An Electromagnetic-Etheric Systems Approach to Communications
with other Levels of Human Consciousness

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Any person planning to do research aimed at development of a SPIRICOM-type for talking to other levels of human consciousness should become familiar with the phenomenon of direct voice mediumship.

What is Direct Voice?

It is a method by which a person living on one of the astral planes can project his voice into a room where people can easily hear it and record it for future listening. The spoken words, in the best cases, will sound reasonably similar to the individual quality and inflection of voice the person used before shedding his physical body.

It is a method of communication that uses neither the mediums vocal cords nor his mind. The medium can, in fact, be playing cards, writing, knitting or carrying on a conversation with other persons in the room or even with the spirit person itself!

How is direct voice possible?

It cannot be explained by modern science. However, the modus operandi has been known for at least 80 years and details have been described by many communicators to listeners in different countries.

There are two crucial requirement. First there must be a person on the physical plane who has a particular cellular structure and energy fields which will permit the withdrawal of a material known as ectoplasm. (See Appendix C for details of the process.) Second, a group of persons working in the astral plane must use their specialized knowledge to process this ectoplasm and mold it into an etheric object that can function as a larynx (voice box). The spirit person who wishes to speak, places his face into it,  and is told to try to go through  precisely the same process he previously used in the physical body. This involves thinking what it is he wants to say and then moving his lips to help form words, just as he used to do in everyday speech. He is instructed by his spirit helpers, "Try to lower your vibration rate so that it will be easier to speak." The resulting voice is often so natural that the speaker's friends recognize it immediately whether they are present in the room or listening to a recording of the sitting.

(The tape supplied in the packet mentioned on page 10 contains samples of several voices produced by this means.)

When and Where Direct Voices Occurred?

It has occurred at various times for at least 4,000 years. The Bible is replete with examples of prophets, sages and seers who "heard a voice". (See Appendix C.)

In the present century there have been only a few direct voice mediums. (See Appendix B.) The best known study of direct Page 47 voice in the USA was  Edward C. Randall's report on the activities during the first 20 years of this century, of Emily French in Rochester, New York.* In 1905, he asked a spirit who was communicating through Mrs. French, "Tell us the conditions that enable you to speak." He received the following description:

There are in our group, seven people, -all expert in the handling of the electric and magnetic forces, and when you and the psychic, Mrs. French, meet, the vital force that emanates from
her personality is gathered up. We also take physical emanations-substances from you and the others with you, while we contribute to the mass a certain spirit force. Now, that force which we gather and distribute, is just as material as any substance that you would gather for any purpose; it is simply higher in vibration. We clothe the organs of respiration of the spirit who is to speak, so that his voice will sound in your atmosphere, and when this condition is brought about, it is just as natural for a spirit as it is for you. You then have what is known as the direct or independent voice, that is, the voice of a spirit speaking as in earth-life.

While there are several good direct voice mediums alive in the world today, nearly all of them prefer to work quietly with only a few of their closest friends in sessions with other-world communicators. Leslie Flint, of London, England, has cooperated most fully with the public in serving as a channel for hundreds of communicators now living in the astral planes. For many years he sat at regular intervals to bring through information from other planes. (At the end of this chapter is a list of available tapes made during such sessions.)

How Valid is Direct Voice?

During the first half of this century numerous studies of direct voice were made by investigators such as Sir William Crookes of England, Professor Charles Richet of France (Nobel Prize winner in 1933), Dr. Herrard Carrington, Professor James H. Hyslop, and others.

In the case of the present-day experimentation with Leslie Flint, researchers proved beyond any doubt that the voices were not formed by Flint's own vocal cords. They poured a measured amount of red liquid into his mouth, sealed it shut with layers of adhesive tape and told him not to swallow even once during a lengthy talk by a spirit person. At the close of the talk they removed the tape and measured the liquid. They found no loss of liquid, indicating that Flint had not swallowed during the talk, thus providing that his vocal cords had not been used.

* Randall, Edward C., THE DEAD HAVE NEVER DIED: London: George Allen & Unwia, Ltd. 1917.

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Equally convincing was the fact that an infra-red photo taken during a sitting showed a rather indistinct mass or "glob" about Page 48  two feet from Flint's right ear, precisely where the spirit communicator had said the voice box was located.

But perhaps the matter of validity is established in an even more telling way. Examination of hundreds of communications via direct voice in this century shows that they contain knowledge that could not presently exist in the mind of the medium, nor in the minds of the sitters, nor in any written records. For example, the communicators, collectively, present a coherent account of what life is like on the various planes of the Spirit worlds -- an account that differs from any published descriptions.

While the phenomenon of direct voice still lies outside the bounds of our present limited scientific knowledge, the reality of this remarkable and very useful communication system can no longer be denied.

