An Electromagnetic-Etheric Systems Approach to Communications
with other Levels of Human Consciousness

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29.570 MHz     1977 and Continuing

During recent years Meek has made contacts with many sensitives. In 1975 he met a man who had spent most of his working life in servicing civilian and military electronic equipment. William O'Neil had a small electronic laboratory which, on occasion, was "visited" by "spirit persons". William's high degree   of clairvoyance sometimes enabled him to "see" his spirit friends. On rare occasions his clairaudience enabled him to hear comments offered by his visitor and a two-way conversation would result.

One visitor to the lab in 1976, a man whom William could both "see" and "hear", was, like William, interested in electronics. His visitor said he had been in the medical field and one of his hobbies had been amateur radio communication. He became known to William as "Doc Nick." Over a period of many months they cooperated on the development of some rather simple electronic equipment through which they hoped William could actually hear Doc Nick speak. They also worked at modifying a TV set in hope that William could see Doc Nick on TV.

On September 17, 1977 they had their first success with audio communication. The quality of recording on an inexpensive cassette recorder was none too good and conversation itself was full of noises and interruptions. Perhaps only 25% of the words were intelligible. (A portion of this conversation will be found on the cassette which is supplied with this manuscript.) When Meek listened to it, he felt history was repeating itself. He recalled how, more than half a century ago, he had the great thrill of hearing
a voice on his home-made radio consisting of a galena crystal, a small wire called a "cat's whisjer", a small coil of wire and a set of earphones.

William's small lab had only the most meager of electronic testing equipment and he had been unable to identify and record the frequencies at which the voice contact was obtained. Moreover, personal matters prevented any effective follow-up. When work was resumed, it was no longer possible to contact Doc Nick.

William then acquired more adequate lab equipment -- and just in the nick of time! His next visit and future collaborator put in his appearance. This man introduced himself as Dr. George Jeffries Mueller, an American physicist. By this time William had learned the need to question his spirit friend in great detail, as per  the admonition of the Apostle John to "test the spirits". (Mediumship was common 2000 years ago and some evidence of this still remains in the New Testament despite the extensive effort a few hundred years later to remove such references.)

Dr. Mueller cooperated in a most remarkable manner: he gave his Social number, the place where a copy of his death Page 30 certificate could be found, complete details of his work at the University of Wisconsin and at Cornell University, exhaustive detail on the various positions he had held in government and industry, etc. Meek checked all such details and located Mueller's former wife with whom various other bits of information could be checked. The correlation was perfect.

[Plans are underway to have a skilled investigative reporter take over the various notebooks of materials collected from 1977 to 1982 and assemble the information into a book. To the best of our knowledge there has never been such a completely documented case of survival. It is hoped that this book will issue in late 1982 or early 1983.]

Dr. Mueller had extensive background in electronics and wrote a small book for the U. S. Army Manual Training Series entitled, INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONICS. He was most anxious to pick up where
Doc Nick had left off on the development of both audio and video equipment.

Basic Concepts

To better understand just what contributions Doc Nick and Dr. Mueller made, let us first consider what is going on in most of the EVP voice recordings. After observing the EVP voice samples on an oscilloscope with the white noise as a carrier, it was apparent that the noise itself was being amplitude-modulated. The resultant sounds were much like a weak whisper, in which air is exhaled rapidly and words are formed by the shape of the mouth cavity. Both amplitude and duration of the EVP words are somewhat limited with this type of communication. Also many people have difficulty understanding whispers without observing lip motions, since the words are lacking in tonal quality.

Doc Nick had suggested using a single tone in place of the white noise used on most of the EVP tapes. Of course his voice showed up on the oscilloscope as amplitude modulation. Efforts were made, with all known techniques, to artificially duplicate this voice, but with no success. While the modulation looked  like  class A low level modulation, it had no tones or harmonic content from the vocal cords or the mouth cavity.

