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We are grateful that Wojciech Drewniak (http://www.ctn.com.pl/transcomm) from Poland sent us the following diagram of the Spiricom device:

Excerpt from the article "The research of George W. Meek" by Mark Macy:

In 1979, he (George Meek) and his colleague Bill O'Neil developed the Spiricom device, a set of 13 tone generators spanning the range of the adult male voice. O'Neil was psychically gifted, and he collaborated with his spirit friends while developing the large radio-like apparatus, which gave off a droning buzz that filled the room. When O'Neil spoke in its presence, you could hear his voice getting wrapped up in the buzzing noises of the Spiricom machine. He worked on the machine for months, and then a most amazing thing happened. Another voice began to get wrapped up in the radio sounds too—a voice belonging to someone who was present in the room, but invisible. The voice of a spirit.


Bill O'Neil and his spirit friend Dr George Jeffries Mueller had more than 20 hours of dialog through the Spiricom device which the two developed together between 1979 and 1982. These are excerpts from those dialogs. 

Voice samples:

MP3 - file 
8 sec


Bill O'Neil: I don't understand.

Doc Mueller: The preamp, the preamp.

Bill O'Neil: Oh, the preamp.

Doc Mueller: Yes, I think that, uh…

MP3 - file
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44 sec


Doc Mueller: I think that the problem is an impedance mismatch in that third transistor.

Bill O'Neil: Third transistor.

Doc Mueller: Yes, the one that follows the input.

Bill O'Neil: I don't understand.

Doc Mueller: The preamp, the preamp.

Bill O'Neil: Oh, the preamp.

Doc Mueller: Yes, I think that, uh, we can correct that by introducing a 150-ohm,100-half-watt resistor in parallel with a .0047 microfarad ceramic capacitor. I think we can overcome that impedance mismatch.

Bill O'Neil: Oh boy, I'll have to get the schematic….

MP3 - file
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59 sec 

Doc Mueller: William, I think that's much better. Right there, William. Now, William, did you understand? Williammmmmm?

Bill O'Neil: Ye sir, I understand Doctor.

Doc Mueller: Very well, I will hive you a count from one to ten. One, two, three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine, ten. One moment, William.

Bill O'Neil: Okay.

Doc Mueller: Very well, then. Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went the lamb would goooooo. Goooooo. Play that back for me, William. (silence) William?

Bill O'Neil: Yes, sir?

Doc Mueller: Play that back for me.

Bill O'Neil: All right, Doctor. I am sorry, I was lighting a cigarette.

Doc Mueller: Oh, those cigarettes again!

MP3 - file
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48 sec 

Bill O'Neil: Just a minute, Doctor. Yes, I know you are here, but I got to… I'm gonna' cut down the volume of these other frequencies.

Doc Mueller: Very well, William.

Bill O'Neil: I want to cut them down to a level that won't, uh ….

Doc Mueller: I'm not sure, William, but…I don't feel too comfortable with that one frequency.

Bill O'Neil: What's that again, Doctor?

Doc Mueller: I said I'm not too comfortable with that one frequency.

Bill O'Neil: Well, we'll see. Maybe we can change it later on, Doctor.

Doc Mueller: Very well. Oh yes, William….

Bill O'Neil: Yes?

Doc Mueller: I think we have…a problem with…the Spiricom we are working on.

MP3 - file
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125 sec  

Bill O'Neil: What's that again?

Doc Mueller: The television set with the metal screen. I didn't put that in the magnetic input from the signal generator in conjunction with the input…from the camera to the television system. You understand, William?

Bill O'Neil: Yeah, I think that's it.

Doc Mueller: Oh, by the way, William, did you get that multi-faceted crystal?

Bill O'Neil: No, I didn't, Doctor. I got that five-faceted crystal from Edmund's.

Doc Mueller: Edmunds… Edmunds? Who is Edmunds?

Bill O'Neil: Edmund's is a company. Edmund's Scientific.

Doc Mueller: Oh, I understand. What were the results.

Bill O'Neil: Well, I inserted it into the lens of the camera, but all I got was a lot of crazy colors of light, but I didn't get any imagery.

Doc Mueller: Oh, I see. Well, very good. Well, I think if we follow this other procedure, William, and I am not absolutely sure but I have a feeling that this will help clarify the image so we can discern features of the subject. We have the form, we have the face, we have the…we know…human form, however, we must be able to discern the facial features, so we can identify the subject. (Then, talking to another invisible entity…) I don't know as yet… (Then, back to Bill…) Just a minute, William (Back to the other entity…) What's that?

Bill O'Neil: What's that, Doctor?

Doc Mueller: No, no, William, I am not… Somebody is talking to you, William. Do you know Nathaniel? There is a fellow here, William. He says his name is Nathaniel. He says he knows you and you know him.

Bill O'Neil: Nathaniel? I don't know anybody by the name of Nathaniel.

Doc Mueller: He says he knows you…

Bill O'Neil: I don't recall knowing anybody….

MP3 - file
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105 sec 

Bill O'Neil: Yeah, I just turned on the tape recorder, Doctor.

Doc Mueller: Very well, William.

Bill O'Neil: (a bit angrily) You said to hurry back, and I did. That has been exactly one week ago.

Doc Mueller: Ho, ho.

Bill O'Neil: Yes, ho ho yourself. Cold weather has left us, temporarily anyway. It's raining. It's nice and warm. Of course you never know what to expect. I am going to try to put in a little garden this year.

Doc Mueller: Oh, wonderful. (pause) Send me a couple of carrots.

Bill O'Neil: What's that again?

Doc Mueller: A couple of carrots.

Bill O'Neil: Oh, carrots!

Doc Mueller: Yes, William, and a nice head of lettuce.

Bill O'Neil: A nice head of lettuce. I am not going to plant acres, Doctor. What's that? I think you were talking at the same time I was.

Doc Mueller: Well, perhaps. I said if somebody had some cabbage, I like fried cabbage. Oh, I love fried cabbage.

Bill O'Neil: Fried cabbage. Well, I like sauerkraut.

Doc Mueller: Well, you know that sauerkraut can do…?

Bill O'Neil: Yes, I do. You know, Doctor, I never thought I'd see the day when I could, uh, talk to someone like you in the way we are doing, and if ten years ago someone had told me this was possible, I would recommend that they be sent to the 'funny farm.'

Doc Mueller: Well, perhaps you are right.

29 November 2002

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