The Significance of Direct Voice

Direct voice communicators, coming as they have over thousands of years, are valuable in three ways. First is their contribution to a conviction as to the reality of survival. Anyone who accepts the transmissions through French or Flint is no loner dealing with survival as a matter of faith or believing. Such a person has acquired the deep-seated conviction that comes only with knowing the reality of live after death.

The second value of direct voice communication lies in the great wealth of detail concerning the nature of life on the astral planes. No other source to date has provided as much distortion-free information. Only equally rare high-level "telepathic channeling" can screen out the "coloring" of any transmission that comes through a medium's mind.

The third value of direct voice communication, is that in studying the functioning of the etheric voice box insights that will assist in perfecting SPIRICOM. We certainly are not likely any time soon to be able to take ectoplasm from a person's body and proceed to make an ectoplasmic voice box. (We know precious little about ectoplasm!) But if we look upon the voice box activity as an energy manipulation, we may have an invaluable tool to help us in planning our further research. Ectoplasm (energy in some form) is taken from the medium's  body. This is combined with what the collaborators loosely call "chemicals" or "spirit energy." Thus it seems that the raw materials for the voice box are energy -- of a chemical or biochemical and spirit nature. The energy vibrations from the speaker interact with the energy vibrations of the materials composing the box with the result that the surrounding air is set to vibrating at frequencies which, when picked up by the human ear, are identifiable as speech of individuals.

An Electronic Thought Box -- Direct Voice of a Different Kind?

Now, turning to SPIRICOM. In Mark IV we are not using energy in chemical form. For many years creative thinkers such as Rudolph Steiner, G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspenski, Walter Russel, George Page 49 de la Warr and others have said that all matter exists at different octaves -- different levels. For Example, a bit of matter has attributes that can be considered in terms of color, tone, electricity, temperature and chemical nature. In Mark IV we are using energy in the form of electricity to create a radio frequency signal as a carrier. Then we take energy in the form of sound (of the same general frequencies used in human speech) and use the radio frequency signal energy to broadcast these sound energies into the room where our intended spirit communicator is standing.

One day when Dr. Mueller saw another spirit person standing in the lab -- a man who later identified himself as Fred Ingstrom -- he told Fred to go ahead and talk. (This was after Fred said he would like to.) We asked Dr. Mueller how he arranged for Fred to be heard on the tape. Dr. Mueller said the only things required are the desire, the movement of the lips and the same thought process used on the earth plane. He continued, "The movement of the lips are necessary to produce in the mind of the speaker (spirit) the conditions, the frequencies as we will refer to them here, electronically -- for want of a better word -- similar to the RF carrier frequency we are using at this time.

Fred said to Dr. Mueller, "But he [William] can't see me. He doesn't know I am here in the room."

Dr. Mueller replied, "It is not necessary that he see you. Just do as I say and he will know you are here. He may not be able to hear you immediately, but will, we hope, be able to answer you on this tape recorder."

Fred responded, "Tape recorder. What is that?" Later, when Fred did converse via SPIRICOM he said that he had died in a rural area of Virginia about 1830 -- which would explain his unfamiliarity with a tape recorder.

Later, getting more technical, Dr. Mueller said, (as reported in Chapter 6) "The only condition necessary is the desire of the spirit person -- an don your end the constant application of the audio frequencies in evidence there, and of a volume that is normally available to you. It remains only that whomever here wishes to be heard may do so simply by talking. Of course you can't actually hear them (or even hear me at this moment) but the mechanics of the lip movement and simultaneously thinking (yes, we can and do still think!) are automatically conducive to clarity of speech. This is regardless of whether the initiating voice patterns be here or there."

It seems to us of great significance that Dr. Mueller specifies the same 3 requirements to talk through SPIRICOM that are stressed by the spirit persons when they explained the steps we must take to talk through the voice box.

  1. Desire on the part of the speaker.

  2. Movement of the lips.

  3. Thinking what it is he wants to say, just as he did when in the physical body.

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This certainly points to a strong similarity between SPIRICOM Mark IV and direct voice.

Thus we are perhaps justified in considering the point raised earlier: does our RF signal in the MHz band and the mixture of 13 different sine wave tones in some degree accomplish what the ectoplasmic voice box accomplishes?

We publish these ideas in hope that many other researchers will begin to study the direct voice phenomenon seriously. They may well provide some insights that will be of assistance in further development of SPIRICOM-type equipment.

We also stress that much needs to be learned about the part played by the medium's mental energy and the energy of the various layers of his aura, in this fantastically complicated situation. We need to know far more about what the spirit person speaking through Mrs. French 77 years ago (in the above quotation from Randall) was talking about when he used the expressions ..."electrical and magnetic forces ... vital force from the medium ... our contribution to the mass of a certain spiritual force."