William's voice was recorded on the same tape as Doc Nick's (September 17, 1977). There was no modulation of the tone, only good mixing. The cassette voice recording of this historic first conversation between Doc Nick and William was sent to the voice analysis laboratory at the University of Florida but efforts there to filter and further  analyze Doc Nick's spoken words were nonproductive.

When we were in our Florida laboratory (1978) we experimented with an artificial larynx with resulting  sounds basically similar to Doc Nick' s speech. It was apparent that the mouth cavity and the esophagus (or equivalent) were needed to give good tonal inflection.

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Dr. Mueller's Contributions

Dr. Mueller's great contributions was three-fold. First, he used a multi-frequency audio tone instead of incidental, random and uncontrollable white noise. Second, he suggested a specific and complex series of audio tones. The net results is that for the first time, it is possible to achieve tonal inflections of the incoming voice. This was a breakthrough of great significance. (Samples of conversation between William and Dr. Mueller are given on the accompanying tape.)

Dr. Mueller had mentioned that one of his lifelong hobbies had been a study of the theory of music. The knowledge he had gained was put to good use in selecting the mixture of audio tones which make tonal inflections possible. The tonal mixture which makes up the background sound on the accompanying tape is composed of these frequencies in cycles per second: 131, 141, 151, 241, 272, 282, 292, 302, 415, 443, 515, 653 and 701.

His third contribution was the use of an RF signal as the carrier for the multi-frequency audio tone. As of this date, the carrier range frequency is between 29 -- 31 MHz, but much research is needed in this point.

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Transcripts from one of the cassettes of conversation between Dr. Mueller and William at this stage of the research, show this comment from Dr. Mueller:

The only conditions necessary now for such communication is the desire of the [pause] All right, William, "spirit," if you will, and on your and the constant implementation of the audio frequencies and a volume that is normally available there with you (or whomever is operating equipment). It remains then that whomever over here wishes to be heard may do so simply by talking as it were. Of course you can't actually hear them, or even me at this moment, William, but the mechanics of their lip movement and simultaneously thinking (yes, we can and do still think) is automatically conducive to the clarity of the speech -- regardless of whether the initiating pattern be here or there. Do you understand, William?

General Description of the Metascience Mark IV SPIRICOM system

The system as it existed in the mode which made the first breakthrough carrying Doc Nick's voice on September 17, 1977, was called Mark III. While there were basic similarities between it and the one developed with Dr. Mueller's help, the system as we have it today is referred to as Mark IV. As of now it is arranged as shown here:

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Fig. 11  Functional Block Diagram of Mark IV

This approach provides two space gaps. First is the electromagnetic coupling between the transmit and receiving antennas. The second is the acoustic coupling between the speaker and the microphone. In this set-up, the tones are modulated by the time the microphone and observer hear or pick up the voices. At this
time we know that the modulation of the tones takes place somewhere between the audio tone generator and the receiver speaker output. The method and point of modulation are still unknown.

Systems Component Description

The following description will give an understanding as to why some special units are currently used, and mention areas which need further exploration.

  1. RF Signal Generator
    Metascience Lab is planning use of an hp 608 RF Signal Generator covering a frequency range of 10 to 421 MHz. It is limited to amplitude modulation only. Other RF Signal Generators with suitable stability, modulation and an appropriate frequency range could be used. Also a variable output should be available.

  2. Transmitter Antenna
    While the antenna is approximately a 1/4 Wavelength at the particular frequency used, it was intentionally  made non-resonant  page 33  so frequency shifts could be made without worry as to antenna characteristics. The antenna consists of a piece of coax ten to twelve feet long with about an eight-foot bare  wire attached to the center conductor. This piece of wire is then secured to a wooden (non-metallic) stand to hold it upright. This length is used for the HF band. Other frequencies and bands may require different lengths of wire for the antenna radiator.

