An Electromagnetic-Etheric Systems Approach to Communications
with other Levels of Human Consciousness

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From the perspective of a decade of intensive research, several points of importance are apparent:

  1. Our effort to collaborate with scientists who have made the transition through the door marked "death", and who are willing and anxious to collaborate, has resulted in significant progress. Only with their help have we been able to achieve our initial successful two-way conversation. Such instrumental communication is now firmly written on the pages of history.

  2. Our original conviction seems to be confirmed, that, for conversation with the mental and causal plane, we will have to operate at frequencies above 1,200 MHz.

  3. The tremendously valuable flow of information from Dr. Mueller indicates to us that it may be possible to communicate well up into the middle astral with a device roughly similar to Mark IV, operating in the 25 to 35 MHz frequency range.

  4. Our very sporadic results with Mark IV and our inability to replicate spirit contact in other geographical locations and with other operators, indicates the need for extensive additional research with Mark IV. We must further identify and establish the missing parameters. Item (3) above indicates the great importance of further research with this type of equipment. (Note: Recent research indicates that equipment for Mark IV can be made much simpler and less expensively than our present lab system. It has a fascinating potential for miniaturization.)

  5. Analysis of the Leslie Flint direct voice tapes shows that quite high level communicators -- probably on what we categorize as the higher astral -- have been able to communicate via a special technique. They say that they have forced themselves to lower their vibrations in order to speak through the ectoplasmic voice box. It seems possible that they may be able to accommodate themselves to taking on the heavier density (lower vibrations) necessary to communicate at say 30 MHz via a much improved Mark IV.

  6. Research is urgently need ed to further investigate the role (if any) of energies emanating from the equipment operator(s) or the direct voice medium. Are such energies from the aura of the operator or from his mind, or both?
    Similar studies are needed to determine the possible influence of monthly lunar energy forces, environmental and diurnal influences. (Doc Nick and Dr. Mueller most often came through just before midnight until several hours after midnight. Juergenson reports best reception during full moon - the time at which we receive the greatest amount of "reflected" sunlight.

  7. Efforts must be made to locate other direct voice mediums who have the capabilities of those two very rare persons -- Emily French and Leslie Flint. There is evidence that a very few such unusual people may be alive today but they are said to shy away from any public exposure. However, if one or two such people would Page 64 agree to work quietly and confidentially in the research lab of Metascience Foundation or in any similarly qualified lab, development of successful equipment could be advanced by several years.

  8. Research in this field is, in our opinion, not of a type that can be taken over at this time by one or more of our huge industrial-commercial corporate entities. The individual workers must possess a special background of in-depth knowledge of psychical, religious and occult lore and be totally dedicated to the goal of using the energies involved for only the advancement of the human race. In no sense can this research be organized or run by a committee. For now (that is, in the present embryonic stage) the work is primarily for the non-organization man -- the so-called odd-ball, the lone wolf. We are still in the inventive, the creative stage -- the stage where an Edison, a Bell, a Morse, or a Marconi is needed. The accomplishment of Metascience Foundation in bringing this development to its present stage -- admittedly crude -- is remarkable. The idea back of it all could never have made it through even the authorization-of-funds stage at IBM, GE, ITT, Telefunken, Phillips, ASEA or similar corporations!
    The only viable role for these or other industrial giants or wealthy individuals, is to contribute funds to  individual researchers who have already been working for years in this most unorthodox field in England, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Brazil and the USA. Such grants should be on a "no strings" basis just as funds are granted in the amount of millions of dollars for support of Public Broadcasting programs.

  9. For purposes of perspective on Metascience Foundation's decade of research and development of SPIRICOM, this tabulation will be found useful:

SPIRICOM Prototype' Development
(Listed chronologically and in frequency of vibrations in cycles per second)

Mark I

1971 - 1973

300,000,000 Hz

Mark II

1973 - 1977

1,200,000,000 Hz

Mark III ... IV

1977 and continuing

29,000,000 Hz

Mark V

1976 and continuing

10,250,000,00O Hz

Mark VI

Flame or Plasma Transducer (projected) approx.

100,000,000,000,000 Hz

Mark VII

Electrically Activated Quartz Transducer & Ultraviolet Light. (projected) approx.

10,000,000,000,000,000 Hz


Living Plants as Transducers.

????? Hz

The above tabulation makes a comparison only as relates to electromagnetic frequencies,
except in the case of living plants.

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We hasten to point out however that successful communication will also be dependent on interfacing our  energies with such types of presently unidentified energies now existing on the various levels of consciousness. These are depicted in the large colored diagram "In Our Father's House are Many Mansions," and discussed in Chapter 9.

We are so accustomed to talking about a few millions or a few billions that we often lose sight of the magnitude of what we are talking about. The same is true when we use the "shorthand" of electronics and speak of kilo, mega and terra hertz - or even use the scientific shorthand to list frequencies in terms of figure 10 to some power.

We feel that the above table, reverting temporarily to "cycles per second" as a means of expression, gives a bit more perspective of the scope of the various Metascience prototypes.

Perspective is also given by the fact that probably 90% of the EVP researchers up to 1981 have been using frequencies in the region of 1,500,000 Hz, well below those listed for Marks' I through VII.

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