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Sources of Leslie Flint Direct-voice Cassettes

Tapes listed here are available from Mrs. Gladys Hayter, 4 Holcombe Rd. Illford, ESSEX England. Phone 01-554-1449. Write for current prices. (Items marked with * include comments about passage to the Spirit world)

1. Aundrel 57. Dr. Cosmo Lang, 2
2. Elizabeth Garratt Anderson 58. Dr. Cosmo Lang, 6
3. Queen Alexandra 59. Dr. Marshall, 2
4. Mrs. Emma Harding Britton 60. Stainton Moses speaks on teachings of Spirits
5. Father Bernard * 61. Charles Morgan
6. Bimbo the Clown         62. Music Hall Stars Short Tape
7. John Brown, 1. * 63. Marchisa
8. John Brown, 2  64. Olson (a friend of Mr. Woods)
9. John Brown, 3 * 65. Eather O'Leary
* 10. George Briggs       * 66. Alfred Pruchard
* 11. George Bakewell 67. A Persian
12. William Bayliss 68. Pierre
* 13. Mr. Briggs 69. Persian on Persean
14. Brother Boniface 70. Louis Pasteur
15. Mon. Charles Bonure * 71. Mary Ann Ross
* 16. Edward Ted Butler 72. Bro. Pickett
17. Lord Birkett 73. Rose, 1
18. Lord Birkenhead 74. Rose, 3
19. Lionel Barrymore 75. Rose, 6
20. Confucius, 2 76. Rose, 7
21. Chopin 1    77. Dennis Scott, 1953
23. David on Rescue * 79. Roman Soldier
24. David on the Voice Box * 80. Bessie Smith
25. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 81. David Scott, 1966 (he swears)
26. Dr. Docherty (a poltergeist) 82. David Scott, 1971
28. Rev. Featherstone * 83. Willi Schultz
* 29. Ellis (the Hangman) * 84. Dr. Carl Schultz
* 30. Evans (a Welshman) 85. George Bernard Shaw
.31. George Harris 87. Ellen Terry, 2 (actress)
 32. Elizabeth Fry 88. Ellen Terry, 3
* 33. Albert Frost * 90. Harry Tuckett (a highwayman)
34. Will Fife and Aundre 91. Tagore (an Indian Poet)
35. Mike Fearon, 3 92. Rev. Drayton Thomas, 2
36. Mike Fearon, 4 93. Rev. Drayton Thomas, 4
37. Mike Fearon, 6 94. Rev. Drayton Thomas, 6
38. John Grant * 95. Bobby Tracy
39. Mike Fearon Speaks on a Monk * 96. Timothy
* 40. Dr. Ann Gaster        97. Sir Henry Beerbohm Tree
41. Guiseppe (an artist) 98. Queen Victoria
42. Gandhi 99. Isaac Watson
43. William Randolph Hearst 100. Oscar Wilde
* 44. Harry * 101. George Wilmont
* 45. George Hopkins * 102. Jenny Wilson
* 46. Alfred Higgins * 103. Wagstaffe
47. Holman Hunt (an Artist) * 104. Nellie Wright
48. Mickey & Dean Inge 105. Sounds from Jack Walker Circle
49. Sir Henry Irving 106. Wilberforce, 1
50. Jeremiah (a Roundhead) 107. Wilberforce, 2
51. Bro. Josephus 108. Stephen Ward, numbers 1 to 11
52. Bro. John speaks to Mr. Woods 110. Mickey on Truth of Bible
* 53. Johnson, 2 111. Mickey on Spiritual Teaching
54. Sir Oliver Lodge, 2 112. Mickey on Abortion
53. Sir Oliver Lodge, 3 113. Ruper Brooke
56. Osbourne Leonard 114. Sammy

Additional titles MAY still be available from:

1. John C. Burley - Ph: Brighton 594547 (std code 0273)
C. Eng. - M.I. Mech.E.
47a Southwick St., Southwick Brighton

2. J. Rabinowitch - Ph: 01-4862068
   M.B. - D.M.R.E. (Cambridge)
   5 Cambridge Gate
   London NW1 4JR ENGLAND

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Their Nature and Problems for SPIRICOM Researchers

The reader was served notice on the front cover of this booklet that what was to be presented was not a strictly electromagnetic communication following in the line of the telegraph, telephone, radio and television. The term "Electromagnetic - Etheric Systems Approach" was chosen with good reason. Our research indicates that it is very doubtful that any system based solely on an electromagnetic approach will successfully communicate with the interpenetrating Spirit worlds.

