascinating. Plants which he lavished with love would flourish. Other plants were not so lucky. Early in their growth cycle he would threaten them with angry shouts while holding a hissing blowtorch menacingly in the air above his head. Those plants would grow weak and small.

The basement of his house was converted into an office and lab. The picture below shows a darkroom in the corner of his lab which George used for special photographic experiments. Here, the incandescent lights in the lab show the equipment set up for the special experiments.

George's special lab for
photographic experiments

George had a large custom made 18A ratten light filter which would fit over the fluorescent light fixture in the ceiling, so when the incandescent lights were turned off and the filtered fluorescent lighting was turned on, light between 400 and 700 nanometers in bandwidth could not enter the lab. Since that light is the range of human vision, the room appeared dark to anyone standing in it. For one series of experiments, George mounted a 35mm Minolta camera on a tripod. The camera had an attached film magazine loaded with a large roll of 400 ASA Fuji color print film. The camera took 100 pictures in rapid succession while George sat in the chair in the "dark."


George's first OBE captured on film

During one sitting, all the frames came out dark except the one at the left, in which the camera captured a spontaneous out-of-body experience (OBE). George's astral body had left his physical body and could be seen attached to him by the etheric cord. If you look closely, you can see that George's body is partially transparent as the result of the special lighting and the projection of his energy body.

During another sitting, again, all frames came out dark except one, in which George's astral body was again captured on film, this time in a more spectacular fashion, again with the silver cord attaching the two bodies. George's physical body was almost completely transparent. In the two pictures below, the first shows a normal print made from the original negative. For the second print, less light was used to expose the photographic paper, so you can see the astral body in more detail, and the physical body almost disappears completely.

George's second OBE captured on film

Meek spent many hours in his large basement office piecing together roadmaps of the spirit worlds from the vast knowledge he had gained from his research. He had discovered that the actual locations of Heaven and Hell were not somewhere out there in distant space nor hidden away deep inside the Earth, but right here, all around us. He knew that mystics over the centuries have had an intimate knowledge of the fact that many universes interpenetrate our own physical universe, but they didn’t know how to explain it to the world; humanity until now had always lacked the technological background to understand how this interpenetration worked. Mystics would say simply that the path to God and higher spirit lies within, which makes no sense to most people, who would argue that the path within leads only to organs and tissues, blood and bones. Now George could employ our understanding of radio technologies and electromagnetic energies to explain the true location of the spirit worlds in a way that human beings alive today could easily understand.

I met George Meek in 1991 and had this discussion with him in his living room in Franklin.

"Now, you know this room is filled with radio signals, right?" George quizzed me.

"Of course," I muttered. Just about everyone was aware nowadays that wherever you went in the world, hundreds of radio stations in the region were constantly broadcasting hundreds of radio signals through large transmitting antennas, and the signals in the form of vibrating energy were filling the air, getting all jumbled together, and passing through houses, trees, and other solid structures.

"And you know that each signal remains distinct by its frequency. That’s why this radio can tune separately to each signal," he added, pointing to the clock radio on the table beside him.

"That’s right."

"Well, all the spiritual universes—and there are hundreds of them—they’re all sharing this space with our physical universe, like radio signals sharing this room."

I nodded silently, not wishing to interrupt.

In a similar way, he explained, all the universes are "broadcast" by a central source which religions typically call "God" or "Allah" or "Yahweh" or "Brahman." These universes are all jumbled together in the same space as they are sent out by God, yet each universe remains distinct by its frequency or rate of vibration. The frequencies of the spirit worlds are much finer than the energies we are familiar with here on Earth, such as electricity, radio signals, and light. Most of these spirit-world energies are imperceptible not only by our physical senses, but also by modern scientific equipment.

The worlds of spirit, according to George Meek

"Hence Jesus’s passage in the Bible, ‘My Father’s house has many mansions,’" George continued. "I learned about these interpenetrating worlds about thirty years ago. My first thought was, if we can use a radio to tune into each radio signal, maybe we could find a device that would let us tune into the spirit worlds and talk to their inhabitants." That thinking led to Meek's best-known invention.

In 1979, he and his colleague Bill O'Neil developed the Spiricom device, a set of 13 tone generators spanning the range of the adult male voice. O'Neil was psychically gifted, and he collaborated with his spirit friends while developing the large radio-like apparatus, which gave off a droning buzz that filled the room. When O'Neil spoke in its presence, you could hear his voice getting wrapped up in the buzzing noises of the Spiricom machine. He worked on the machine for months, and then a most amazing thing happened. Another voice began to get wrapped up in the radio sounds too—a voice belonging to someone who was present in the room, but invisible. The voice of a spirit.