  3. AM Receiver
    Presently the above antennas are used only in the HF band. Metascience is planning to use a Hammarland SuperPro 600 HF multiband receiver. Other frequencies in the VHF and UHF bands have been used but with limited success.

  4. Receiving Antenna
    This antenna is identical to the transmitter antenna. After both are attached to the RF Signal Generator and the receiver, the distance between them should be 4 to 6 feet (1,5 to 2 meters).

  5. Speaker
    Since the Hammarland Radio does not have an internal speaker, a standard 5" permanent magnet speaker with the necessary matching transformer was attached to the receiver.

  6. Microphone and Tape Recorder
    The microphone is a conventional electret type for increases sensitivity. The tape recorder is a reel type which provides a gain control while recording. (Most cassette recorders have an AGC system built in and this tends to reduce the sensitivity because of the tone.)

  7. Audio Tone Generator
    A single cassette tape is prepared by a process using two tape recorders. After the first tone is recorded, that tape is played back simultaneously with the audible generation of the next tone and recorded on the second cassette recorder. This procedure is repeated until all of the tones are recorded on the one cassette.
    This system has obvious disadvantages, including the build-up of noise.
    Because of the crucial role of this mixture of tones, it was decided that the necessary time and money would be spent to design and build a more sophisticated piece of equipment. The prerecorded tape does not allow for research into the relative amplitude of the various tones and has the disadvantage of multiplying the wow and flutter in most small cassette tape recorders.

    The new Metascience Multitone Generator will provide individual crystal-controlled frequencies, individual selection and amplitude control for tonal balance. Frequencies will be extremely accurate, stable and repeatable. It should be available for its initial testing shortly.

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Theoretical Speculations

We frankly admit that we have made only a small start at devising a theoretical basis for understanding Dr. Mueller's great contribution of identifying 13 specific tones which help to create a reasonably life-like reproduction of his voice.

In our literature research we have found several items that seem to give insight. Langston Day in the following quotation from MATTER IN THE MAKING (London: Vincent Stewart, Ltd., 1966) seems to be speaking directly on the situation with which we are involved in Mark IV.

Two kinds of Music

Resonance between corresponding notes and chords in different octaves, or in similar octaves of different kinds of radiation, links the Universe together on all levels. What does this mean?
The Universe consists of various kinds of energies and matter. Each energy can be regarded as a vibration or a pattern of vibrations, whether it is heat, light, electricity, thought, sound, or whatever. Furthermore, both sound waves, which are vibrations in air, and the vibrations of the electromagnetic spectrum, which take place in a so-called ether, are arranged in a series of octaves.
If we produce a note or a wave-form of sound, it can resonate with components of a corresponding note or wave-form in, say, a radio-wave band or in some higher octaves such as that of light. Various experiments, have shown this. For instance, Professor Tyndall discovered that flames would respond to sounds, especially to those of higher pitch. Various energies from the Sun interact in the biological sphere and promote growth.
Since we live in an atmosphere which acts as a medium for sound waves it is only to be expected that we should be able to use sonic vibrations of some kind to resonate with higher octaves and so connect us with higher levels of existence. This, no doubt, if is why music according to legend was given to man by the gods. The inner meaning of music was once an important part of all the great religions and a practical guide to the art of government and the ordering of society.
'Music,' says Confucius in the Li-ki, 'being intimately connected with the essential relations of beings and the vital spirits of men tuned to the tone of heaven and earth, they thus express all the frequencies of heaven and earth, as several cithars all tuned to one tonic, Kung, equally vibrate together when the note Kung is sounded.' At one time the Chinese based good government and morals on observance of the harmonic rules laid down in their musical canon.

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In ancient Egypt Hamor, Goddess of the Supersonic Heights, was represented wearing a head-dress  resembling a tuning-fork. India's Parvati, wife of Shiva, is said to have symbolized the etheric vibrations evoked in Shiva, the God-head, by the ordered frequencies of trained harmonic thought-power. This is particularly remarkable in view of de la Warr's discoveries.