The reason for this opinion is obvious: Science has seen no evidence that the worlds of Spirit exist. It is equally obvious that there have been few if any occasions in which happenings in the worlds of Spirit have interacted with any wavelengths of energy at any spot in the complete electromagnetic spectrum as it presently is known. Hence, says science, spirit energies do not exist, and any one who thinks otherwise is naive, misled or just plain crazy.

Well, our researchers on the small Metascience team do not object if they are considered crazy. We said on page 9 in our Preface, "We are quite content to leave judgment on all such matters to the unfolding of history in the 21st century." Our good scientist friend who has been living in the worlds of Spirit since his "death" in 1967 has said so often, via SPIRICOM, "Well, lets get on with it!" So we will proceed to share with all other interested researchers, hard-won knowledge on the subject of spirit energies which has been given to us by scientists now living in the worlds of Spirit.

Let us first identify and introduce a few of our good friends with whom we have been in frequent contact since 1972. We explained in the opening paragraph of Chapter 4 how we came into contact with Dr. William Francis  Gray Swann. Take a moment and get acquainted with the qualifications of the leader of our team of fellow researchers:

Swann (awon), William Francis Gray . b.at Ironbridge, Shropshire, England, Aug. 29, 1884-. English physicist working in America, known for his investigations of cosmic rays. He was assistant lecturer and demonstrator (1907-13) in physics at the University of Sheffield, served as head (1913-18) of the physical division of the department of terrestrial magnetism of the Carnegie Institution at Washington, D.C., and was director (1927 et seq.) of the Bartol Research Foundation of the Franklin Institute, where his researches centered mainly on thermal measurements, electroconductivity, relativity, atomic structure, and atmospheric electricity. He was professor of physics at the University of Minnesota (1918-23), Chicago (1923-24), and Yale (1924-27), where he also directed the Sloane Laboratory.

Page 53
Dr. Swann and his collaborators live mostly on the Mental and Causal Planes as depicted on the "Many Mansions" diagram. When souls have evolved to this level they have shed most of their personal ego. In fact, in speaking with them, an effort must often be made to get to reveal the personal identify they had when they were in their now discarded physical body. We have been working with Dr. Swann's team of more than 200 members for a few years before we learned that it included these two distinguished contributors to the development of radio.

DE FOREST, LEE (1873-1961), an American inventor, pioneered in wireless telegraphy and radio broadcasting.
He obtained patents on more than 300 invention. He patented a vacuum tube called a triode, or audion, in 1907. It often is described as an invention as great as radio itself (see VACUUM TUBE). The vacuum tube, which amplifies weak sounds, was basic to the development of long-distance radio and television communication.
De Forest staged the first musical radion broadcast in history from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City in 1910. He designed and supervised construction of the United States government's first high powered naval radio stations.
De Forest moved to the Pacific Coast in 1911. He became interested in sound pictures and diathermic machines. He worked on methods for photographing on motion-picture films. He was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Fessenden, Reginald Aubrey (b. Oct. 6, 1866. East Bolton, Que.-d. July 22. 1932, Bermuda), radio pioneer who broadcast the first program of music and voice ever transmitted.
After study at Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ont., and Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Que., Fessenden went to Bermuda as principal of Whitney Institute, where he developed a scientific interest that led him to resign  and go to New York, where he met Thomas Edison and soon became chief chemist of the Edison Laboratory at Orange, N.J. In 1890 he joined the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company and in 1892 turned to an academic career, first as professor of electrical engineering at Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind., and then at the Western University of Pennsylvania (now University of Pittsburgh). There he worked on the problem of wireless communication. In 1900 Fessenden left the university to carry on experiments in wireless telegraphy under the U.S. Weather Bureau and in 1902 organized the National Electric Signaling Company. Under his direction, the production by engineers at General Electric Company of an alternator with the high frequency of 50.00 hertz (cycles per second) made possible the realization of radiotelephony, and Fessende at once built a transmitting station at Bran Rock, Mass. On Dec. 24, 1906, wireless operators were startled to hear speech and music coming in over their receivers. The same year he established two-way transatlantic wireless telegraphic communication between Bran Rock and Scotland.
Fessenden's chief contribution to the further development of radio was the heterodyne principle, in which the  incoming radio frequency is converted to an intermediate frequency that is more easily controlled and amplified.
In addition to his achievements in radio, he invented the radio compass, the sonic depth finder, submarine signaling devices, and turbo-electric drive for battleships.

Dr. Swann's team also included former mathematicians, chemists, physicists and biologists as well as two very helpful technicians who say they worked for many years in the research laboratories of the Bell Telephone Co.

As the years passed, we added greatly to our understanding of the tremendous difficulties which face any earth-side communications researcher trying to make an instrumental contact with entities living on higher levels. And, what is equally surprising, our researchers in Spirit, highly intelligent as they are, know relatively little about the nature of the energies in which they live and move and have their being!