The spirit collaborator soon identified himself as Dr George Jeffries Mueller, a college physics teacher who had died in 1967 and had now come close to the vibration of the Earth to assist Meek and O'Neil in opening a communication bridge between the two worlds. O'Neil and Mueller went on to record more than 20 hours of dialog between 1979 and 1982. 

In one dialog, Doc Mueller was giving O’Neil technical advice on how to improve the Spiricom equipment: "William, I think the problem is an impedance mismatch into that third transistor."

O’Neil replied slowly, as though studying the circuitry. "Third transistor."

"Yes, the transistor that follows the input."

"I don’t understand," replied O’Neil.

"The pre-amp, the pre-amp!" Doc Mueller stated emphatically.

"Oh, the pre-amp."

"Yes, I think that can be corrected by introducing a one-hundred-fifty-ohm, half-watt resistor in parallel with a point-double-oh-four-seven microfarad ceramic capacitor. I think we can overcome that impedance mismatch."

Obviously baffled, O’Neil lamented, "Oh boy, I’ll have to get the schematics."

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Bill O'Neil and the Spiricom device

In the winter of 1988 George Meek and physicist Ernst Senkowski of Germany, both in their seventies, traveled to Luxembourg to visit the miracles being reported from the home of Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach, who claimed to be enjoying long, clear dialogs with spirit friends through their radios. As the two elderly researchers entered the small flat, the couple told them they would be using a TV for experiments for the first time, and it would be an old TV that once had belonged to Jules’s grandfather, even though it had been sitting on a shelf in the closet for years, collecting dust.

The spirit team had suggested they use that TV and a video camera during Meek’s visit. Jules and Maggy at first had been incredulous. The TV had no antenna and didn’t function at all. The couple didn’t own a video camera, couldn’t afford to buy one, and wouldn’t know how to use it anyway. Still, Timestream had told them to acquire a video camera, so they had borrowed money from the bank and bought one the day before the two researchers arrived.

Under the circumstances, by all rational thought, the couple should have been skeptical about getting any results with their visitors present that day, but they were accustomed to the miracles which their spirit friends were able to accomplish. They had come to realize that almost anything is possible if you keep your mind and heart open, have faith, and tap into the finer spiritual forces.

The TV was plugged into the wall current, and when Jules turned it on, it worked. A screen full of "snow," or static, appeared. The video camera was pointed at the TV. Moments after it was turned on, a three-second sequence of images flashed by on the screen: Mountains, a forest, a building, and most impressive, a couple walking hip-deep out into a lake or ocean—holding hands, then releasing hands, then joining hands again. A high-pitched voice, which Maggy said was the voice of an ethereal being, broke through the TV static to announce the end of this successful experiment—the transmission of pictures "live" from the astral realm.

The exciting events of that day led to a close friendship between George Meek and the Harsch-Fischbach couple.

Jeannette Meek died in the spring of 1990, and George soon received a letter from her, via computer, which she had sent from her new home in the spirit worlds. The letter was sent to our world by the Timestream spirit group, a collaboration of hundreds of dedicated people in spirit working hard to open communication channels with the Earth, and they delivered it through the Harsch-Fischbach computer in Luxembourg while George was home in North Carolina. Jeannette told George she missed him and awaited his arrival in the coming years, but emphasized that there was no hurry. Life there was absolutely beautiful, and she had much to keep her busy. It seemed that she had just arrived, and she was already acting as a guardian angel of kindness for victims of war—men, women and children who were coming across the veil in terror from the Persian Gulf Crisis. Jeannette’s job was to calm them and get them settled into their new lives. This was not just channeled information; it was the result of objective reports from a woman who had died, then found a way to deliver clear, unfiltered messages to her husband through a computer on Earth.

Within a year, Timestream sent a picture of Jeannette in the higher or subtler reaches of the astral realm. She was posing in a stunning landscape, along with their daughter Nancy Carol, who had died at the age of two weeks and was reunited with Jeannette shortly after Jeannette's death. Also in the picture was the film producer Hal Roach.

Jeannette sends a picture of herself in the spirit worlds

George himself died in the winter of 1999, after circling the globe many times, acquiring undeniable proof of afterlife, and writing two pioneering books that opened up new markets and blazed the way for a new breed of writers on spiritual matters. George Meek’s two break-out books were Healers and the Healing Process, published in the 1970s, and After We Die, What Then?, published in the 1980s.

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