The Druids of Britain had a profound knowledge of harmonics, much of which was contained in their great library at Bangor until it was burned by the Christians. Even today there is some glimmering of understanding among scientists that physics and religion are connected by the laws of harmony. In a B.B.C. broadcast Professor E. N. C. Andrade said, 'The electron that answers to harmonic frequencies as do crystals and our nervous system also, leads us to the doorway of religion.'
The music which we know today is not at all what it was originally, for it no longer depends upon inner octaves. Instead of octaves within octaves, music is much coarser in spite of its elaboration, for it has lost its finer shades of tone and much of its objective power.
Speaking of these inner octaves, G. I. Gurdjieff: as reported by P. D. Ouspensky, said: 'Each note of any octave can be regarded as an octave on another plane. Each note of these inner octaves again contains a whole octave, and so on for some considerable way but not ad infinitum because there is a definite limit to the development of inner octaves.'
He went on: 'These inner vibrations proceed simultaneously in "media" of different density, interpenetrating one another; they are reflected in one another, give rise to one another; stop, impel, or change one another.'
These media are sometimes called 'The ether', but there is probably a series of ethers. *
Gurdjieff then spoke of different levels of existence and explained that a single note of a vibration on one level contained in itself a whole octave of vibrations on the next level above. It will be seen that in passing to an inner octave we are dealing with finer, more active forms of energy. In other words 'inner' is the same as 'higher' and we are ascending in the fifth dimension. And each level is associated with a finer form of ether.

* See appendix A

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Further valuable insight is given by Dr. Walter Russel in THE UNIVERSAL ONE. This book is not readily available in the libraries of the world and new copies cost $100 each. For the information of serious researchers we therefore reproduce a portion of the pertinent chapter.

Upon first reading, the material is very difficult to comprehend. (The information presented was obtained during a phenomenal "cosmic consciousness" experience that lasted for 39 days -- perhaps the longest on which we have detailed records.) This portion contains terms, the meaning of which had been developed in earlier chapters. We have indicated certain paragraphs which seem to be particularly related to what is involved in the octaves of sound which are represented by Dr. Mueller's 13 tones and their many harmonics.



Tone, in the sense in which we understand the meaning of the word sound, is one of the great dimensions.
Tone is registered in sound as it is in color, plane, temperature and other dimensions. Every expression of energy has its own particular tonal sound just as it has its own color plane or degree of temperature.
Sound is generally conceived to be the result of a concussion taking place in the air. The "ether of space" is generally conceived to be soundless. This concept is not in accord with the laws of motion.
Sound is from the beginning and from the very first octave. It matters not how low or how high the potential, every active and reactive oscillation is accompanied by sound.
Sound increases in resonance as potential accumulates. Both effects of motion are due to the same cause, the generation of accumulated energy from the first to the tenth octaves and its radiation into inertia.
All states of motion register themselves tonally in the opposites of sound in the same periodicity as they register themselves in the other dimensions.
All sound is caused by potential impacting against potential or separating from potential. All sound is the result of explosions of accumulating or redistributing energy.
Every generative action and every radiative reaction is an explosion. All explosions are either genero-active or radio-active.
Genero-active explosions are those in which two opposing potentials seek each other with violence. Such explosions are gravitative. They are born of centripetal force and they are due to the power of matter to appear to attract.
Genero-active explosions draw corpuscles into forming mass. These are the explosions by means of which mass is accumulated. Genero-active explosions are endothermic or heat absorbing.
Radio-active explosions are those in which high potential discharges into lower potential with violence. Such explosions are radiative. They are born of centrifugal force and they are due to the power of matter to appear to repel.
Radio-active explosions eject corpuscular emanations from mass. These are the explosions of expanding mass by means of which accumulated mass is redistributed. Radio-active explosions are exothermic or heat expelling.
Genero-active explosions are caused by the desire of positive charge to accumulate as mass.