 As we see it, the crux of the problem of building a workable instrumental communication system, free of any medium, is easily stated in these deceptively simple terms: From our side, all we need to do is to learn how to build an instrument which will provide an interface between the kind of energy they have available, and the energies we know and can manipulate in the electromagnetic spectrum. Yes, it is that simple. And that is the sole purpose of the research projected in Marks VI, VII and VIII.

It will sound like science fiction to the uninitiated reader of these pages but we must point out still one more complexity. Dr. Swann's team must design and build instruments which will manipulate the subtle types of energy at their disposal and impinge them on our transducer! After our many years of collaboration Page 54 they feel that they are far along in their own research. Like us, they have built many pieces of experimenting equipment.

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Specific Information on spirit Energies

We feel that it will be useful to researchers who want to benefit from our pioneering studies to know something about the types of information we have gleaned in our work with the Swann group. We have gone through the many dozens of transcripts of our conversations with Dr. Swann and his teammates and in the remainder of this chapter present pertinent excerpts.

[Important note: The remainder of this chapter contains telepathic not  electronic communications, but the conversation is about the latter. It is well worth the reader's effort to accommodate to the unusual sentence structure of the communicators from the worlds of Spirit. We have refrained from any editing of Dr. Swann's remarks.]

Ques. -- Have any of you monitored the work that is being done by Jurgenson in Sweden? Does that have any relation to what we are attempting to do here? He is operating between 1500 and 1600 kHz on the broadcast band.

Dr. S. -- They are working in an altogether different level of existence than we are. You will find, as I said, that we have gone beyond the use of the energy in forming words but we work with the power of intelligence, the energies of intelligence. It will not be as easy as it is on lower frequencies where the energies are expressed in sound.
Now there has been help set up for these on the lower frequencies who are trying to make a breakthrough into  communication with your dimension. Help has been given them in the form of stations of power on their level where they can amplify the voices they have, the words they can enunciate. We noticed as we studied those that they are invariable monotones and faint ... The stations that are set up are designed to furnish energy to amplify these voices, to create a power by which they may be more easily heard. There are certain technicians who work with these. You see, the desire, the great desire to communicate with our world, your form of life, is so great that it has created what breakthroughs there are. And breakthroughs will continue as long as there are dedicated ones who will pursue this. There has been more accomplished than has been told.

Ques. -- The source being so much lower, is that correct? The source of communication?

Dr. S. -- And the power that is being used. We could not through this source give you what you desire and what you wish. Working through the best human instrument, if we are lucky, 80 % of our real meaning is given... But with what we are projecting and what we are working to manifest here in our level will be something that the words, phrases, the complete gamut of intelligence Page 55 can pour through and come out as clearly recognized. At least this is our ideal, that from one who works on higher levels, the tremendous knowledge acquired can pour forth to be a blessing to many on your level ...

[Nov. 1975] Our experimentation with an audible voice is still in the process of manifestation. Our activities have resulted in the taking apart and putting back together many times, our concept of the impingement of the "voice". We are able to put the frequency upon the spiral* to a certain extent in trying to transpose, not to communicate in code, though this may be a possibility. The problem is to put the frequencies together to produce the voice sound...

We have left behind shall we say, on lower levels much of the use of the so called voice. Our work is done mainly through thought or mind energies. We will call it thought because that is how you understand it. But let us say that these are mind energies directed in a certain focus or a certain pattern. There can be the combination of certain energies to create what you call voice. And that is the problem we are dealing with right now. There are three or four notes that are the basic notes to put together to create sound on our plane. Our work now is to evolve the combinations of these sounds, the universal notes, to approximate what you call voice so we may communicate. And then the problem is how to change this in such a way that we may put the actual sounds upon this energy spiral. We have a certain concept of how we are going to do this. We have four groups working on this at present. We have been satisfied with our ability to impinge upon your (1200 MHz) signal or as you say to modulate it. We could carry it on and communicate with you by code but that is not our primary object.


Our friends ceased working with our 1200 MHz instrument and concentrated all their efforts on the solving of other problems that seemed insurmountable. In April 1976 our small lab was closed and all equipment moved to new facilities in Ft. Myers, Florida. Work continued on several other interesting developments in the area of spirit detection. However, our planning of better spirit communication equipment continued. We kept in touch with Swann's group through occasional sessions, with our excellent medium. We even found a way to bridge  the distances between us. How would you conduct a trance session when the medium is in Arkansas, one researcher at the lab in Ft. Myers and two other researchers in Pennsylvania? Very simple. We supplied each party with special telephone amplifiers a11d through a conference call at an appointed time the session went on as usual. A friend of the medium assured that things went smoothly that end. Also tape recordings were made from at least two locations. Much valuable material was received in this manner and some interesting exchanges took place. Actually the sessions were a bargain as the phone company did not have any higher rates for "inter-dimensional" conference calls!

