An Electromagnetic-Etheric Systems Approach to Communications
with other Levels of Human Consciousness

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MARK VIII (Projected)

Living Plants as Possible Transducers

In our search for systems which can carry on two-way conversations between us and persons on higher levels of consciousness we have assumed such persons in some way might be able to react with various electronic components. We have been exploring radios, signal generators, tape recorders, oscilloscopes and other devices involving electromagnetic and electrostatic fields.

We have had some initial successes with these approaches - with Mark IV in particular. However we feel we should look beyond these more obvious devices and energies, now that we have learned more about the crucial importance of the spirit energies.

The one thing we do know about spirit energies is that they are living energies -energies of beings or persons who are pulsating with life and consciousness. There is much evidence that Mark IV functions successfully in its present form only when we have present in the lab some very special and as yet unidentified energy from a person alive in the flesh. So in a very real sense we seem to have an indication that perhaps we should explore the possibility of finding some form of live other than a human being to serve as a transducer between our electronic equipment and spirit energies at the mental/causal level.

There are numerous examples of situations in which a dog or cat will suddenly show alarm when detecting the presence of something which is unseen with the human eye. When a good clairvoyant is present on such an occasion he or she can sometimes "see" the same spirit being which has been detected by the animal.

It is unlikely that the animal could be "wired" in any way to make it serve as a transducer for information- packed messages from a spirit person even if it detected same. And usually the animal responds instinctively in such a situation with a fear of the unknown - often with an attempt to protect his master from anything new or strange.

Living plants on the other hand are readily available, inexpensive -- and expendable! Drs. Burr and Northrop of Yale University in 1935 used a vacuum tube voltmeter to show that the L-field of a tree or plant could be used to measure cell potential and the voltage variations in same. Later Baxter, Lawrence, Vogel, Sauvin and others developed techniques to measure the potential between two electrodes on the leaves of plants. Presently both systems can record only the presence of energy. Whether these are electrical, spirit, emotional, life or other types of energy is not clearly understood at this time.

An initial experiment might be to find music or audio tone combinations that the plant feels comfortable with. (See THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS by  Tompkins and Bird). Then apply these audio tones to the plant with a pickup on the leaves or leaf stem.

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Using an audio signal would reduce the problems of electrode potential which becomes a source of noise. Also, we find in our experiments with Mark IV, the audible tone makes it easier to produce words.

A study of the rapidly expanding literature on the interaction between plants and people may reveal other possible avenues for using a living plant as an interface between the intended spirit communicator's energies and whatever electronic system might be assembled.

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... and what follows Mark VIII?

Will it be -        Mark ??????????

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Yes, a little humor is quite necessary when we are working on a project as deadly serious as SPIRICOM.

Partly to have a little fun, but also to help us "focus" our minds on the many-pronged assault on SPIRICOM, we occasionally glance at the "art work" on the following page .....

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