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Radio-active explosions are caused by the desire of negative discharge to redistribute accumulated masses of stored energy into a state of inertia.
Genero-active and radio-active explosions in sequence are analogous to the intake and exhaust must of a pump. The preponderance of one or the other is the condition precedent to mass formation or mass dissolution.
The alternating explosive oscillations which simultaneously integrate and disintegrate evolving and devolving mass cause sounds of greater or less intensity according to the potential position of the actions and reactions which cause those sounds.
Just as all motion is expressed in waves so are all waves registered in their various dimensions. All states of motion are measurable as dimensions.
Sound is a dimension. Sound being a dimension is, therefore, measurable.
Explosions in the low potential position of the first six octaves are registered in the elements as  full tones. Each full tone of sound is a whirlpool formed around a central nucleus, or vortex, toward which the generative energy induced by the effect of the explosion rushes with increasing violence, and away from which the reaction to that explosion rushes with decreasing violence.
When energy accumulates to the high potential positions of the sixth and seventh octaves, the tonal explosions take place as full tones from the 0 = position in inertia to the 3+ and 3- positions in their octave waves.
At these points the accumulation of genero-active and radio-active force is so great that five mid-tonal vortices are formed between those positions and the over-tone of the wave. These mid-tonal vortices are the bases for ten new elements to each octave, five of which are positive and the other five negative.
In the still higher potential positions of the eighth, ninth, and tenth octaves many more
mid-tonal vortices appear which form the bases of many more elements, half of which in each octave are positive and half negative.
Sound emanates from the explosions of every potential no matter how low or how high.
More than this, the sound from either genero-active or radio-active explosions, register themselves in every octave both higher and lower than the octave of source.
For a familiar example let us consider the sound of the human voice which is a genero- active explosion because of the fact that it is a higher potential generated out of a lower.
The series of explosions which give birth to this sound becomes radio-active in the lower octaves and redistributes that accumulated energy into the lower potentials against which it impacts in that state of potential which we would term the air. The sound radiates slowly but its discharge into the potential of the lower octaves will travel around the planet several times while the same sound travels across the valley through the air.
On the contrary, its impact against a cliff will retard its progress in the higher potentials of higher octaves but the sound continues to the end of the cycle. The cliff side undergoes an increase in positive charge because of the impact of energy against it.
Just as we can hear the explosions of genero-active energy through the senses of hearing by impact of that energy against our ear drums, so can the explosions of low potential be reproduced with delicate instruments so that their regeneration into higher octaves would make them discernible to our sense of hearing.
The bombardment of radio-active emanations can even now be amplified so that they can be heard. Master mechanics must devise instruments so delicate that low potential explosions may be amplified and measured with as great accuracy as they have devised instruments for recording even a millionth degree of temperature.
It must be remembered that all explosions travel both ways, up and down the octaves,
Page 39  for there can be no action without a corresponding reaction nor can there be a reaction of an action without a repetition of both.

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This is a universe of reproduction and any effect of motion runs the entire gamut of all effects of motion. The force of that which is running away from inertia is equal to the speed of that which is returning to inertia. The speed of one is very great and its force very little. On the contrary the force of the other is very great and its speed very little.
For the purposes of comparing the variable relation of tone to the attraction of gravitation and the repulsion of radiation it is only necessary to point out the different speeds at which any sound reproduces itself according to the potential in which the sound finds itself.
Just as high potential discharges into low with ever increasing speed of reproduction, so does sound raise its tone and increase its reproductive speed. It also decreases its wave dimensions as potential powers.
Just as nature's mechanical principles do not permit a waste of energy by allowing the discharge of any accumulated energy to be used without repeated regeneration so must that gradual and sequential discharge and recharge be registered in ever lessening sound intensity and with ever increasing speed as power diminishes.