*The spiral is a combination of spirit energies explained in more detail below.

Page 56
During one of these sessions the telephone lines even became a testing grounds for spirit energy impingements. Two technicians in Swann's group were testing their ability to apply spirit energies to various electro-magnetic equipment in the physical dimension, such as radio station transmitters, TV and microwave transmissions, Ham transmissions, etc. They wanted to see the interaction with electro-magnetic energy. And interact they did, indeed! We have on tape two long distance calls these two fellows turned into a disaster. I played portions of that tape to telephone experts who have no explanation for this kind of "interference." The energies used were the same spirit energies impinged on our own equipment in a much more controlled manner. But let our friends speak for themselves in their attempts to explain this spirit energy to us:

Gilley, -- [one of the "technicians"] -- I want to say that to find the common term, let's use the word spiral. It is necessary when we work with this type of energy to organize it. We have two types of energy... Both of these are necessary because of the balance that we need to use in an organized form with enough force to affect a material piece of equipment. The spiral form is an interwoven , forceful energy combination which sweeps spirally from large to small diameter. And anything that you have seen on your print-out sheet (or heard in your equipment) is caused by only a portion of the arc of such a force of two energies which, intertwined, can then be directed. As we cut it from the original we can direct it in any fashion or any grade we wish.

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We have not always been able to do this. This is the way we did the telephone conversations. These two energies are both common to our plane of existence ...  The equation that Dr. Smith gave you postulates these two energies. He has called them universal sets. By that he means that each one of them is a completeness in itself and beyond the count of the energies of this particular type of movement there is no other in our area. It is a complete set and we call it "universal" because it is one of the fundamental energies in our plane of being...

With the two together sparking each other we get a complete spiral and as I just told you we use only portions of an arc of the circumference in order to try to affect your equipment which responds to direct force instead of circular force ...

Ques. -- Mr. Gilley, you mentioned two forces and you mentioned spirals several times. Would it mean something to us if those forces were combined into what we would term a vortex and then you would use the vortex as the way you impinge it on our dimension?

Gilley -- Why yes, definitely. Remember we are not using the complete amalgamation of forces. We are only able at this time to use a portion of a circumference, an arc of the beginning of it, but as the vortex narrows the force increases.
Ques. -- That is where they become united and directed to where you want them to impinge?

Page 57
. -- Yes.

Meanwhile, a parallel development between one of our associates and "Doc Nick" had resulted in the first  sustained two-way conversation via electronic equipment. Should we abandon our efforts of communication with higher levels to work in an area where the problems seemed less difficult? We decided to continue with a fresh approach which was sparked by two sessions with our medium in March 1979. In these sessions our collaborators explained their own task more clearly and dropped some suggestions for us. Here are portions of that session:

Dr. S. -- We are faced with conversion of a highly energized stream of "neuro-electrons", you call them photons. We need to convert this and to find a definite carrier wave on which we can superimpose the vibrations of our thoughts which at your end of the I communication link can be received and recovered by any possible means.

Elaborating more on the available spirit energies Dr. Swann said:

Dr. S. -- From the standpoint of comparison with the energy of the electrons that you are working with we would say that it would run perhaps 20,0OO Megacycles (20 GHz). We cannot designate it that because it is not the type of electrons you are familiar with.

A member of the team, T.A. Fessenden had some suggestion:

Fess. -- The problem here is that of the deceleration of the energies. You have nothing there, such as a tube, which could receive this rush of energy and put it through a "converter" to step down the frequency and slow it down. It is going too fast for any machine that you have, to step down the frequency so that then it might be amplified and the signal could be made audible by whatever means you would want to use.

Ques. -- You mentioned a tube. Can you describe this tube, or tell us what the function of the tube is?

Fess. -- Well it would be something a s you use in your test equipment (oscilloscope) here to receive the neuro-electrons as they arrive and then compress them and slow them down .... let me say that in our equipment we will have provisions to arrange them in orderly pattern according to the pattern we wish to impress on the energy. We can arrange it and as we sue it ... it is in frequency with us ... you understand ... It is in frequency with us, we relate to it. But we cannot slow it down.

