Sarah Wilson Estep, USA

On October 24, 1976 I made my first recording. It was on my husbandís reel to reel tape recorder. Iíd never used a recorder before but it wasnít difficult to turn it on and ask, "Is anyone here?" There was no reply, which didnít surprise me. When I told my family at dinner that evening I was going to try and have contact with the dead through a tape recorder, they all looked at me as if they thought I was crazy. I assured them, "Iím only going to do it for a week." They shook their heads and more or less accepted my time limitation.

When I was six years old, I became a complete unbeliever in life after death. That happened when my paternal grandmother died and my grandfather married another woman who with her son owned a funeral home. Each time my parents and I visited I would slip into the viewing room, when no one was around, softly close the door behind me and creep over to the casket. Standing on tiptoes, my hand on the casket edge, Iíd look down into the face of the dead person about two feet away. There was no fear because I knew from my first view, the dead were dead and could never hurt anyone. I became convinced the only place a dead person went was into a hole in the ground; that death was a casket.

Living with the dreadful knowledge that most life only lasted sixty to seventy years, I could never completely enjoy what most young people do, as they become adults. I read non-fiction books during all spare moments, especially those that dealt with what we call paranormal, hoping to open the possibility within me, that life might not end. None convinced me. I liked the Seth books the most since they came closer to telling meÖ.you live forever.

Looking around further for something that would interest me at the library, I found Handbook of PSI Discoveries by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder. There were two chapters about recording voices of the dead. They listed well-known people such as Harold Sherman and Walter Uphoff who thought that it might be possible to record voices of spirits.

I decided to try taping even though I didnít think Iíd get a thing. Iíd make 5minute recordings every morning and evening, which the book recommended, and always asked the same questions. Then Iíd play it back and there was nothing. On the morning of the sixth day, I was so bored I was ready to quit, but Iíd determined to do it for seven days. I had the thought if anyone from spirit was listening to me, they must be as bored as I was, so I changed my questions and asked, "Please tell me what your world is like." Within 5 seconds a clear, Class A voice replied, "Beauty." My joy knew no bounds however I kept wondering if it was just my imagination that "beauty" was there even though I listened to it often. I played it for the rest of my family who were amazed. At dinner I said I wasnít going to stop taping but would continue with it each day. The others accepted this since they knew Iíd received, "beauty."

At the beginning Iíd go for weeks without a single thing. Again, Iíd be ready to quit, but the invisible must have know that for theyíd clearly come through and say, "Donít give up," or "Keep it up," so I did. After six months, they came through almost every morning and evening. I'd write in my log what was received, the question(s) Iíd asked, their reply (if there was one) and grade the message: A, B, or C. Class A voices could be easily heard without headphones. Iíd been told I should ask for a Ďhelperí so thatís what I did.

Eventually a male voice came through and said his name was "Styhe," my helper. He was with me for over 10 years. One time he sounded different, in that he spoke slowly and his voice was weak. I asked what was wrong and he said that he was tired. I knew then, I had tired him by constantly asking him to help. I told Styhe I wouldnít call on him for a week, and so I didnít. At the end of a week I called on him and asked how he felt. In a loud, clear Class A voice, which was like his previous voice he replied, "I feel much better now for you!" It is possible to tire those on the other side if we continually ask them to speak and help us. One of the things Styhe did for me was to often bring to my morning recording the person Iíd asked him to bring when I signed off the day before.

Many years have passed. Iíve heard from both parents, my husband, many friends and unknown individuals who come a time or two to speak. Iíve recorded messages in French and German (languages of which I have no knowledge). Iíd write them in my notebook and then got the language dictionary from the library and often found the word Iíd recorded and theyíd make sense. Konstantin Raudive came through many times the first year, always Class A. He spoke English but one time I asked him to speak German so I could be sure I was hearing from him. He did, and I found that in the German dictionary. Raudive has also called me on the phone upon several occasions. The last time he called it was about my husband who had been at the hospital the day before. What he said about him here and when he passed on was very moving. I sent a copy of it to Ernst Senkowski, who listened to it, and replied that he was sure it was genuine. He had never heard anything like it and felt the same way I did.

Another contact for years and totaled over 100 messages was with a Class A male voice who said he was Jeffrey, and heíd been my brother in the 1700ís in Philadelphia, USA. That could have been true. A grandfather (many times back) James Wilson moved here from Scotland in the 1700s. He settled in Philadelphia and had 4 children. Jeffrey told me he was a Ďlamp-lighterí, which according to the encyclopedia was started in Philadelphia at that time. Once I asked Jeffrey what he was doing now, and he replied Class A, "Iím trying to find the person that killed you." That was a shock. In my next recording I told Jeffrey, I appreciated what he was trying to do for me, but that was no longer necessary. I said it was wonderful hearing from him so often, but I felt he should move on further into spirit, and I hoped he would meet me, when I arrived there. I think (hope) he took my suggestion for I havenít heard from him since.

