Rinaldi, Sonia

(e-mail from Rita to Sonia in 20th April, 2002).

"I don't need to tell to you the emotion and happiness that I meet. Thank you very much of the fund of my heart for the opportunity. I listened the CD with the phone call, and recognize my Danielle, just as she was here among us. I had the certainty that she is alive and the same smart continues; it alleviates my mother heart too much.

In spite of me to be seafaring of first trip, my daughter saved me with her answers, that only a mother has conditions to perceive and understand, as for example, the fact that the telephone line had dropped:

I am absolute sure that that was her trying to press in some button, to leave the clearest communication; it was Danny’s style. Whenever she got a new device, she would try to touch all buttons and test all possibilities – she loved to discover more tools or function in the apparels of our house.

But of of the most important details of the recording which identifies and proves that it was really she speaking is the moment when she said that she had the sensation about feeling "OF GIVEN HAND WITH ME". This was a particular characteristic we both had: wherever we go on the street, we both walked with given hands. I know that this is quite uncommon between mother and daughter, and just for that it is an important item in this recording. When we both went shopping, all the way we went with given hands.

Where she says that it is "A MESSAGE FOR THE FRIEND", is also an important point. We both were always admired by our friends for the relationship type that we had - we were faithful, and she always said that her best friend was the mother. For Danielle, I was not only her mother, but her best friend.

Another detail which identifies her:
When you interrupt me because I was speaking without leaving enough space for her to answer, and she replies "I AM HEARING!!!"... I laughed a lot, because I am absolute sure that she was "defending" her mother. It was really her style! that is very characteristic of my daughter: she didn't admit that anybody could complain about me or give me rough, even that I was wrong, she defended with fingernails and teeth.

Where she answers about Jefferson and say "YOU WILL SEE AT HOME"; we are really already seeing every day because the boy speaks about her as if he had known her and lived together; it is impressive that a six year-old child may speak what he speaks. We adopted Jefferson after Danielle has died. So both never met, but day by day he talks about her, proving that she is around and inspiring him. Just as she said in the recording "You will see at home". We really see.

Another detail:
When she comments that you wer wearing "PAJAMAS ", I also laughed a lot because it is another characteristic of Dany: to be indiscreet; I passed many squeezes with her. She was so spontaneous that she never thought twice before speaking anything. And you confirmed later that you were wearing pijamas. This proves that she was seeing you... in spite that you were alone at your home.

Another detail:
She says also that her mother... "ALREADY TOOK CARE". It is real. I am the type that take care/encharged of everything around me. At the moment I started speaking to her, I dominated the dialog leaving no space for her to reply. That is the meaning when she said that I took care of the situation. Unhappily... it is truth!

Other very important point:
When I asked her how she was, she replied: "ANSWER RITA!!!" It is real, I knew inside me that she was happy and fine that day – so, she knew that I knew! And mainly, many times she called me by my name Rita!

This sounded to me how happy she is in the Other Side.

Sônia, I delayed a while to return with these comments, but I listened to the CD dozen times or countless times.

I was amazed!!!

It is not in all sentences spoken that I can recognize her voice, but the majority yes. Some in particular it is HER own voice with no doubt.

I think it is that, once again my gratefulness, and you can always count on me!

A great kiss of your friend

Rita Goulart

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