The following remarks of  Dr. Swann best describe the spirit of the cooperation and scope of inter-dimensional communication. Little can be added to it and it is given here in its entirety:

Dr. S. -- Now gentlemen, you know that in a laboratory where one does experiments and measures results, these must be done over and over; and results compared; and the work continued until  Page 58 the problems are solved. The development of the present electronic age on the physical plane of this world did not come
about in just a few short years. It was step by step and use by use until out of the problems of the appliances in use, grew the understanding of the greater development. Then came the bringing of the greater development into being on the physical plane and the change of the appliance with the cooperation of that development which had been pioneered and tested over and over and over again.
I might say that only under the conditions of great stress of necessity, are inventions born of short time and intense effort. This we have not been able to accomplish even with the intense effort we have put into this in all our groups each working singly and collectively in this area. We now have the knowledge of how we may use the energy on which to impress the thoughts or signals. Our concern and Fess's concern and Lee's concern is
this: As we are able to control the energy, it may come to your instrument with too much force and needs to be further controlled so the power will be reduced, as it were, intensified and reduced. Then what we have  impressed upon it shall be made into sound and can be recorded. Ultimately, as we see it, the energy can be given in such a way that a sentence spoken on your equipment can be heard in our dimension.
The machine in the laboratory in Philadelphia was a great revelation to us. Our domain has been invaded from time to time by much of this type of thing, except it was foreign and we have taken all means possible to  exclude it from our area. Most of it is very disturbing. We also might mention that we are troubled in some instances by what we call the "cling-along" phenomena. The energy that we use, as it rushes through our rarified area creates what you would call static. We cannot entirely eliminate it. We have short vibration transmissions going on all the time with the various models we have made. The principle model on which we are working is that which is designed to connect with what you built yourselves. We have considered all the various possibilities. With Fess speaking to you and others of his knowledge and ideas, it is as if someone were speaking to you in Swahili in attempting to explain the working of a foreign instrument you have never seen and have not been able to visualize. We regret this very much. Perhaps we might say this: The experiments we have done in cooperation with you have been in our opinion very successful. We were able to repeat the experiment of impinging energy upon your detecting machine as you recall. This occurred in one session and you asked for it to be repeated and it was repeated in another session.

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We have been able with the efforts of Barnes and Gilley and their team of technicians to look into communication devises and transmission principles which are being used in your world now. We also are quite familiar with many of these because as we mentioned to you before, most of these things which are brought into manifestation on the physical plane of existence come directly from technicians, engineers, doctors, teachers,
Page 59 philosophers and various other teams on the vibrational, you might say inner planes of existence. They have already been visualized and pioneered and given in whatever form of development is considered possible to transmit to persons on the lower planes. The latter is usually not done in team work in laboratories but individually to the experimenters a little bit at a time. Lee DeForest himself, was one of those for whom the light shone in the early days of communications. Without his ability to tune to the higher realms much of the vast network of communication across the world would not be possible today.
These ideas and ideals pioneered and perfected to the extent we are able to, in whatever realm of civilization or culture exists, are always added to by further inspiration. In this conscious cooperation with you we are attempting something which our group has never attempted before, namely to work on two planes, you on yours and we on ours and put our work together in such a way that it will manifest physically and on our plane  in a massive communicating device which will transfer communication directly.
We had never gotten into the ramifications of such an extensive project before. We are confident that it can be done. As mentioned, we have spent these years in intensive research. In our mathematical department we have explored every possibility of the rhythm and harmony of the numbers it has required to fulfill such a  project. In our engineering department with Lee and Fess in charge we have gone further in the building of the device we ourselves will use than had been deemed possible in such a short area in the arc of time. Remember now that I am saying we have never before built, nor has there been built in this area a device which is to remain in this area and be used in conscious cooperation with a device upon the physical plane of appearances. Now this is something most unusual!  This marks an epoch in the relationship of the inner plane of life in which we live, and you, on your plane of existence! This is a conscious cooperation across the boundaries of the inner dimensions and into time and space! Consider that the instrument we are building here will remain here and will be experimented with and will be modified, further developed and come into a consciousness of comprehension between us and you. All that is lacking now is our further perfection of our instrument and the control of the energies we must use.
As Lee tells me we also have the design now of a carrier wave upon which we may be able at some future date to place a controlled amount of the moving particles of the neuro-electronic type of energies in order to step it down and slow it down. (He had intended to explain this last night if there had been further time.) Now since our machine will not come into manifestation on the physical plane, we have been at pains to consider how we might best explain to you the receiving of this energy and how it may be brought into sound. We would ask you when you have time, to examine very closely the receiver of the telephone you use daily and see if its means of receiving sound would suggest any ideas to you!