There are some well-known individuals who have spoken. Iím not much into electronics or anything technical, however some scientists have come through, always Class A. They told me, "You got a scientist in the room." This was followed with, "Yes, if I need help I see a laser around it." A day or two later I taped, "Iím around here. Darwin," (he spoke to me at least 3-4 times). Next day, I recorded, "Eddington," whom I also heard from several times. I want to stress that every one of these messages came through on the reverse, or wrong side of my recording tapes. It is extremely important to listen to both sides of your tapes. It seems to make no difference to the unseen on which side of a tape they speak.

The voices on the reverse side are usually louder and clearer than those on the forward side. The reason? The forward side is covered with a metal oxide. That is not on the reverse side and because of its absence it makes the voices easier to understand.

I have a minor in music from college and played the organ in several churches. I have received many musical notes, and singing from spirit. Beethoven often came through to me for several months, at times playing musical chords or notes. One morning he said heíd play for me that evening. I asked him to play something from one of his compositions so Iíd be sure I was really hearing from him. That evening when I returned to my recorder a minute of music with several instruments was heard. At the end a male voice shouted sounding extremely pleased with,  "We are good!" At first I couldnít recognize the music then I realized it was two measures from his "Moonlight Sonata." Iíve played it at many conferences and it often brings tears.

Those from worlds, not spirit, what weíd call space, also started coming through to me upon many occasions. Their voices are often louder and clearer than spirit voices. Why? We must realize they are not from spirit, but from those who are living just as actively, perhaps more so, than we are. There have been hundreds of contacts from space. They talk about worlds known and unknown to us: Venus, Alpha Centauri; Sirius; Mars. They talk about equipment they are using, "I am beside phaser a ava." Upon my questioning they have a different God from oursóin fact they have many gods. They mention time in their world and ours. Iím supposedly part of a system. When I asked the name of this system they replied, "Ta wa lugit." I asked about the composition of their bodies and the space entity who spoke to me then said, "Weíre made of K4 Zeroc." (Whatever that might be). Theyíve also said upon many occasions theyíve brought "black boxes" down to my home. I feel one was in my taping office and the other by my television. No doubt the boxes helped them communicate. They wanted to come through my TV and when I inquired where I should tune a Class A voice said, "Thank you will repeat. At night 47," so thatís where I turned. My little poodle, Misty, saw them and would become terrified each time. When I asked about this, a Class A male voice answered my question with: "Your pet knows when we are around it." They started first by writing words. Some made no sense, others did such as Venus. Then they presented pictures. All of this is extremely important not just because of the contacts, but because others have recorded similar ones. The important thing about it is that none of us knew at the time that anyone else had recorded basically the same.

Since starting to record, Iíve taken part in many conferences and traveled for interest to different countries: Egypt (3 times) England, Italy, Switzerland, and Brazil. Iíve always had a deep inner feeling, a sadness to a certain extent about Egypt. Each time, wherever I was going, Iíd take along a small portable tape recorder and record many voices. On my first trip to Egypt I taped over 100 messages. At a Coptic cemetery I almost felt as if I was back home. I went into one partly standing tomb and took pictures. I didnít want to leave but my daughter took my hand and led me to the bus. On tape playback a clear female voice said, "I buried you." I have the picture of the tomb hanging on my office wall.

In 1982 I began: The American Association-Electronic Voice Phenomena. I published a quarterly newsletter and it grew from 20 members to several hundred in 37 states and 12 foreign countries. During this time I had 3 national conferences. After 18 years I felt I had to give it up and turned it over to Tom and Lisa Butler of Reno, Nevada. They have done extremely well with it and it continues to grow. Their quarterly newsletter is very popular and they have an excellent web site and members can communicate and help each other through E-mails.

My book: Voices of Eternity was published by Fawcett/Ballentine in 1988 and then by DuRocher of Paris, France in 1994. It was popular in both countries and went through two printings. One of the messages I mention in Voices is the Class A, "Death no more a casket." This proves they knew me when I was six at my grandparentís funeral home and became convinced death was a casket. Now I know that life truly never ends and we will all move on to the level in Spirit where we should be.

Here are some voice samples (all are MP3-files and can be loaded using the Windows Media Player):

  # 1

 95 KB - 6 sec

Come down we must do good.

  # 2

 56 KB - 4 sec

I was sitting with God.

  # 3

 29 KB - 2 sec

Sarah we have 100.

  # 6

 29 KB - 2 sec

Death no more a casket.


 43 KB - 2 sec

That is Earth Camilla.


 45 KB - 2 sec

We're made of K4 Zeroc.

Reverse Voice

 58 KB - 3 sec

Alpha Centauri is here to give my power.

Reverse Voice

100 KB - 6 sec

I got Hitler. He dreams I bring his mother.


 25 KB - 1,5 sec

You have the famous Beethoven.

#42 + 43

1,911 KB -
2 min 2 sec

Minute of Music from Beethoven and his associates.
(including Sarah's introduction and comments) - We are good!

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August 22, 2003

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