In any mass the lower the octave the higher the potential and the slower the speed of reproduction of any effect of motion.
In any mass the higher the octave the lower the potential and the greater the speed of reproduction of any effect of motion.
In any mass the lower the octave the greater the wave dimension and the lower its tonal registration in sound.
In any mass the higher the octave the smaller the wave dimension and the higher its tonal registration in sound.

Low potential radio-active explosions can be amplified and regenerated to genero-active ones of electro-positive force.
When measurements of tonal positions are made possible and correlated to plane, color, temperature and other dimensions, a higher and more complex chemical analysis than that of today will be made possible.
The simple, modern chemical analysis of a grain of wheat will not allow a synthesis which will enable one to produce the same substance. The more complex chemical analysis of all of the dimensions which enter into that grain of wheat will make it possible to reproduce exactly that substance even to the retaining all of-its attributes.
If the premises above stated are sound and the facts are true, it must necessarily follow that the states of motion which produce genero-active and radio-active explosions must in some manner be related to the power of matter to appear to attract and repel.
If varying potentials have varying power to appear to attract or repel, the force which we
call repulsion must necessarily be a variable and relative force. The variability and relativity of this force must be dependable upon the relative potential position of that force.
If these premises are well founded then the seventeenth dimension must be taken into consideration in the writing of the laws of gravitation and radiation.
It must necessarily follow that the attributes of attraction and repulsion which seem to belong to matter are merely illusions in respect to matter for they belong to motion only.

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Finally, and again as a service to serious researchers we share some not readily available data regarding the frequencies of tones in their octave relationship. For convenience, we repeat the tabulation of the tones specified by Dr. Mueller:

131--141--151--241--272--282--292--302--415--443--515--653--701 C.P.S.


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In this brief initial report on Mark IV SPIRICOM research, we state that we have a good quality communication with only four different spirit persons, that we have had successful communication in only one location and with only  one researcher. Moreover, the communication is sometimes interrupted for days or even weeks at a time. An explanation for this interruption may be that communicators can, with the passage of time, progress upward in the area on the "Many Mansions" chart, and in so doing get beyond the range of reception of Mark IV.

(This sporadic contact problem has been common with all EVP research in the past 20 years. Raymond Cass of England is reported to have had a period of two years of complete inactivity before he was again in contact.)

All of the many disrupting and limiting factors you will learn about in Chapter 9 of this book and from the messages given by the direct voice communicators on the cassette, add to your frustration at this early stages of SPIRICOM research.

Nevertheless we feel it is a tremendous achievement indeed to have had many hours of sustained high quality two-way conversation, over many months, and that the content of the communication was informative. We can confidently continue our research o isolating and identifying those factors which must be overcome to make Mark IV of practical value to many researchers.

In Chapter 10 you will be exposed to some exciting ideas for research aimed at identifying and the eliminating these many unknown variables.

And while we are naturally not satisfied to rest on our laurels, we can take heart in the fact that we have succeeded where Marconi, Edison and Tesla (lacking solid state electronic equipment) failed in achieving sustained conversation with persons who have been in the worlds of Spirit for many years.

Present Status (February 1982)

As of the time this first edition of SPIRICOM goes to press we state:

  1. We do not know what part, if any, the successful operation of Mark IV in its present embryonic form, depends on the operator possessing some form of psychic energy.

  2. We are of the opinion that our Mark IV SPIRICOM system, in its present embryonic form, probably cannot be used for conversing with persons residing at any level above the border zone where the lower and middle astral planes merge --- as depicted in the large diagram, "IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE THERE ARE MANY MANSIONS".

  3. We have reason to believe that those spirit persons whose voices are recorded in the SPIRICOM portion of the cassette tape, "SPIRICOM -- Its Development and Potential" have now evolved to levels where they are beyond the range of frequencies which can be "tuned to" with this system.

  4. Our limited success to date emphasizes the desirability of other researchers joining in to help solve problems.

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