Page 60
Dr. S.
-- [continuing at a later date] This machine, as Fess told you, we have considered and visualized as directing a stream of energy (consisting of extremely fast moving energized particles) into something of a "tube". This tube might further compress the energy into some sort of a rectifier or "decelerator" which might slow it down sufficiently so as not to burn out any of the devices and materials you are using.
We would like to leave with you the ideas that Fess gave to you. We do not feel it necessary at this time that Lee should speak to you. I believe I have covered most of the areas of the actual machinery. Bear in mind that I have said the machine we have built on our plane is a transmitter type of machine and a receiver type of machine. There are many bugs init so we must go over it again, but it was capable of being experimented with.
We were very pleased with the machine built in Philadelphia and we did many experiments with it at the time that it was turned on. We did not feel it necessary to confuse you with leaving the actual track upon the machine. So we wiped the tape clean because there were certain things on there which you would have been puzzled to understand and would have taken perhaps a great deal of your time and resulted in frustration. But they meant something to our technicians .. . so we wiped it clean in order that you should not be confused.
We were greatly appreciative of the opportunity of this beam of energy which into our area in such a way that it was not disturbing and was clear and easily worked with. Therefore we decided after the numerous experiments I have mentioned that it was not necessary to continue with it except from time to time to go back to work with this when something came up which we needed to clarify. Therefore our earlier request for the machine to be left on after it was moved to Ft. Myers.
Now I will remind you that there are many across the world working on this very same idea on which you are working. Many of them are of scientific mind who will experiment over and over again, write down results, compare results and go on to other things with which they may compare and contrast these results. Anything that is done in a tremendous hurry will show the results of the haste. And as I have told you there are many other areas of the inner dimensions which we inhabit and where much experimentation is going on in every field of human interest, be it machinery, communication, philosophy, mathematics or any other field. These are working not for gain and not for glory but for the benefit of their brethren and their way of life and their help and cooperation upon the material plane of life. It is work for the pure joy of working and for the perfection of something which can come into being in a helpful manner for those of us who are still struggling with the vicissitudes of life on the material planes.

Page 61
This unselfish labor done for the joy of labor and the joy of accomplishment is not given for the material benefit of anyone. There are people in some countries who seize upon developments given for the benefit of mankind and then manipulate their use for their own gain. We cannot help but speak of the year 1912 when our friend Lee, who had perfected something which made possible the great network of long distance communication across the world, did not receive from the great company which owns most of these communications systems today, sufficient pay for his time and his devotion. He received but little for his years of experimentation and intense dedication. A team in our area helped him develop this little device without which your network of telephone communication today would be impossible.
This same grasping for material wealth still exists on earth among those who have not progressed above the lower levels of consciousness. It is a fact, and we who have escaped its grasp and have gone on to greater things can only give the benefit of our attention to these developments which we believe would contribute to greater understanding among those who are lower on the scale of evolution; greater happiness to those whose
hearts are bowed down in sorrow and grief for the loss of loved ones; and greater development and knowledge to those on the material plane who are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and understanding in every field of human endeavor.
We visualize a vast network of communication through all the  "many mansions" or levels of consciousness associated with planet Earth. Eventually we visualize this network of communication spreading into the inner dimensions of other worlds where speech is not as it is on the earth planet and where form is not the same.
All creation must come to the realization that all are ONE. That there is no difference in any being and that all are parts of each other. All together through all the worlds and different suns and their solar systems all are part of the whole. And that whole is the one-ness of the ALL. 
Since we have undergone a second death and rebirth to our present level of consciousness, it is natural that our philosophy has been expanded. Here work is for the joy of accomplishment and for the good it may be for those on the lower planes. We are aware, as you must be aware that all things must come about through patience, through testing and retesting and planning and laying aside the planes for other planes and going back to the drawing board. It is continuous effort and before the effort is made there must be a tuning in and an asking for the individual inspiration as well as seeking it through the direct communication with us. It is possible that you are right on the edge of a breakthrough at the present time and you do not as yet know it because you have not asked!
WE would also like to remind you that there are many who are pioneering the electronic means of communication and surely,
Page 62 surely these devices will be of great comfort to many who are not knowledgeable about the inner worlds or the differences in the vibrations of the inner dimensions of this planet. There are some devices already conceived which pioneer on the lower levels. If you truly feel within the depth of the I-Am-ness that you are, that this is the way for you to go, then we are happy for your decision and we will wait patiently while we test and retest and build and rebuild and apply and reapply the principles we know and which we are endeavoring to discover a more perfect usages of the energy; and that we do not know, for we do not know many things as yet. This work we do is for the purpose of our learning also. We will wait patiently and allow you to experiment and joyfully bless your efforts.


Hopefully, the nature and the quality of this small sampling of the information transmitted by Dr. Swann will help the reader to realize the largely untapped accumulation of knowledge available to earth Man from the mental and causal level of consciousness. This can be tapped by the individual seeker working alone, provided he is mentally, emotionally and spiritually evolved and goes into deep meditation day after day to earnestly seek enlightenment. It can also be tapped through the services of the very rare type of medium or telepathic channel who has a guide, helper or control sufficiently evolved to personally span the great differences in energy levels from the mental-causal level to the bottom of the astral levels in which live all of us still in physical bodies. (See the "Many Mansions" chart.)

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